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Tak for alle minderne #(2022)

Tak for alle minderne

Tak for alle minderne

  • Title: Tak for alle minderne
  • Author: Cecelia Ahern
  • ISBN: 9788741302933
  • Page: 295
  • Format: None
Tak for alle minderne By Cecelia Ahern,

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[PDF] Download ↠ Tak for alle minderne : by Cecelia Ahern - Tak for alle minderne, Tak for alle minderne Kan man kende en man aldrig har m dt Joyce v gner op p hospitalet efter at have mistet sit uf dte barn ved en tragisk ulykke Pludselig kan hun huske episoder hun aldrig har oplevet tale sprog hun i

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Sometimes we need all the glue we can get, just to hold ourselves together This is one book that I just didn t want to have an end It taught me so much Specially the things that I knew but couldn t quite come one to Thanks for the Memories has two parallel stories looking for one common destination An Irish woman Joyce has just had a tsunami of troubled times in her life She s going through the loss of her unborn child, a failed marriage and has to face all those sorry faces that she could clear [...]

How is it possible to know someone you ve never met With her marriage already in pieces, Joyce Conway nearly lost everything else But she survived the terrible accident and now, inexplicably, she can remember faces she has never seen, cobblestone Parisian streets she s never visited.Thanks For The Memories is like a bubble gum, it stretches until it bursts And unfortunately my patience stretched and burst with it and then I wasn t interested in what was to happen next, not at all I indeed wouldn [...]

I finished Thanks For The Memories last night at about 10.30 I read a full 300 hundred pages in the evening Maybe slightly obsessive, but It was a rather addictive story It s really hard to judge this book by its cover, it is so pretty and the colours are just lovely Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern is her fifth book to be published and is definitely my favourite so far It follows Joyce as she comes to term with the loss of her unborn baby due to an accident falling down the stairs She f [...]

Thanks for the Memories is a standalone, women s fiction novel written by Cecelia Ahern This book has a bit of magical realism added to it that gave it a pretty unique storyline Imagine having a blood transfusion and suddenly being linked to the donor and vice versa Pretty unreal, huh Overall, I thought Thanks for the Memories was fun, sweet, and creative ButMs Ahern took the slow lane on the highway just to go to the corner store in my opinion This would have been the perfect plot for a short s [...]

Although I started reading this book and got a reading slump I started reading it all over right from the start and I just finished it today and I totally loved it happy dancing It was a very interesting story, something that I never heard of, and I didn t expect this at all I just loved the way that every chapter kept blowing my mind It had some little jokes and funny parts that made me smile and laugh,but sometimes it was a bit annoying like the parts when Joyce s dad kept talking on how to ma [...]

I have read a few of Cecelia Ahern s novels now although not her most famous, P.S I love You and to be perfectly honest, I m not sure what the hype is about Maybe in my old age I m just too cynical for Ahern s brand of magical romances.Its not even solely that the premise girl and boy gain long distance connection through blood transfusion requires a massive suspension of disbelief If there was any sort of real romantic pay off I could accept quite a lot from a writer But this story left me cold [...]

What a wonderful book This book was one of those rare books that grabbed me from the first chapter, one that you can t put down, you just have to keep reading to find out what is going to happen to the characters and you read as fast as you possibly can.This was such a beautifully told story from the first page to the last I loved the diversity of the characters, the pain, the relationships, I laughed until I nearly cried and then I cried when I felt their pain.The story is set mainly in Ireland [...]

Thanks for the Memories is the latest book by Cecelia Ahern, acclaimed author of bestseller PS I Love You as well as the youngest daughter of former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern The 28 year old seems to have all going well for her Her third novel, If You Could See Me Now, will be the second novel adaptation hitting the screens soon while her fourth novel, A Place Called Here, is to be made into a US TV series.After a devastating miscarriage which also spells the last of her fast falling apa [...]

He told me that story way back when I sucked my thumb and when he was as big as an oak tree When mum s yawns sounded like songs When we were all together When I had no idea there would ever come a time when we wouldn t be When we used to have chats in the garden, under the weeping willow Where I always used to hide and where he always found me When nothing was impossible and when the three of us, together forever, was a given 3.5 5The narrative follows two very different people as their lives be [...]


I picked up this book because of the blurb on the back that said, Cecelia Ahern is queen of the modern fairytale I love fairytales, and I thought that a chick lit book with a fairytale feel would be awesome.But it seems that whoever wrote that blurb has never actually read a fairytale, only knows that they have something to do with magic Or something And this book does have one incredibly unlikely magical element, which is already hard to buy into So you know that the hero and the heroine are fa [...]

If anybody asked me what three things I d like to take with me on an island, I would say 2 books and a sunscreen lotion I had two books with me on my trip to Koh Chang Elephant Island , and one of them was Thanks for the Memories The reason I bought this book was P.S I Love You, the movie I just loved that movie I must confess Gerard Butler helped a lot in that regard and even though I haven t read the book this movie was based on or any other book by this author for that matter, I decided it wa [...]

After a horrible accident, Joyce Conway is trying to put her life back together.Her life and her marriage are in pieces, but Joyce tries to get back to living a normal life, despite advice from others But something is stopping her She keeps having dreams of a beautiful blond haired girl, of places she has never been She knows things that she shouldn t about art, about architecture She sees a beautiful woman in her dreams.Joyce sees and knows things she should not know And it all started after he [...]

I normally enjoy Cecelia Ahern s books Firstly, she writes with elegance, humour and skill and her books draw you in to a world that is often strange and whimsical, but nonetheless very real and believable I liked the sound of this one the little teasers piqued my interest and I thought this sounds good It started well, good character development and scene setting so that I was drawn in very quickly Then I just lost interest or perhaps concern about the characters I just did not care what happen [...]

Honestly, I wasn t a huge fan of this book It took me a while to figure out what the problem was, because it s not that Ahern can t write The prologue is beautifully written and sets up an intriguing mystery Who is this woman How pregnant is she Has she lost the baby How did she fall down the stairs Who was on the phone I couldn t wait to get into the book and find out what happened And then I just didn t believe it And I m not even talking about the plot, as implausible as it is Boy donates blo [...]

This is a will they, won t they story with a magical twist After an accident Joyce finds she knows things that she had no knowledge of before she has acquired an expert knowledge of the arts and architecture She now likes ballet and opera Heck, she is even eating meat again after years of being a vegetarian Even strange is the fact that she is seeing someone else s memories.On one of his regular work visits to Dublin, Justin bumps into Joyce, the girl he comes to know as the girl in the red coa [...]

I really enjoyed this, and every time I read a Cecelia Ahern book I am reminded why I love her writing so much I listened to the audio book of this, and I thought it was excellent I actually tried to read part of the physical book myself after listening to the audiobook, and I found that I actually preferred listening to the voice of the narrator of the audiobook.I didn t give the book a full five stars, though, just because it is completely unrealistic and is fun than believable Also, I wasn t [...]

3.5 stars but not enough to round up This book had its moments but not enough of them It was basically Sleepless in Seattle with a twist.

So what s the point in saving someone s life if they don t even know you re the one who saved them p 396 Justin Hitchcock.Empat puluh tahun Duda cerai dengan satu anak Professor dalam bidang Art and Architecture Sinis, sedikit egois, childish, bitter Dengan semua masalah yang dihadapinya, pengalaman pertamanya dalam mendonorkan darah mengubah semuanya How can you even die when you haven t even been born yet p 416 I want to be on my own to grieve I want to feel sorry for myself without sympatheti [...]

3,5 5 stars It was an easy read and a sweet story, though most of the time it felt like the narration was focused on the relationship between Joyce and her father than the actual story between the two protagonists, Joyce and Justin Although the events are kind of surreal and not scientifically proven it s an honorable attempt at pointing out the strong connection that two people, with very little in common, may share for, sometimes, unknown reasons Cecelia Ahern created this book as if the read [...]

A bookclub choice that I was excited about reading after not reading a romantic novel for ages I read the whole thing but the story was so unbelievable that I actually got so irritated with it but at the same time was being lightly entertained and had to finish it to see what happened in the end When I was younger I used to devour these kinds of books and read one after the other but maybe my tastes have changed and I m not such a romantic any How sad I normally rate books well if I learned some [...]

Suprise Di bagian Akhir yang penuh mengejutkan dan mengharukan, hampir saja aku menangis hal itu Aku suka semua karakter dalam Thanks for the memories ini Apalagi Henry Conway, ayah Joyce yang lucu, perhatian, kocak Seakan2 Aku terhanyut dunia Joyce dan ayahnya Aku merasakan itu amat senyatanya Sukaaaa sekali Joyce dan Justin.

This book sucked me right in from the riveting 3 page prologue, powerfully, painfully written While the premise of the book is pretty out there and far fetched, it was written so convincingly that I couldn t help but be drawn into the lives of the two main characters and found myself blasting through the book to see how it would end When the characters hearts were racing I found my own heart beating faster, too With each missed connection I groaned and sighed in my mind Reading this book was qui [...]

This will be out in April 2009Ahern, queen of the soul mates will find each other chic lit fairy tales, has another winner on her hands There s always a bit of magic involved in her tales, but this one has the biggest dose yet Protagonist Joyce takes a tumble down some stairs, losing her baby and ultimately her marriage and needing a blood transfusion While still in the hospital, she discovers she has all sorts of new knowledge architectural, artistic, historic, a grasp of languages that she had [...]

Mul umesc pentru amintiri este o carte dulce am ruie foarte frumoas , cald , emo ionant , plin de sensibilitate i cu un strop de magie Unele pasaje din carte te r scolesc p n la lacrimi, iar la altele r zi n hohote.Mul umesc pentru amintiri i ofer o pre ioas lec ie de via , f c ndu te s pre uie ti momentele simple i s nu i pierzi speran a, chiar n cele mai dificile momente, ntruc t o raz de soare poate s apar de unde nu te a tep i.Recenzia mea delicateseliterare mul

S que no estoy siendo muy parcial con la calificaci n de esta novela porque quien se robo mi coraz n fue Henry el pap de Joyce, la protagonista de la historia Su sola presencia hizo que quisiera seguir leyendo Me he re do, me ha conmovido mucho y me ha dado una tarde maravillosa.Es la primera novela que leo de Cecelia y voy por m s a ver que sorpresas me tiene.L anla La van a disfrutar mucho.

4.75 stars One of my fav contemporaries ever, so good I really wish there was a sequel

I loved this, thank you Mel ily


  • [PDF] Download ↠ Tak for alle minderne : by Cecelia Ahern
    295 Cecelia Ahern
Tak for alle minderne