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Strategic Thinking Skills #(2022)

Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Title: Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Author: Stanley K. Ridgley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Audio CD
Strategic Thinking Skills By Stanley K. Ridgley,

[PDF] Strategic Thinking Skills | by ↠ Stanley K. Ridgley - Strategic Thinking Skills, Strategic Thinking Skills Strategic thinking is a powerful and invaluable skill one that leads to greater chances of success in whatever professional and personal projects you re involved in It involves setting goals develop

Recent Comments "Strategic Thinking Skills"

An enlightening series of lectures that have helped me understand my life.

A pretty good overview Obviously people come at this stuff from a lot of different backgrounds, and this wasn t particularly tailored to any one approach, so you have to take it with a grain of salt There were entire lectures that were useless to me, but overall, I learned a lot and it s a good starting point.

A worth it course on Strategy It is a refresher course with quick reviews of many of the methods and techniques It is make a valuable contribution linking the various disciplines together It links well military strategy, business strategy, and personal examples.

An excellent course with practical insights on strategic thinking skills.

This lecture series was okay, but is at a very introductory level The professor s mispronounciation of proper nouns and unnecessary overuse of Russian vernacular were distracting I would recommend Strategy by Lawrence Freedman to anyone who would like a comprehensive look at this subject matter.

I really wanted to like this but it was hard to finish There are examples all over the place and lacking in any concrete and practical conclusions If you have taken game theory, business, sports strategy, or war history I would pass on this It s also surprisingly dry despite covering an intriguing subject Your milage will vary.

If you have read Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz in addition to business case strategy, there is not much fresh here The author goes into depth as to how business schools and the military treat strategy with all the terms and jargon that is used Great for a beginner, good for the seasoned strategist.

The series covered a lot of ground from different perspectives sports, military, business, personal life High on description and good place to start further studies, but as to a course that developed skills not so helpful although it was helpful in identifying topics for one to explore futher and with specificity.

Good in depth study Good to know that some of the old methods I learnt at university are still relevant SWOT, PEST There is new information too but if you don t like American football, you will tire of the examples very quickly As I did.

Great lectures about how to think about strategy and bring it into our lives, in ways to avoid systemic problems and realise our plans I thouroughly enjoyed the insights and the stories about real life situations.

What is strategy How to think strategically and what could you lose without it This one has answers.

This was just okay Lots of discussion around military models and examples.

A bit too shallow and introductory for my taste A lot of the examples for the concepts and theories also come from militay history, which probably has no validity in modern settings.

As an intro to the subject it was okay, it certainly lead me to other writers on the topic which was to me, valuable.

  • [PDF] Strategic Thinking Skills | by ↠ Stanley K. Ridgley
    410 Stanley K. Ridgley
Strategic Thinking Skills