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Daddies #(2022)



  • Title: Daddies
  • Author: Janet Frank
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: hardcover
Daddies By Janet Frank,

Free Download Daddies - by Janet Frank - Daddies, Daddies n a charming rhyme this Little Golden Books asks What do daddies do all day Daddies work while children play It shows daddies working in all kinds of careers from farming to teaching to even s

Recent Comments "Daddies"

Heartwarming This is a beautiful book about the different sorts of workdays experienced by fathers everywhere This will be a repeat read for us.

This book talks about what it is that daddies do all day It goes through the various jobs that a man might have but does not show a women working along side of them The other workers on the pages are other daddies The only picture of women working in the book is a nurse who is there to help Dr Daddy This book places the father outside of the home working in every scenario The book does not represent the stay at home fathers The daddies in this book work jobs that are dominated by men in society, [...]

This book was ok The book goes through and shows examples of daddies performing many different job duties and fulfilling the typical white, 1950 s husband role I realize that this book was written in a different time, but I don t think it is the best example of what fathers can do in the present era There were no pictures of any minorities, and no women were shown working This might be a good history lesson, but it is not current with the times.

Work outside the house that fathers do so they can rush home to us.

Stereotypical gendering.

A great stuff.

A classic and wonderful book that will bring a tear to your eye.

Sweet book.

I used to read this book to my mother it was her favorite book when she was growing up

  • Free Download Daddies - by Janet Frank
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