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Começar de novo #(2021)

Começar de novo

Começar de novo

  • Title: Começar de novo
  • Author: Sue Moorcroft
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
Começar de novo By Sue Moorcroft,

[PDF] Começar de novo | by ô Sue Moorcroft - Começar de novo, Come ar de novo Tess Riddell considera o seu querido Land Rover Freelander mais confi vel do que qualquer homem especialmente o ex noivo Olly Gray Depois deste terminar a rela o por e mail Tess segue em frente com

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I did not like things the author did to create conflict The narrator s voice was unpleasant.I liked the character definitions and story during the first half But the last third felt like it was getting worse and worse a sinking down It was not a good story I felt Tess did not deserve to be happy with Miles at the end I much preferred two of the author s other books Want to Know a Secret and All That Mullarkey.Things I did not like view spoiler Tess and Miles start having sex, she is using contra [...]

This was one of those books that came up as one of the you might also like recommendations after I bought something on I have been hearing lots of good things about Choc Lit publishing but haven t read any of their books so far, so I thought I would give this one a go.I was a little unsure of the book at first, it took me a while to get used to the author s style there are lots of fragmented sentences that, at times, felt a little jarring However once I was used to it, this ended up being a bril [...]

Not my usual reading by any means but I thought I d give it a try after strong recommendation, and I m glad I did The plot was the sort of will they won t they love story that I had been expecting but I was hooked by the evocative depiction of village life and wonderfully warm characterisation The main characters were particularly well rounded but even the minor characters such as the orginiser of the local fete and Tess agent felt like real, believable people I shall definitely be reading of t [...]

Publicada em readingssunshine.wordpressTess Riddell n o passou os melhores ltimos dois anos, e por isso mesmo o que quer come ar tudo do zero Pegou no seu Land Rover Freelander que eu tamb m queria e abandonou a sua casa, a dos pais e mudou me para uma nova terra No campo, onde toda a gente se conhece e que se preocupam uns com os outros, sente que pode at encontrar a felicidade na sua nova casa.Durante uma chuva intensa e acabado de ter um acidente em plena estrada, a sua sorte n o ter sofrido [...]

I had not been reading chick lit for a long time, so I was very happy when I received this one for review from the Choclit Publishing Along with this I received Sue Moorcroft s second novel published by Choclit, which will be review a little bit later Tess has been dumped by her fiance Olly just a couple of days before their wedding Which makes the situation even worse is the fact that Olly dumped her through e mail Yes, you read right, through e mail After the break up Tess miscarriages Olly s [...]

I came across this book by accident I read an excerpt was intrigued Tess Riddell has runaway from London and moved to the countryside She s had some setbacks and needs to get away from it all and start over I really empathized with Tess She was happy and was getting ready to get married when it all fell apart But what happened after being jilted a few days before her wedding knocked her entirely off balance So she ends up in Honeybun Cottage in Middledip On the way to her new cottage, she runs i [...]

Starting Over is truly delicious escapism, yet touches on familiar life and love crises experienced by woman or man alike Oh, and what a man A hero, absolutely, but a flawed one, who never pretends to be anything but what he is, you simply cannot help but love Miles Arnott Rattenbury, affectionately know as Ratty A man who, once he sets his sights on something or someone, single mindedly, determinedly unconventionally, goes for it And when Ratty gives up his heart, he gives all of it Sigh How co [...]

From start to finish I read this book in a little over 24 hours because I couldn t put it down I fell asleep reading the book and then picked it up in the early hours of the following morning and continued until I d finished it I started reading another book All That Mullarkey the same day and am completely gripped by that too Sue Moorcroft has an uncanny way of getting into people s emotions and conveying those on paper.

Another enchantingly delightful book from Sue Moorcroft I could identify with both Ratty and Tess however once I got half way through the book and Ratty showed his angry side and Tess her intolerance I began to lose affinity with the characters Despite this I couldn t put the book down and loved every moment of it.

Brief Book Review Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft 5 Stars One of the main things that I love so much about Sue Moorcroft s storytelling, is how realistic it is We all love a good suspense or paranormal novel every now and then, but there s always something so beautiful about reading a book where you can really connect to the people, the place and the situations.Tess is a wonderful, broken character that from the first chapter we want than anything to see fixed Life, and prick of an ex fiance Oll [...]

This was a nice book because it had this sort of honesty about it, and this natural flow of things.It s about Tess who has been left at the altar, her fiance broke up with her via email The horror What a bastard, she was angry, and she was ill And now she is finalyl picking up the pieces of her life and has moved away to a small village somewhere in England At once she meets Miles, or Ratty as he is called, and dislikes him But there is something hidden beneath that surface, and he is so sweet t [...]

I bought this book after reading Sue Moorcroft s other book with Choclit publishing, All That Mullarkey I really enjoyed this book and it was nice to see the background to Miles Ratty Rattenbury as I had only seen him briefly in ATM I must admit that it did take me one or two chapters to really get hooked on it but that s not to say I didn t enjoy the opening chapters I just wasn t hooked straight away The story opens with Tess Riddell getting a horrible email from her fianc calling off the wedd [...]

Ho , e lenceli bir kitap daha bitti Bazen hi bir konuda d nmek istemeyiz, tek istedi imiz kafam z bo altmak ve biraz olsun uzakla makt r te tam da b yle bir zamanda okunabilecek bir kitap Tatl D ler Ye eren Umutlar D n ncesi hem de bir e posta ile terk edilen Tess , bir kasabaya yerle ir Hem iyile mek hem de hayat na devam etmesini sa layacak bir mola olacakt r bu ona Yerle ti i kasabada ilk kar la t ki i olan Ratty ile birbirlerine kar iyi bir ilk izlenim b rakmazlar Fakat zamanla birbirlerinde [...]

This book gave me laugh out loud moments, and tears I really did feel for Tess at times You can t help loving Ratty he s a rogue, but clever and handsome of course a good bad boy who knows how to get what he wants, and Tess s knight in shining armour I think every woman wants a guy like Ratty I don t want to say too much about this book and ruin the ending, but when, what I thought was the happy ending got shattered into a thousand pieces, there was another roller coaster ride of emotions to ent [...]

I am so angry I do not like to wind up hating the main character, although, that was a twist I did not see coming Maybe some people appreciate the way it ended I do not Tess is one of the most selfish characters I have ever read I really wanted Ratty to be done with her Move on, dude She s a freaking mess So irritated The ridiculous things that kept happening to her and involving those around her were ludicrous Ugh I loved this book SO MUCH at a certain point, then realized I was only 60% done D [...]

Starting Over seemed as though it would be an exciting book of how one girl s life changed instantly with the end of a marriage, but it turned out to be slightly on the boring side I was not engaged in the book, nor was I excited to read it Although not my favorite book, I did like how the author really incorporated what the girl s life was like before and after the ending of her marriage and the struggles that she was forced to overcome when trying to start her life over I was disappointed with [...]

I want to live in a place like Middledip Great characters written extremely well with flaws that make them genuine, I love how nobody is perfect in here as is true in life although the lovely Jos comes close The story did jump ahead in some spots time wise but I soon got back into the swing and some scenes had me flying along with hardly pause for breath they were that well written Loved the storyline and will definitely be picking up books by this author.

s Kindle Store can be a dangerous thing I read a friend s review on this book and within minutes had it on my Macbook.We briefly met Miles Ratty Rattenbury in All That Mullarkey and it was nice to read his story.As with my review for All That Mullarkey this romance and its characters to me felt very real and lets face it for the majority of us the road to our one true love isn t always an easy road.I can t wait to read by this author.

Oops My mistake I thought that there was a mistake on page 194, but I was wrong I had to read the passage several times to realize that there must have been a page break at the end of page 194 I made this mistake because Tess was thinking about Ratty and then all of a sudden she was talking to Ollie on the next page I really enjoyed this book.

So n o atribui 5 estrelas porque reservo para os que amo incondicionalmente Merecia pelo menos 4.5 estrelas Comecei por ler e achar um livro bonito e suave de f cil leitura mas a partir do meio do livro torna se apaixonante e o protagonista Ratty verdadeiramente fant stico Adorei mesmo este livro Recomendo Em portugues o livro chama se COME AR DE NOVO.

Sweet romantic story about endings and new beginnings.I loved the characters in the village which Tess moves to following the split with her fianc Olly As her new friends absorb her into village life, Tess learns that people are not always as they first appear.

I really enjoyed this lil romance, only took 4 hours or so to read I like Tess as a character and the characters were drawn really well In short its a nice way to take a break from a hefty tome that you might be reading.

Really enjoyed this book, it was an easy read and kept you on your toes.

Unexpected and surprising

I really enjoyed this book So much so I gave a copy to one of my friends and five bought their own A very good read.

An enjoyable read with colorful characters and a beautiful setting I d read by this author.

Fantastic read, highly recommended.

Quite similar in style to Katie Fforde s older works although younger characters.

Come ar de Novo de Sue Moorcroft, editado pela Marcador, um excelente livro para relaxar Simples, com algumas perip cias pelo meio, mas um bom romance para acalmar ao fim de um dia de trabalho.Tess na minha cabe a Amy Adams e Miles Jeffrey Dean Morgan na minha vers o mental fazem um par surpreendente e a evolu o de profundo desd m at uma paix o crescente que desenvolve para amor, tendo de ultrapassar as inseguran as e traumas de ambos, uma caminhada agrad vel ao longo do livro Depois h todo um a [...]

ok I love love Especially when it s unconditionally That s what Ratty s love for Tessa was like Once you love someone then nothing can break it Yes she irritated me with her decision to disappear but that was how she dealt with issues of the heart and not to mention her awful relationship with her buffoon ex fianc He broke off the weeding via email Stupid Anyway I was happy Ratty forgive her They never stopped loving each other Although, I felt Ratty loved her Anyway I was at 3 stars when I was [...]

  • [PDF] Começar de novo | by ô Sue Moorcroft
    175 Sue Moorcroft
Começar de novo