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A Amante Imaginária #(2021)

A Amante Imaginária

A Amante Imaginária

  • Title: A Amante Imaginária
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: 9788468723105
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
A Amante Imaginária By Megan Hart,

A Amante Imaginária Best Read || [Megan Hart] - A Amante Imaginária, A Amante Imagin ria Este m s o meu nome Mary Todos os meses tenho um nome diferente Brandy Honey Amy s vezes Joe nem sequer se preocupa em perguntar mas consegue sempre excitar me com o seu corpo com a sua boca e a

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Been thinking about this lately, and decided to revise my score down from 5 The I thought about it, the angrier I got at the book.I d have to re read it to write an in depth review, but here s a quick and dirty list of why I changed my rating.1 It s an extremely negative treatment of disability I originally loved the book so much because of Adam He was familiar to me than any other disabled character I ve run across, and I loved seeing my own experiences and frustrations voiced by someone else [...]

Opening line This month my name is Mary and apparently, I m as contrary as the nursery rhyme Broken is one of the most amazing books I ve read in a long time, and author Megan Hart, well wow, I m just in love with her writing Reading Broken felt like eating dessert or chocolate, as she has a way of making her words delicious So perfectly descriptive and achingly beautiful, I only wish I could put my muddled thoughts into sentences the way she does This is a unique, very real and somewhat heartbr [...]

Losing my virginity hadn t made me a woman, but almost losing my husband had He could have died There are days I weep with gratitude that he didn t And then, there are days I wish he had.Adam is a poet His love for Sadie is pure and full of passion They are young and his career as a famous poet is really taking off when tragedy strikes A thousand poets could write for a thousand years, he whispered, and none of them would ever be able to describe how I feel about you Sadie and Adam had a perfect [...]

Broken by Megan Hart Contemporary cross between romance and women s erotic fictionAdam and Sadie and JoeI ve needed to write this review for some time now, as it s definitely a book I don t want to forget about So much is left out of the typical back cover synopsis and the editorial review on it, that I believe it can really put a reader off and lead them astray for the wrong reasons Contrary to all three names above, this is a book that only deals with the ethics of what is considered cheating, [...]

Holy crap.JSYK if I don t love or like something a lot, I don t review it Because.who has the time So, holy crap.Last night, the kids were screaming, dinner was burning, homework wasn t getting done, and I was on the couch, glued to my kindle And it s not like we had killers running around, jumping on trains while secret agents chase them Oh no A woman Her quadriplegic husband A man she meets for lunch.And some of the BEST sex scenes ever committed to words.My heart broke for this woman, how muc [...]

This is a blisteringly hot sizzler of a novel that has a very unusual plot There s a lot of sex but it s appropriate and what makes it appropriate is the very unique kind of writing For the first 30 odd pages you get the impression that this is a sex with no story kind of book, but that couldn t be further from the truth so pay attention from page one Told in the first person, Broken is the story of Sadie Danning whose once idyllic and just beautifully perfect life has been shattered in a way th [...]

Megan Hart is a very emotional writer When I pick up a book she has penned, I know many things before I even read the description I know it will not be light and fluffy I know it will probably not have a happy ending i know there will be one or tortured souls I know there will be some smokin hot sex and finally, I know I am going to love it.Broken is a heart wrenching story of a man and woman, very much in love The man suffers a terrible accident that leaves him paralyzed from the neck down Har [...]

I m not sure how to start except to say that a review can t possibly do this book justice The blurb outlines one of the major parts of this story, but really can t explain the plot without giving the book away The word husband threw me off I m not one to enjoy erotica just for the sake of the taboo, and I was worried that this would downplay the importance of fidelity and trust in you partner or marriage It doesn t I thought after the first chapter that I understood the gist of the story I was c [...]

5 heartbreaking, happy, funny, sad and hot stars Don t have enough words in my vocabulary to tell you how much I loved this book Unique and different It was like an adult version of Me Before You That s the only book I can compare to Before I get on with my review I want to give a shout out to whom ever chose that stupid, distasteful and misleading book cover where a man has his hand on girls emphasis on girl s not a woman s knee Because of you I passed this book over and over again With that ou [...]

Megan Hart writes erotic romance, but with so much seriousness and reverenceI hesitate to call it erotica It can t be Not the way she writes it Sure, it s titillating, but it s so so much .I have never felt so much despair, rage, empathy, sadness, and longing for a fictional character before.This is the story of a woman whose husband suffered an accident leaving him a paraplegic Sure, his personal suffering is too much to even contemplate, but what happens to the wife She must be strong, support [...]

This book is one of the most intense, emotional, dark books I ve read Extremely erotic, extremely painfulI loved every page.It is not a typical romance book it is a very intimate look inside Sadie and Joe s lifewith an ending that is kind of happy Amazing.

Pero qu libro, qu sorpresa, qu bonito Empec el libro sin esperarme mucho de l, es m s, en las primeras p ginas me dije ya tan pronto Va a ser todo sexo desde la primera p gina pero tan s lo unas p ginas despu s, la historia da un giro inesperado.A partir de ah TODO es bueno Me encanta la estructura utilizada y me hac a esperar ansiosa cada viernes No esperaba la historia en s , sino la reacci n a sta por parte de los protagonistas a los que lean el libro entenderan de lo que hablo Y la tensi n, [...]

5 Heart breaking starsSadie s story broke my heart into tiny pieces The masterful writing kept me enthralled until the hopeful end.It was wonderful to see Elle from Dirty, her storyline was perfectly interwoven with Sadie s.Another emotional read from Ms Hart, but if you enjoy her books, this is a must read

I think I shall call this one the tale of two books because this is how I felt when reading Broken.Let s start with the book 1 The good book.Sadie s relationship with Adam is broken After a skiing accident leaves him paralyzed from the neck down, he retreats inside of himself and becomes a shell of the person he used to be Sadie longs to be close to her husband, but intimate moments are few and far between.This is the story that I truly enjoyed I m constantly fascinated with peeking in the windo [...]

Do you ever wonder how many different stories can be written How many different ways can a person say the same thing How do authors come up with new ideas, or even old ideas told in a different way We all use the same words, have the same dictionaries, but why are some gifted with the ability to structure those words and stories so much effectively than others to evoke powerful emotions with nothing but the stroke of a pen or clacking of keys Megan Hart is one of these writers I just finished B [...]

I lived for the stories SadieThis is an excruciatingly beautiful story of the cost in pain that one woman had to bear for her deep love of her lover, her spouse Through this fully developed and honest character, the author opens the readers eyes to the traumas large and small, as well as, the overarching wholesale change in all aspects of our heroine, Sadie s life that happened in the blink of the eye It was a devastating accident that stole the mobility of her husband and altered their relation [...]

That the emotional infidelity was as real as if I d gone to bed with him, and perhaps worse because merely sating a physical need was one thing but the inevitability of what was happening was something else, entirely.This is completely different from what I have expected it should be And then somehow, from the beginning, it takes me to a completely different perspective than what I have suspected in the first place The struggle, and the ideas that this story presented is so much so close to real [...]

4 starsThis isn t a book it s an emotional Roller Coaster I went through every emotion in the book, while reading I was happy, sad, angry, sympathetic, sad, you know blushes , and SAD again If you re looking for something hot and sweet don t read it If you re looking for heavy duty angst and real life story then it might be So, despite this book being classified as an Erotica, it s definitely not one to set you in the mood Unless that mood is a depressed The PremiseThis book begins with the tell [...]

Wow Just wow.Broken is an amazing book that defies description and categorization It is not your typical erotica, nor can it be classed as romance, though it certainly contains elements of each It is a complex and layered novel that is so much than any synopsis could possibly represent.Broken is the story of three people Sadie, her husband Adam, and Joe But this is not a love triangle story.Sadie and Adam meet in college and fall in love in the sweetest way They marry and have their whole lives [...]

3,5 Ya lo hab a le do y no me acordaba, pero al poco de empezarlo supe que ya hab a pasado por mis manos, a n as decid releerlo La historia me gust , la forma de escribir de la autora te atrapa y te hace querer seguir leyendo Pero, a pesar de que es una buena historia, no le doy m s puntuaci n por algunas cosas Al terminarlo, hab a algunas cosas que no me quedaron claras si eran ciertas o no Por otro lado, me dio la sensaci n de que apenas conoc a a Joe, ech de menos saber m s de l, del de verda [...]

I knew that this book contained some heart break but my god, there I was at 2am sitting in bed bawling my eyes out I don t think I have read such a harrowing story for years.I did like the way a few of the characters from the previous book turned up in this book, made it feel familiar even though the heroine is a different person.Again like Dirty this starts of quite light hearted but then wham I liked the way it turned out but did think she was going to blow it.I was going to read Deeper but ha [...]

I can t say I liked this book, but I can t say I hated it ether It did make me feel, thou It made me mad, and in my book mad is better than indifferent any day pun intended I just have no idea how many stars I should give it, so I m leaving it clear.The book has a few problems for me.The characters are completely underdeveloped While reading the book, you have no idea who they really are There is no way to emotionally connect with them.Joe How can I care for his sex stories when I know nothing a [...]

Okay, holy hell, I loved this bookI d give it 6 stars if I could It has been a while since a book really got me as much as this one has The story is so totally different than anything I ve ever read The characters are so much deeper than most I ve read The complexity had me in tears over and over, and I don t cry easily in a book Thanks to everyone who recommended it to me

3 1 2 starsSpoiler Below I suppose it was necessary to kill off the husband, in order for all to have an HEA including him I wasn t expecting that, and I almost wonder if he did it to himself.I do not get the appeal of Joe He seemed like a total douche bag to me Suddenly he has a personality change, and he s the perfect man for Sadie after the husband dies Some of the sex stories were hot.

Read 2 December 2, 2016 One thing I never noticed in my previous readings is how talented of a writer Megan Hart really is Very good I loved this story even the second read Heartbreaking and sexy What a weird mixture.Read 1 September 18, 2012 I often find myself still thinking of this book even after not having read it for months and months To me, that s the sign of a good book.

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There are many things I don t know, but quite a few I do I know you can t be lost if you know where you are I know that life is full of precious and fragile things, and not all of them are pretty I know that the sun follows the moon and makes days, one after another Time passes The world turns, and we turn with it, and though we can never go back to the beginning, sometimes, we can start again Sadie Sadie and Adam s story This story is told from Sadie s POV When Sadie met Adam at a college frat [...]

I started reading this book months ago, but after the first 70 pages or so found it too depressing to continue Just the other day, though, Eastofoz read and loved it, and I was reminded I should just finish it I picked it up again and the story just seemed to take off and turned out much better on the second attempt.Sadie is a psychiatrist who spends all her time and energy caring for her quadriplegic husband, Adam, once a creative genius whom she met at uni She s silent about the stress, fatigu [...]

This book was everything I ve come to expect from Megan Hart and So why is it so difficult for me to put into words exactly how I feel about it I m not going to write a re word of the storyline as this has already been done, yet I feel I m not doing any of the characters justice by not doing so.What I want to make ia an observation of how I feel after reading this book Sadie, Joe and Adam are products of a mind that understands human nature and can very eloquently inform,arouse and give hope al [...]

Este libro fue muy movilizante y conmovedoramente esperanzador Sadie es la GRAN PROTAGONISTA de esta historia Una mujer que ten a la vida y el amor que siempre so y que, de un momento a otro, lo perdi todo y se perdi a s misma Una mujer que tuvo que hacerse fuerte y tomar el control de la vida de su marido, que por un accidente, qued encarcelado en su cuerpo, pero completamente l cido Es muy f cil ponerse en la piel de Sadie, sentir su dolor desgarrador, su frustraci n, sus contradicciones su ne [...]

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A Amante Imaginária