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Fuel to the Fire #(2021)

Fuel to the Fire

Fuel to the Fire

  • Title: Fuel to the Fire
  • Author: David Staniforth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Fuel to the Fire By David Staniforth,

[PDF] Unlimited È Fuel to the Fire : by David Staniforth - Fuel to the Fire, Fuel to the Fire Alternate cover edition for B AGJR VIHaving spent her entire life disguised as a boy to avoid the risk of being forced into sexual slavery fifteen year old Davran finds herself transported to a worl

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Free on UK gp product B0US Fuel Fire DavidDownloaded for free from One day, my girl, you will reach for rainbows This was fantasy story with dragons, prophecies, and a girl dressed as a boy.I liked Davran, and I liked how she strove to be the best she could be She spent so long pretending to be a boy, and it was slightly worrying that she could be so easily found out The storyline in this had battles, and dragons, and alternate worlds, but this was a proper fantasy novel, and as I ve said befo [...]

Fuel to the Fire is the first installment of David Staniforth s Fuel to the Fire Trilogy I am not usually a fantasy fan, but absolutely loved Mr Staniforth s most recent novel, Alloria For that reason I decided to give his first novel a go, and he did not disappoint me Fuel to the Fire is the intriguing story of a 15 year old girl named Davran, who has slipped into a world parallel to her own Davran s home world is basically one of evil, where she is forced to pose as a boy in order to avoid a m [...]

claps ferociously I think Mr Staniforth is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors His fantasy titles have not disappointed me yet So as the blurb suggests, this is the story of Davran Shes a young girl who is just trying to get by in the hateful world she was brought up in Unfortunately for her, when a girl reaches the magic age, she s taken from her home and forced into being a slave for the evil ruler Saurian You really feel for her from the very beginning of the book From the very start [...]

This is the story of a girl on the brink of womanhood in a world where pretty girls are taken as sexual playthings by the ruler whose taste leans towards torture and murder Her parents have disguised her as a boy She makes her way into a parallel world where she finds a loving environment amongst a family who have historically always been dragon trainers To prevent evil overtaking both worlds, she has to go back on a black dragon, the most dangerous.The story is interesting and imaginative it s [...]

Second time reading this piece of awesomeness DWhy reach for rainbows when you can dance among the stars Do you know, its very difficult having creatures to care for Loving can be very painful Another buddy read with the amazingly awesome Lily the Novel Nerd Her review can be found here lilythenovelnerd.wordpressI received this book in return for my honest review Thanks David This book has a premise that dances on the edge of, well, disturbing In the world in which Davran, the main character liv [...]

Review update, August 2017It always makes happy, when after re reading a book i really enjoyed, to find out that i still loved it the same way Knowing how the story will turn out to be did not lessen my enjoyement of it, quite the contrary I don t always get the chance to re read one of the books i read recently, but for some time i was in a mood for a good fantasy and i had Davran in the back of my mind It felt good finding her and her gang againThank you very much David M.Staniforth for giving [...]

Fuel to the Fire by David Staniforth is a book that grabs you in the beginning and doesn t relinquish it s grip until the end of the book This is book 1 of a series with the same name I like how this author s writing style flows and winds up loose ends Our heroine is Davran, a 15 year old girl who s living as a boy Davran gets trapped in a cavein and lands in an alternate world, the opposite of her world She sees a rainbow over the top of a waterfall Something she s never seen before free flowin [...]

Why reach for rainbows when you can dance among the stars I am embarrassed to admit that this powerful, rich fantasy novel has been sitting patiently in my ereader for many months Whilst gathering metaphorical dust, I frequently forgot that the book was still there and after such a length of time if you d asked me what it was supposed to be about, I couldn t tell you This is made all the worse by the fact that this was given to me in exchange for a review and I cannot apologise enough to the one [...]

Will have to admit that I was surprised with this one here I didn t like the way for which this one started out as he didn t flesh out the characters and just jumped right into things So I felt like I was missing part of the story Put the book down and moved on read a couple of and came back to this one telling myself I would finish it no matter what Turns out that I was surprised at how the book turned out to be really good And leaves you wanting and and so I m getting in the next book Great [...]

I very much enjoyed this fantasy novel, romping through it in a few hours before reading through again slowly, savouring the details I had the second book in this series,Ruler s Desire , waiting on my kindle and I was very glad of that I simply had to know what happened next to Davran, Ronyn and Khalil.The characters were very well drawn and believable, which is very important to me I could believe in the characters which allowed me to care about them I loved the contrasts between the two world [...]

I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review When author friend David Staniforth asked me to read and review his book Fuel to the Fire, I accepted.Davran disguised herself as a boy so she wouldn t be taken by the sex addicted tyrant Saurian who likes to make girls his sex slaves and torture along with murder them When Davran and her father go hiking up into the mountains, She ends up trapped in a cave Stumbling out, she ends up in another world full of dragons and beauti [...]

Another great book 2 different worlds one in shadow one in the light A young girl manages to get from one to the otherNow she must return to her world to turn a prophesy into reality Brilliant

People will always believe what they see over what they feel In every case there s always a greater truth than eyesight reveals view spoiler PLOTFifteen year old Davran has spent her whole life disguised as a boy In her world, girls may be chosen to serve as a sexual slave to the cruel ruler of the land, Saurian Life in Davran s world is miserable, devoid of hope and trust, with food being scarce while Saurian revels in his people s suffering Whilst looking for food with her Father, Davran stumb [...]

Why write a series of novella s instead of combining them into a single book I don t have the answer but many authors have been doing it lately and that is one of my huge pet peeves On to the bookThis book starts out very confusing It is hard to follow and almost impossible to completely understand It does get bettere editing though, leaves something to be desired.Now, I suck at grammar and editingbut even I was picking out the issues There were some formatting issues that I growled at incomplet [...]

I was given a copy of this book in return for a review.This is one very awesome story I loved how description and world details were fed through piece at a time and how it kept the pace nice and high Very occasionally I wanted info, especially on the appearances of the characters but that was rare.The ideas were fantastic and the characters were very believable, with little things hinting at stuff and plenty to keep me turning the pages If you like fantasy you re going to like this book.In the [...]

A fantasy novel with a premise I haven t read before Lots of good vs evil, so far without huge amounts of actual fighting Which is good for me as I m not fond of battle scenes The plot of well thought out and of a fairly consistent pace.It s a good opening novel to a series but I wasn t enraptures by it I loved the start and then slogged through when the world changed I enjoyed the hints at prophesy but found them to be a little too jovially discussed considering what they Were about Although th [...]

READ MY COMPLETE REVIEW ON MY BLOG HERE thebookbratz 2013Okay, don t start off by thinking that I gave this book 3 stars because I didn t like it According to the 3 Star definition on , it means, Liked it I ve never really been gripped by fantasy novels with dragons and witches and magic shrugs I don t know It s just never gripped me However, this novel did I wasn t in total I Can t Put The Book Down mode I kept picking up my iPad and reading whenever I had free time, but it wasn t like I was cl [...]

What I liked Original premise good characters interesting plot things are alluded to but not fully explained right away, leaving me wanting to know .What I didn t like Needs a proofreader I read this on my Kindle, maybe print versions are better , a few things didn t make sense to me Example Davran stumbles into a place that s a paradise compared to where she comes from and just settles in without any effort to go get her family and friends and bring them back with her.

This is really a four and a halfer but the rather blunt scoring system doesn t permit it I enjoyed this book a lot as it has all the right ingredients for a good read well drawn and believable main characters not one but two worlds brought to life in a credible way good storyline and a decent hint of menace running through I look forward to reading the sequel.

I love the girl disguised as a boy hook and would like to have known about this strange, dark, brutal world and its customs But we are quickly swept into another mystical place filled with magic and colorful characters I loved the creative settings and got swept along in the story Looking forward to Book Two

I was provided a copy by the author for a reveiw Thank you This was an interesting read, a little slow getting into the story, but once it picked up, it took off Quite the cliffhanger at the end, definatly makes you want to dive into the next book to see what happens.Thank you for the adventure, and look forward to reading .

I really enjoyed reading Fuel to the Fire The author s descriptive writing had me visualizing the story as if I were right there in the middle of it Can t wait to start reading the next book Ruler s Desire and am happy to have found a new author to follow.

Another exceptional book by this talented Author I ve read a number of David Staniforth s books recently and I ve loved every one of them Fuel to the Fire has an amazing range of interesting and diverse characters From massive Razor Hounds to fire breathing dragons, this story is full of adventure and intrigue Davran spent the first 15 years of her life pretending to be a boy She certainly didn t want to be seen as a female and be chosen as a handmaid, and her father didn t want this for her eit [...]

Fuel to the Fire was a really good start to what feels like a very well thought out trilogy It s not normally like me to move straight onto another book by the same author unless it s a sequel but I loved Alloria so much and I knew from the blurb I may like this.Can I just say I know already I don t want to live in Davran s world, it s far too scary Ronyn and his families world however I would happily live there forever They have day and night and most importantly rainbows All foreign concepts t [...]

I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW What an incredible story Author, David Staniforth has created I was immensely greatful to find the next book in the series is available With a cliffhanger ending, I didn t want to wait to read .This is a common plot of good versus evil that has a new take with fresh ideas The worlds that Staniforth has created are well described and easy to picture in your mind The story has a balance of adventure, thrills, drama, my [...]

I m not usually a fantasy fan but because I enjoyed Alloria so much I decided to give this a try This is book one in a series.I had difficulty getting into the book I liked the main character, Davran, who was born into a horrible world where almost anything could get you punished and Davran is forced to hide her gender because girls who reach a certain age will become handmaids of the evil Saurian He loves to see others suffer and gets enjoyment out of prolonging that suffering He keeps the poor [...]

I thought I would give this book a go after hearing good things about it from others, I didn t realise it was a Fantasy book when I started and thought it would be of a Sci fi story no idea where I got this misconception from I was hooked from the minute I began reading, the author has created wonderful characters that you really care about and others that you want to rip from the pages yourself for being so evil and horrid The point of view in the story changes from time to time between a few [...]

First off, I would like to say thank you to David for sending me a free copy of the book.Now guys this is my honest review of Fuel to the Fire.Fantasy novels are something that can either go a hit or miss with me As seen with my 3 star rating, I definitely liked Fuel to fire It had a great premise and I liked Davran and could definitely relate with her I liked the way the prophesy was kept vague It made me as a reader guess as to what it really means However at the start of the book, I was not t [...]

I don t mind admitting that when I started this book, I wasn t sure that I would enjoy it I couldn t have been wrong.Not only am I thrilled to say that I devoured it within a few days, but I immediately purchased the next in the series.Staniforth s characters are likeable and credible, his plot is thoroughly engaging and his style and pace carried me on through the pages almost from the word go.I say almost, because I did feel a little lost to begin with Then, by chapter three, I actually began [...]

Fuel to the Fire was a nice, quick read Staniforth has a pleasant way of writing, lush without being overly descriptive It was interesting how some of the characters were given a slurred way of speaking, which was legible and allowed you to hear their voice The contrasting worlds were intriguing, as well as various races and ways of life in both realms There were quite a few POVs sprinkled throughout the book, than I thought there would be Their additions made me wonder what the overall plot ac [...]

  • [PDF] Unlimited È Fuel to the Fire : by David Staniforth
    444 David Staniforth
Fuel to the Fire