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Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829 #(2022)

Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829

Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829

  • Title: Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829
  • Author: Susan Blackmon
  • ISBN: 9780988664807
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829 By Susan Blackmon,

Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829 Best Read || [Susan Blackmon] - Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829, Salvaged Love A historical novel of Key West Salvaged Love is the story of a young girl s journey into womanhood and her need to carve a place for herself in the small island community and in the heart of her husband Set in at the cusp of K

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I m sorry to say that I struggled to finish this book I almost gave up a few times, but I hate to do that so I plodded through, but skimmed quite a bit It started out okay, but based on the multiple POVs in the beginning I wasn t sure which were the important players That first threw me off a little bit and prevented me from becoming invested in any of the characters After that there was some serious info dumping about nautical equipment and then a little later about the history of Key West It r [...]

I loved this story For me the story was as engaging and captivating as Pride and Prejudice In fact, I found Abigail Bennington to be reminescent of Elizabeth Bennet This book provided me a chance to escape real life drama for a captivating trip abroad This novel was written with depth of knowledge, a love of literature, and a woman s desire in mind

Salvaged Love is subtitled A Historic Novel of Key West 1828 1829 The words historic novel caught my eye and I loaded this to my Kindle on a whim I had never heard of its author, Susan Blackmon, and quickly learned Salvaged Love was her debut novel Despite having traveled to Florida many times, I have never visited Key West or heard much about its history After reading Salvaged Love, I felt as if I had visited the island, albeit as it was in 1828 29, and knew I had learned a bit of its history.T [...]

giveaway book This book was beautifully written and full of historical information about Key West It s also a romance novel but the romance seems to take 2nd place to the historical parts of this book If you want to know about Key West and its beginnings and get a feel for how it all started and developed then this book would be of interest to you The characters in the book are a bit blah, nothing really exciting and the interaction between them didn t carry the story forward very quickly I did [...]

Salvaged Love describes itself as a historical novel of Key West 1828 1829 The story includes an abundance of historical information about the development of Key West sometimes too much woven into a historical romance story about a young English woman, Abby, who travels to the area with her father and, of course, ends up falling in love with Max, a local who happens to be a dashing ship s captain The characters were cute and I enjoyed their storyline, but the plot was very predictable There were [...]

Key West conjures up sandy beaches, clear water, hot and humid weather, and a crowd of people Ms Blackmon s novel includes the first three but adds wilderness, lack of creature comforts and a limited number of people to the picture.Abigail and her father Richard are en route to visit family in Mobile, AL when their sailing ship hits a reef They are taken to Key West and the adventure begins They encounter interesting people and a frontier mentality a very different place from their home in Engla [...]

I hadn t realised when I started this book that it was the first in a series It is one of those that sets the scene in the first book and introduces the characters and gives you the setting However there wasn t a complete story unless you include the fact that we know how Abby got to the Florida Keys and who she married The book is set in Regency times and Abby is from a well off merchant family, although the things she does I am certain would not enter the head of a gentille Regency miss

I had a hard time getting into the book at the beginning I think it was because of the many different points of view and sometimes the layout made it hard to tell when the viewpoint was changing The story itself was a good story with enough romance and action to keep me going to the end I received a copy from First Reads.

A lovely written book that will take you to the historic streets of Key West Where you will learn the history of this lovely town and give you characters that you will hate to say goodbye to as you turn the last page.

Maybe would have gotten a generous 3 but dear lord the conventions in the writing of this book were difficult to work through.

Light and lovely , which is what I need during these otherwise stressful days.

  • Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829 Best Read || [Susan Blackmon]
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Salvaged Love: A historical novel of Key West 1828-1829