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Song of the Mountain #(2022)

Song of the Mountain

Song of the Mountain

  • Title: Song of the Mountain
  • Author: Michelle Isenhoff
  • ISBN: 9781465953261
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
Song of the Mountain By Michelle Isenhoff,

[PDF] Unlimited Ï Song of the Mountain : by Michelle Isenhoff - Song of the Mountain, Song of the Mountain Orphaned at a young age thirteen year old Song Wei has grown up listening to his grandfather recite legends of the distant past But it is his own history Song seeks to uncover to guide him toward the

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A wonderfully descriptive and vibrant story Reading this felt like I d found a piece of my childhood that I d forgotten about To explain, this book gave me the feeling of I ve read this before, long ago, but I know I haven t So it felt like finding an old friend, only it was a new one Kind of like the feeling of coming home but you ve arrived at a place that emulates home in every manner rather than it being your actual home.There s not that many characters as this is a story that has a lot to d [...]

Song Wei s name means Great One but Song doesn t feel great at all He feels like an outcast who will never truly know who he is But when a force of darkness threatens the village and the people he cares for, he finds himself immersed in what he thought was only a story that his grandfather liked to tell He will come to find that it is his story after all.I really enjoyed this short novel Just a few pages in and I felt like a child, snug in bed, being told a magnificent tale by the greatest of st [...]

Song of the Mountain was published in 2012 and was written by Michelle Isenhoff michelleisenhoff my books This is the first of The Mointain trilogy Ms Isenhoff has published than a dozen books I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I would categorize this novel as PG13 as there is a little Violence The novel is set in a land with oriental culture The primary character is 13 year old Song Wei Song lives with his grandfather Li Min Li lives almost as a hermit, but is calle [...]

I have on my wall several reproductions of ancient Chinese scrolls that I bought years ago in Taiwan, and this story prompted me to look at them anew It s set in what is now China but in a mythical era before recorded history.There is an old sage living in a hut on a mountainside There is a legend about the Fall of Man and a cryptic prophesy There is a dragon but a malevolent one, which is a departure from typical Chinese legends Most importantly there is an orphaned boy who longs for acceptance [...]

As I read this book, I could imagine reading it aloud to my grandchildren, knowing how they would love the excitement and adventure of sorcerers, dragons, and a dragon slaying 12 year old But would they realize that they were also hearing an allegory of the story of Adam and Eve and of Cain and Abel Or learning lessons about respect for one s elders, the meaning of true friendship, and about betrayal and forgiveness Would they notice the flowing language and attempt to mimic it in their own writ [...]

Song aches to know about his family His parents have died, and he lives with his grandfather, who refuses to speak of them But without knowing his past, how can Song know his future Then a dragon shows up, and Song realizes there is to both his past and his future than he ever expected .I really liked this The story is set in an alternate historical China with bits of fantasy, such as a fire breathing dragon The setting builds in a natural way, and the description never stalls describing things [...]

Very much enjoyed this book It is a fun middle grade young adult fantasy woven into a China inspired setting with biblically based mythology The plot, setting, and mythological aspects were very well conceived I loved the themes and the way characters surprised you I would love for my kids or nieces to read this some day and talk about the analogies in it I recommend to any lovers of C.S Lewis Lois Lowry.

Overall I enjoyed this read It had a folk tale quality to it The beginning was a little slow but the second half of the book was pretty immersive I feel it s aimed at the MG age group.

My thoughts With her beautiful use of words, Michelle Isenhoff has created a story whose text flows with imagery and words that incite the mind to create a picture of a world in a time long ago when the world was young, man lived harsh lives, evil abounded, and dragons lurked.In Song of the Mountain one might think this is a story of a mountain and the song story about it Not so This is a story set in a long ago oriental world Song is a boy growing up in primitive surroundings and being raised b [...]

I couldn t stop reading this story It captured my imagination and I had to know what would happen This story could easily be read as a family and then discuss the different personalities in the book, their choices, and why we make the choices we do I especially appreciated the examples given of how Song asked for forgiveness after hurting Karina and how he came to forgive Keeto This story is set in a small village that has a leader who lives up the mountain in a nice palace Song and his grandfat [...]

Song Wei lives with his grandfather on the mountain, but he is an outcast in the village Karina is the only one who treats him kindly, but her brother is the leader of the bullies It wouldn t be so hard if Grandfather weren t always telling him to forgive the boys who beat him and call him names.One day things start to change Song meets the daughter of the local lord, a strange shadow makes Grandfather send Song running ahead, a special box is left unlocked However hard it was when he was the br [...]

Song of the Mountain is a bit of a hidden gem, a story of a boy named Wei Song who has grown up listening to stories of dragons from his grandfather Song is a bit of an outcast, constantly picked on by the village boys and has only befriended Karina, a girl who could be beautifully if not for her scarred face When his grandfather sets out to stop a certain evil from coming about, he finds himself aiding the beautiful daughter of the village leader She seems set on seeking out danger though, but [...]

This is written so well, so beautiful and detailed I fell in love with young Song from the free preview That s a first for me, haha I wanted relaxing read for work, during breaks and such Something that would be easy to put away after 15 minutes so what do I do I get myself an Indie book thinking that it d just be something to keep me from being bored Yaat didn t work out I ended up pocketing my kindle and going to the bathroom a lot to finish the first chapter After that I read it when I got ho [...]

ABSOLUTE MUST READ FANTASTIC WRITING BRILLIANT STORY Song of the Morning is set in a mythical land that evokes ancient China Song Wei is embarrassed by what he considers an ill fitting name, which means Great One He is bullied by the other boys, forced by his Grandfather to listen to ancient tales, and prevented from learning what he really wants to know Why he is an orphan, and what befell the community twelve years ago when he was born.His only friend, Karina is a gentle girl, who is also an o [...]

This book was a departure for me I tried it on a whim since it was on a free promotion I don t typically read this genre and, at first, I had just a little trouble relating to it But I found the speed to be part the beauty of the mountain world the author has created The book starts slow as we meet the confused Song, who has doubts about his identity and his role in the adventure that is taking place around him The rhythm picks up quickly and holds a strong beat all the way through until the fin [...]

Song of the Mountain is a story filled with adventure, friendship and lessons to be learned Song, the main character lives with his grandfather up on the mountain He s picked on, disliked, and has no idea who he truly is His one friend in the world is the sister of his greatest enemy and to top it all off danger has returned to the mountain he calls home This book was a great read It has a lot to say about the value of friendship, the strength found inside someone, and the virtue of forgiveness [...]

I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review This is quite a short story set in ancient China The main character is Song Wei whose name means The Great One He lives in a remote hut with his grandfather Li Min.Song Wei is not allowed to pass through the nearby village and each time he gets near, he s taunted and bullied by a group of boys He s good friends with Karina whose brother is the leader of that group of boys.Li Min told Song Wei about the ancient tale of the mountain [...]

Wow A simple tale, well told This book caught me off guard I was expecting a good book, but was immediately captured by the unassuming manner in which the story is told Told in the style of an ancient chinese fable, we have the story of a young peasant boy being raised by his grandfather who passes the time by telling stories of times gone by with an eternal wisdom built into them I was pulled into the story by the excellent characterization of the Song, his grandfather Li Min and Karina The sto [...]

5 Star read fantasyI usually don t read fantasy I absolutely loved this book, and couldn t put it down It s a clean read, so I had my granddaughter 11 read it and she said it was awesome The story is told with a lot of descriptions, so u feel like you are in the story There is good and evil and upper and lower classes The young man, Song, is raised by his grandfather and they are poor, but rich in so many other ways He teaches him and tells him stories He has a very good friend Karina that is ve [...]

I received this book free from the author Song was average in most ways no one in the village he grew up in liked him except for Karina, constantly bullied and beat up he has only his Grandfather and friend Karina to comfort him and keep him from being consumed by hatred I liked this book a lot it had a good story with a deep background and likable characters who were flawed but usually had reasons for their flaws I loved the elements and the unity of elements needed to win at the end Although I [...]

I picked up this fantasy and could not put it down The author built an intriguing plot upon fulfilling imagery The story line is captivating and never drags The characters are multidimensional and believable The story introduces the reader to the character of Song, an orphan who has been raised as an outcast by his grandfather He knows nothing of his own history As he has aged, questions about his past, his parents and why he and his grandfather are outcasts become undeniable He feels the need t [...]

Rarely do I give out 5 stars I my reviews, but this author painted a beautiful world, very much oriental and consistent with my experience She grabbed my attention immediately and held it with skillful description that had me not just reading about the world, but experiencing it The author s imagination was vivid with this tale, constructing a plausible prophecy that left me wondering how the mystery might resolve, until the end And the ending This was the only part that I thought could have res [...]

I downloaded this edition for free after seeing a tweet about it being a Cybil nominee by the author I enjoyed a fresh allegory of some of the creation story combined with a coming of age story about a boy in a pre Chinese culture Also, I am not fond of friendly dragon stories, so the dragon slaying plot was exactly what I want to see in fantasy stories.Song s tale is a beautifully told story about bullying, facing fears, faithful friends, and fighting evil The writing is so well done and deep i [...]

I absolutely loved the world building and diverse characters A must read for the younger fantasy adventurer inside of us

I thought this was a very well written book I enjoyed the story line and felt I was learning right along with Song Thanks to Michelle for keeping the books clean and not adding the profanity that is so prevalent in books today I appreciated that, and would like adult literature to be free of such language I definitely think my grandchildren would enjoy this book also adults can learn and enjoy this sweet story.

The story beginsSong lived on mountain top with his grandfather It was lonely with only his grandfather But he did have one friend from the village, Karina Grandfather told Song the stories of old and all about the Dragon Song didn t know that he was the one in the stories that defeats Ju Long The awakening of Song and Ju Long , leads to a bitter fight Join Song on his adventures and learn the whole story.

An excellent book for pre teens Bullied and belittled Song Wei is not welcome in the village It is hard to deal with how that makes him feel Luckily he has a friend who understands and his grandfather teaches him through stories, even if Song Wei doesn t understand how made up stories can help Then, everything changes The danger from the past will destroy all that he loves, the future depends on Song Wei.

This finely crafted story resonates like a gong The writing is lyrical and powerful the sense of place is so full of sensory details the reader is transported into another time and place The characters are all thoughtfully drawn and believable This is a reading experience not to be missed by anyone who loves high fantasy with a Far Eastern flavor.

I loved this book I had a hard time putting it down while reading before going to bed The visuals it provides with the forest, valley, mountains, and fields are awesome You can feel the evil looming near by while reading and struggling along with Song to realize what the old stories mean I m going to have my son read this one, I know he would love it as much as I did

This is the story of Song Wei, an unlikely hero, who is destined to stop Ju Long the Ancient Dragon from causing death and destruction There are places in the book I d like to visit for real, puzzles to solve and I d love to have tea with the prophecy telling grandfather The book is very visual, elegant and flows like the mighty Chin Yazi River It is suitable for 9 children.

  • [PDF] Unlimited Ï Song of the Mountain : by Michelle Isenhoff
    291 Michelle Isenhoff
Song of the Mountain