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Lemon #(2021)



  • Title: Lemon
  • Author: Lawrence Krauser
  • ISBN: 9780970335517
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
Lemon By Lawrence Krauser,

Free Read Lemon - by Lawrence Krauser - Lemon, Lemon Lemon is the story of the passionate love between a man and a citrus fruit told with a fluid mixture of prose drama and about twenty pages of rhymed couplets Krauser s inimitable style is at once r

Recent Comments "Lemon"

a dude effs a lemon

i bought this for my dad a long time ago it is weird the cover is hand painted by the author needless to say my dad never read it once it enabled me to say something smart about lemon tree cultivation to a stranger in a garden at an awkward moment that may or may not have been made even awkward by my showing off knowledge smudge pots.

Sometimes fun read, but also the epitome of Master s In English fiction I have no idea if the author actually holds this degree The author conjured an absurdist platform for exploring an imagined psychology The development of the obsession the main character has with the citrus seems really lazy, as if the author had already spent an advance and just wanted to get it over with There is also no journalistic impulse in the story You get the sense that the author has very little in the way of life [...]

I almost feel bad giving this two stars It s not that it s a bad book, but it didn t work for me I thought the writing was intriguing and exhibited skill There were stretches that I found really engaging But ultimately this was poem than story and it just didn t work for me Not as a whole, anyway I don t regret reading it, but my time would have been better served elsewhere.On the other hand, I could totally understand someone else giving it five stars This book is definitely a question of tast [...]

The memory of this book still occasionally sends a little shudder down my spine whenever love turns frantic or a ritual to turns to compulsion The unfolding of the story is compassionate and gentle, its content mortifying and unflinching while sometimes managing to just be nice Like a consuming love that doesn t last, I d forgotten about this book completely until a moment ago, and then remembered that I feel something residual from it quite often This will happen again, I m sure.

There is a part of me that believes I might give this book the benefit of the doubt a two and a half seems fair, or at least some scratch above the two star mark I ve always felt a rating system that doesn t allow for halves, or at least go to ten, to give a wider gradation, is a bit unfair Every book is potentially vastly different from the next, and how I feel about two books of similar quality is going to be equally different Factoring in questions of avant garde, difficult yet important, boo [...]

On the back cover of this book is the lone description of its contents One man s tale of possession Intriguing, and then you find that the self absorbed and insolent main character is possessed by a citrus fruit And yet, this book is somehow still likeable part epic poem to a lemon, part parody of the romantic novel, and part waste of time The cover image is hand drawn, which is pretty great Otherwise, this book can only really be loved in snippets of really well written lines.

I was drawn to this book by its personalized cover, Lawrence Krauser illustrated the first 10,000 copies of the book himself I ve since purchased a second and third copy with the blank white, untouched face, just because I find it to be such an interesting concept in book jacket design The writing was masterful as well, a very unconventional topic, expressed with great intelligence Totally captured my twisted heart.

I obsessively bought seven copies of this book for the hand drawn covers I was thinking of starting a flickr pool to collect which ones are scattered all over the place If you re interested, send me a message.

What can you say about a book about a man s love affair with a lemon The writing was wonderful, and I had some hope toward the middle end of the book that this would reveal some sort of existential truth about love and life and fruit Sometimes a lemon is just a lemon.

I hesitate a little to give this book four stars it s bizarre, disturbing, and gross But it was compelling to read, and it s stuck in my mind ever since, so it certainly packs a punch Just don t consider this a recommendation, exactly.

it s a strange one folks you really need to ask yourself before you read this book, do i want to spend a few hours reading about a man in love with a lemon

Who would have ever thought that a story about a man falling in love with a lemon would be entertaining

Clever and funny in some parts, too artsy for its own good in others I m glad it was not any longer than it was.

Dude fucks a lemon Pretty okay if you ask me.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes

Original and strange and beautifully written.

Hmmmm strange kinda perverse didn t quite connect with it It s about a lemon.

Didn t know what I was getting into with this one Just so you know, the man falls in love with the lemon.

Past op het plankje met bizarre boeken Man heeft relatie met citroen.

A fantastic mindbender, I like the way this book makes me experience reality on its own terms.

  • Free Read Lemon - by Lawrence Krauser
    194 Lawrence Krauser