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Say It Haint So #(2021)

Say It Haint So

Say It Haint So

  • Title: Say It Haint So
  • Author: Maureen Hardegree
  • ISBN: 9781611942095
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
Say It Haint So By Maureen Hardegree,

Say It Haint So Best Read || [Maureen Hardegree] - Say It Haint So, Say It Haint So BOOK of The Ghost Handler Series Heather s got a hunky new guy and a grumpy old ghost First it was Jack the hot teenage ghost Now it s Zac an all too alive bad boy Not to mention trouble with Drew

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I love this series and it just keeps getting better Kudos to Hardegree for not shying away from sibling cruelty In the previous books, it was painful to see Heather Tildy s suffering at the hands of her sister Audrey.cially when she so desperately wanted approval In Say It Haint So, Heather is evolving and learning to manage the relationship But, there are no easy answers, as the ghost of her deceased grandpa would attest She also flounders in the relationship game with threes, THREE boys, unabl [...]

I can t tell you how much I love this young adult series So much so that I buy sev eral copies of the books each time a new one comes out and send them to my teen nieces Of course I always keep a copy for myself.Heather Tildy isn t your nor mal teenager Nope Not only does she have to worry about boys, hor mones, skin aller gies, irri tat ing sis ters and geeky friends, she also has to worry about the fact that she s a mag net for ghosts, too In the third adven ture of Mau reen Hardegree s The Gh [...]

Another great Heather adventure Boys, summer, sisters and a Grandapa haint that follows her around giving her advice on boys, summer, and sisters, all while waiting to hear something special from someone special Can t wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Say It Haint So Best Read || [Maureen Hardegree]
    460 Maureen Hardegree
Say It Haint So