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Currents of War #(2022)

Currents of War

Currents of War

  • Title: Currents of War
  • Author: Zoe Saadia
  • ISBN: 007
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Currents of War By Zoe Saadia,

Currents of War Best Download || [Zoe Saadia] - Currents of War, Currents of War Seven years later the Aztecs are ready to revolt against the mighty Tepanec Empire However while the young Emperor is trying to solve the problems peacefully his warlords and advisers believe he is

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Currents of War by Zoe Saadia is the fourth book in the Rise of the Aztec Series Having read the previous three, my expectations were very high for this book If possible, Ms Saadia exceeded my expectations for this book.The story picks up with a continuing and never ending power struggle The Aztecs, Texocos and the Tepanecs are all jockeying for power, with brutality and deception at every turn The boy Emperor of The Emperor s Second Wife is now a young man, but his position is no less challengi [...]

I have only one regret starting on this series, and that is that all things must come to an end I will miss sharing the lives and adventures of characters I grew very fond of and learning about the pre columbian Americas at the same time One consolation I can always re read the books at a later time again, sure in the knowledge of discovering new aspects in an already familiar world, it will be like coming home Thank you Zoe for a truely delightful series

This book was a real nail biter for me as I love many if the characters and I truly identify with both Dehe and especially Kuini, rule breaker.He is fiercely loyal and extremely irreverent You know something is going to happen and soonWhen Coyotyl leaves the city I thought.ouble Although who was a surprise And they thought women were trouble

Currents of War is the fourth book in The Rise of the Aztecs series and probably the most gritty read so far All of the wonderful qualities of the other novels are still there but Zoe Saadia has injected an underlying tension into her writing that makes Currents of War a thrilling and thought provoking story Seven years have passed since the end of the previous tale The Emperor s Second Wife and, although all of our favourite characters are still there, much has changed Kuini and Dehe have settl [...]

Things have changed considerably in the seven years since the events in The Emperor s Second Wife There s a definite feeling of uncertainty and disorder in Tenochtitlan, the sense of an impending threat The political tension is escalating between the Tepanecs and Aztecs, with unrest in Texcoco, all adding to the volatile mix Coyotl has arrived in Texcoco, disheartened at the city s downturn but determined to reclaim his birthright, knowing it won t be a quick or easy task.Iztac Ayotl, no longer [...]

A sense of urgency is felt from word one in the fourth installment of The Rise of The Aztecs series This book had me on the seat of my pants from start to finish even the calmer scenes were filled with an air of stressful expedience, a sense of fear of what the future could bring, and all the characters troubles and shenanigans are felt even when not yet revealed As the events unfold you begin to see all the characters separate timelines converging into a single line of chain events almost a bib [...]

An exhilarating ride The Tepanec empire is in turmoil The palace politics have left the realm of intrigue and entered the world of betrayal and murder In The Currents of War we see the rise a new generation bent on destroying one empire to build another We see a new strength in the women, Itzca and Dehe, as they emerge from their former free spirited, adventurous selves and take on a commanding tenor The Highlander is far disciplined and purposeful, yet still retains that wild streak that sets [...]

Currents of War by Zoe Saadia is the fourth book of The Rise of the Aztecs Series and is an awesome historical novel of the Mesoamerican history of Mexico.The storyline continues the tale of our heroes as their life and times are rapidly changing It builds on the foundation already established in the first three novels and flows seamlessly as the adventure continues.The intrigue and adventure that fill the characters lives will keep you on the edge of your seat From plots and schemes of the roya [...]

Omg Aztec I, Claudius I m in heaven DIf you enjoy the aristocratic politics aspect of this series, then you will love this book Centred around the fight for the Aztec throne and the approaching conflict with Azcapotzalco, this book is almost entirely devoted to gleeful, multi directional imperial backstabbing, from which not even the nicest characters escape entirely untarnished It s absolutely agonising watching the boy Emperor of Tenochtitlan doing his best to manage his charge, knowing all th [...]

I cannot say how much I have appreciated this last book of the series and in fact the entire series by Zoe Saadia Her writing style was so easy and descriptive that the reader soon loses sight of the words and starts to experience the story I will miss reading about the characters from the Highlands and Lowlands that I have immensley enjoyed through this series This book and the entire series is highly recommended to anyone On to the pre Aztec series

A great piece of historical fiction It has it all, love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, murder, political intrigue, infidelity, and forgiveness The adventure and the action are present in every chapter The characters are believable and the Author s research into the history makes this a wonderful book to read.

Great book The author does a fabulous job of weaving the characters lives and relationships in that era with the relevant customs and history Hard to put down

MesoAmerican Mexico will never be the same for me, having read these four books Not only is the cultural heritage of this period important, and too little known, but Zoe Saadia has the rare gift of breathing life into her characters, and through them transporting the reader to another time and place Her research never interferes with her story, but is a homogenized part of the whole I cannot urge you enough to read Currents of War and its precursors if you love great historical fiction in which [...]

A new generation emerges with marriages and new family life in this fourth book in the Rise of the Aztec Series Kuini is still alive an stirring up trouble as Coyotl fights to take back his kingdom War is looming between the Teparecs and the Aztecs as tensions mount admidst a genuine love and friendship we saw in earlier series You just cannot forget about these characters author Saadia creates You feel as if you grow with them in their ancient world Totally spell binding

Ambition, passion, deceit, betrayal, revenge, assassination The events that have unfolded throughout three prior novels come to a dramatic finale in Currents of War, the last of Zoe Saadia s Rise of the Aztecs series.With events unfolding the way they do in this book, it seems improbable that the warrior hero Kuini and the love of his life Iztac will end up together after all Kuini is happily married to another woman, but if he s that happy, why is he drinking so much But drink is the least of K [...]

Currents of War The Rise of The Aztecs Book 4 Zoe SaadiaAfter reading The Emperor s Second Wife The Rise of The Aztecs Book 3 I was keen to grabthe next book in the series.Currents of War takes you seven years later into the Aztec world where politics and mistakes lead to places some can t come back from Superbly written

Could not put this one down either The characters had grown, changing and yet true to themselves, while the events of the rising Aztec empire kept pushing them all to their limits.

A great end to the series But left me wishing for

More exciting and historical reading from Zoe.

good series, books to re read

  • Currents of War Best Download || [Zoe Saadia]
    391 Zoe Saadia
Currents of War