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The Blue Bead #(2022)

The Blue Bead

The Blue Bead

  • Title: The Blue Bead
  • Author: Annette Israel
  • ISBN: 9781475926057
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
The Blue Bead By Annette Israel,

☆ The Blue Bead À Annette Israel - The Blue Bead, The Blue Bead Set in the fictitious town of Lake Luffit two middle aged women one Jewish and one African American find a little white horse The mysterious horse had been forgotten and left alone to starve As Han

Recent Comments "The Blue Bead"

I loved this book from the first word Two women find a neglected horse and work to help her back to good health The ladies have a very deep conversation that comes close to ruining their new found friendship The horse s needs keep them together The blue bead answers many questions about the identity of this very special horse There s a little mystery in this book I was puzzled by Lost Chapter but the answer came later and surprised me This is a amazing read and I highly recommend it to everyone [...]

  • ☆ The Blue Bead À Annette Israel
    201 Annette Israel
The Blue Bead