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The Cybergypsies #(2022)

The Cybergypsies

The Cybergypsies

  • Title: The Cybergypsies
  • Author: Indra Sinha
  • ISBN: 9780684819440
  • Page: 107
  • Format: None
The Cybergypsies By Indra Sinha,

[PDF] The Cybergypsies | by ✓ Indra Sinha - The Cybergypsies, The Cybergypsies The story of bad behavior fanaticism about small debates gender disguised Netsex the spending of other people s money on vast phone bills has been told by others In The Cybergypsies A True Tale of L

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As I closed the cover of CyberGypsies I thought to myself, hell, I would rather like another 500 pages Sinha wrapped politics, technology, time and the experience of joining web communities brilliantly I loved this book.Indra Sinha did homework The novel is incredibly well informed, and it s technical descriptions are spot on Computer Bodies coded by binary or Double helix correlate in an intricate dance of human rights, marriage, sex, and life.Whatever your preconceived notions about the conten [...]

Weird, strange, but really familiar I didn t knew what to expect when I ordered this book I found something I really know the life and the adventures of a cyber addict in a virtual world , but also very touching information about human right, philosophy, marriage and other things For me, this book was a catharsis and I spent sometime remembering the old BBS days and some facts of my life Incidentally, I also renewed my support to Amnesty International.

A must read Before Google annexed Earth, before Twitter before iPhones In the beginning there were visionaries, freaks, supple and powerful minds There were Cybergypsies Awesome

For all those who consider themselves cyber wanderers, this is a must read It shows us glimpses of the net before it became the It talks of the mid eighties to nineties when early cybernauts roamed about bulletin boards BBS and multi user domains dungeons MUD creating their own versions of reality in extravagant roleplays.In what seems to be almost autobiographical, it is the story of Bear, a copywriter who is unable to get over the cyber addiction that threatens his marriage, and who still find [...]

This book sounded like it could have been very interesting, and I m not sure if the fact that I m reading it 11 years after publication makes it less enjoyable It is a book about the early days of the internet, of a time of modems and MUDs and before websites existed, but instead of feeling like a journey into a fascinating past, it instead felt tedious and stilted The story is told in random out of sequence bits, in different viewpoints, but essentially about one man s voyage into the depths of [...]

As mentioned by others this book really looks at the MS Dos early role player games and as such has relevance to that era of computing.ever substitute MUD for Facebook MySpace etc etc and the story is still relevant cautionary tale as it is on the obsessive nature of the seeming trivial aspects of internet life.I enjoyed so some of the political aspects of this book the work with Amnesty, Bhupal and the likes.e information on these aspects and the harsh reality of life for some individuals ag [...]

The story takes place in the early days of the internet, so different from what the world wide web has become that it reads almost like science fiction But oh boy, the main character s MUD the ascii forerunner of the MMORPG experiences and addiction sure seemed mighty familiar Everyone s who ever played a MUD should check this book out.

This was the first book I ever copyedited solo, for Viking, back when it first came out in US, late 90s A book that deserved a better reception than it received.

The experimental writing style, meaning random anecdotes put together in no particular order about random people and from random perspectives, really threw me off I imagine writers often get an idea about something and they quickly write it down in a notebook they keep with them You get enough and you might conjure up a book Yet, in my mind, as a reader, just stringing them together and calling it a book is not how you do it I read about 10% of it and gave up.

I read this book as part of the 5 book challenge Before that, I d never heard of it It is odd reading a book that is so entrenched in the vagaries of cyberspace before the advent of social networking While I was reading it I had a somewhat odd epiphany that at the time this book was written, a person s identity was essentially divided, that is, you are you in reality, but in cyberspace your identity is something you create, and that individual is independent of the you of reality Now, though, th [...]

I started out thinking it was a great book but after a while the story just gottedious And circular The Times review said is a demonstration of why we need to read Maybe I just missed the point Or the plot But I think there are better books to explore the how s and why s The topic, though, was excellent hacking in its early days I really did enjoy part of this reading experience It was the unknown unnamed part that I didn t that makes me give it a bad review.

I have no idea what genre this book is apart from just fiction It was very strange Very good though, once I got used to the jumping around of the narration Wasn t expecting all the human rights stuff either, and I found that extrememly interesting.Giving it a 5 because whilst I doubt I d ever call this one of my favourite books, I can t fault it I enjoyed every minute reading it.

It s a little embarassing to read a novel about the biggest time waster of your youth and find yourself thinking, Don t I know that character Argh.Delightful sendup of the pre Web world, with heartwrenching tales of the Bhopal chemical disaster and interesting notes on the Kama Sutra sprinkled in for variety.

This book set me on an odd course Fifteen years ago I went and found these people, made it to a few parties with them, got rescued from University by them, found support and beer, and music, and firepits built on the sides of old computers.Odd book Changed my life.

Currently reading this book, it s a fascinating premise with a poor execution I feel that with the proper editing and rewriting this book could be much that what it has been published as.

I got to page 55 before I shook my head and decided that it just wasn t for me.

  • [PDF] The Cybergypsies | by ✓ Indra Sinha
    107 Indra Sinha
The Cybergypsies