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Old Ramon #(2022)

Old Ramon

Old Ramon

  • Title: Old Ramon
  • Author: Jack Schaefer
  • ISBN: 9780802774033
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
Old Ramon By Jack Schaefer,

Unlimited Old Ramon - by Jack Schaefer - Old Ramon, Old Ramon Jack Schaefer author of the classic Shane has written a timeless story about the friendship of a wise old shepherd and a young boy set in the Mojave Desert

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The story is very good, but I did not like reading the book I found that there were several words that I did not understand which made it difficult This is a story about a young boy, Pedro, who is sent out into the desert with an old sheep herder named Old Ramon Pedro s father thinks that it is very important for his son to learn about the family business from the ground up As Pedro and Old Ramon spend time together tending the sheep, young Pedro learns a lot from the old man about life, respon [...]

Well, this was a nice story as far as it went It seemed to end abruptly and have no point A young boy, the sheepowner s son, makes a journey with Old Ramon, the sheepherder, to bring the flock to their summer pasture I guess this was supposed to be a coming of age story, but it seemed to just fizzle out I did enjoy the way Schaefer depicted Old Ramon s speech, but I couldn t tell from it whether Old Ramon was Hispanic, as his name suggests, or Native American, or both I can t imagine why this wa [...]

3 1 2 Cute story I liked it Gotta love lopsided fire breathing bulls

There are actually only two human characters in this book, but the evocative and deeply felt storytelling of Ramon about the people who have been most important in his life sure makes it feel like Old Ramon is the story of an old sheep herder named Ramon and the young son of the patr n for whom he works The boy has been receiving the benefits of a modern education in a conventional school, a luxury that Ramon never had when he was growing up, yet the boy s father makes a point of of sending his [...]

Pedro has long since learned to read and write He is, in fact, becoming most educated But Pedro s father insists that there are some things which cannot be learned out of books things about men and beasts and the wide world These can only be learned the hard way by doing them And that is how Pedro came to spend a summer herding sheep with Old Ramon.Old Ramon cannot read Old Ramon cannot write But Old Ramon knows about life, about the wills of men and beast alike and what makes them what they are [...]

Old Ramon is a shepherd with a crooked nose it was probably broken at some point and a knife cut scar on one edge of his mouth He has clearly learned some hard lessons throughout his long life He has learned about true friendship, the lack of intelligence of sheep, the value of a smart sheep dog, and his connection to the natural world of the Mojave Desert He has cared for many herds of sheep in his long life.In this book, Old Ramon and a boy drive a herd of sheep across the desert toward the fe [...]

This book is about a shepherd named Ramon and a child who is called Pedro Ramon works for Pedro s father, he teaches Pedro how take care of goats in the desert Ramon is very old man but he is very smart Pedro learns about tending the goats and about the sandstorms that suddenly occur The sandstorms can be very dangerous to the sheep as well as wolves One day old Ramon and Pedro were in the desert taking care of the goats, everything was very quiet when suddenly Ramon realized that some of the go [...]

Every so often, I read a children s book, just because This one has been in my shelf for a while, snagged at a used book store out of my love for Shane and Monte Walsh The rhythmic, running on voice of Jack Schaefer is immediately recognizable in this little story He uses repetition of words and phrases to create a rugged poetry and he manages to stir emotion for the Old West in a carefully placed adjective here and there, like the brave circle of light from Ramon and the boy s fire.This doesn t [...]

KIRKUS REVIEWFor the young reader the combination of an old man, a boy, and a dog are almost irresistible, particularly when the old man is as wise and gentle as Old Ramon In this story of a boy s apprenticeship with Ramon the shepherd, a dog is given as a present to the boy When the dog dies protecting the flock against a wolf, he is grieved, but Ramon softens his loss with the promise of a new pet and the assurance that the dead animal has died valiantly Basically the plot of this story consis [...]

This is a book about a boy whose father and grandfather were had been great men who owned a lot of sheep and needed many shepherds They had one shepherd, Ramon, who was the grandfather s first shepherd, and who continued to be the best shepherd of them all The boy s father sent the boy on an expedition with to the hills and mountains with Ramon so he could teach him about sheep.Ramon has a dog who is a prize sheep dog the dog himself even knows the names of the individual sheep Ramon has another [...]

This is a story about an old sheep herder who is taking a young boy out to care for the flock in the summer for the first time It tells of lessons learned, crossing a stream, finding water, dealing with the coyote and the wolf, and dealing with death and the trading of a sheep dog.I found this book to be very random in the parts that make it up, and it didn t seem that there was an overall theme or purpose at times I suppose it would just be the growing up and lessons learned by the boy.I might [...]

This coming of age story involves a sheep herder named Ramon and his young apprentice boy The young boy is assigned to go with Ramon to learn the art of sheep hearding He and his black dog learn a lot from the old pro Ramon along the way They cross many milestones and learn many lesson as they travel The boy also learns alot about his grandfather from Ramon This coming of age story helps you grow with the boy and Ramon Old Ramon would be a great book for boys It also has a fairly easy reading le [...]

Pretty good YA novel about an old sheepherder, a young boy learning the trade, and two sheepdogs Short but sweet I think I would have complained if I was forced to read this in elementary school, but I really enjoyed it now I like the outdoors and dogs, but not necessarily sheep I picked this up at a yard sale Saturday and read it in a couple of hours.

Short Okay

Rated PG.

Quite a lot is packed into this short read about sheep herding as the old man teaches the young boy his knowledge.

Josh and I read this lesser known Newbery Honor 1961 book together, about a wise old shepherd, the little boy he s training, and 2 faithful dogs Sweet book but not great.


  • Unlimited Old Ramon - by Jack Schaefer
    217 Jack Schaefer
Old Ramon