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Starbounders #(2022)



  • Title: Starbounders
  • Author: Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson
  • ISBN: 9780062120229
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
Starbounders By Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson,

[PDF] Read Ë Starbounders : by Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson - Starbounders, Starbounders Zachary Night has been waiting his whole life for this moment Like his family before him he s finally headed to Indigo a top secret training center where future Starbounders learn the skills to pr

Recent Comments "Starbounders"

Quite enjoyable actually, though clearly a popcorn book for middle graders.Slight view spoiler I didn t completely understand the motivation of the primary villan, it seemedunlikely Likewise the tactics the villian used were a little strange But given most of the story was the adventure, those weaknesses were both basically fine hide spoiler

Zachary Night just started at Indigo 8, a top secret Starbounders academy, training the next wave of beings who will protect the universe Zachary comes from a long line of famous Nights who have distinguished themselves for bravery in defending the universe from planet crushers and unfriendly races He s got big expectations to fill Of course, Zachary can t resist a good challenge from fellow Starbounder Kalley and roommate Ryic, even if it does mean breaking a few rules The trio soon regrets the [...]

Zachary is thrilled to finally be able to attend the Starbounders academy, and is quick to make friends, but also quick to get into trouble When he, Kaylee, and alien Ryic run afoul of Loren, they find themselves on clean up duty while their classmates go on their first field trip Things get worse when they are inadvertently kidnapped by Skold, an alien in a humanoid carapace who sells space ships, most of which he has stolen Skold s not a completely bad guy, and helps the kids when they uncover [...]

MY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITImagine that there is a secret outerverse beyond our own universe, a place in space that is hidden from even the most astute astronomer Now imagine that preteens are trained to work in said space with aliens from other planets Yes, in Starbounders, teens are trained to be kids in black Zachary comes from a family of fighters that are sworn to protect the universe from evil As Zachary moves into his new school to continue his education after eighth grade There he mee [...]

I an not rating this book because I have mixed feelings This book may appeal to middle school boys who are Star Wars fans The description on the back says it is a mixture of Percy Jackson and Star Wars I understand the Star Wars comparison but did not see any similarities with the Percy Jackson books To be honest, I am not sure where the publishers got that comparison from In my opinion the first 70 pages were slow I am not sure if they kids reading it will hang in until the action starts The pa [...]

Zachary Night is one of the new Starbounder recruits at Indigo 8 a super top secret earthbound base for the Inter Planetary Defense League, or IPDL Zachary hopes he will be able to follow in his families footsteps by training to protect the galaxy against outerverse threats Yet, things go wrong during a mission and Zachary, Kaylee and Ryic end up kidnapped by thugs armed with voltage slingshots and sonic crossbows To make matters worse they also stumble onto a plot to destroy Indigo 8 itself Zac [...]

Zachary Night is eager to get started in the family business becoming a Starbounder During his first week at school, he makes friends with bunkmate Ryic, a very elastic alien, and Kaylee Swanson, who is very competitive When they are punished for being on the starchery range without supervision, they are sentenced to one week janitorial duties on a dreadnought and no chance for their first space safari When the ship is hijacked by Skold and his minions, epic adventures and life and death drama a [...]

Starbounders is a fun book for children who enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek, and other science fiction space series Authors Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson did a good job creating a realistic world in which Zachary Night follows in his family s footsteps at Indigo 8, a secret training center for Starbounders who work to keep our planet and the rest of the galaxy safe Set on proving that he belongs in the program and that he can live up to his family s success, Zachary soon finds himself in troub [...]

Zachary has been waiting his whole life to get to Indigo 8, an elite secret training school for kids whose futures will be in fighting off alien beings who want to take over the Earth The problem becomes very real, though, when the camp itself is invaded and it s up to Zachary and his friends to figure out how to identify and oust the villains and bring peace back to his world.Lots of action, sometimes than might logically flow but kids aren t going to notice Zachary and his friends do have to [...]

This book knows its audience and delivers There is a lot of action, including violence, treachery and murders You have to suspend disbelief as you often have to in other material written for this age group such as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson Why does saving the world fall to students particularly a girl, a male main character and a sidekick If you don t question too much and go along with the story, you will find there are enough ups and downs and mystery to keep you entertained to the end.

I received this book free through First Reads I was hoping that the Star Wars meets Percy Jackson blurb was not true Thankfully it was not true When I read about the book, I thought of Tenchi Muyo Sure enough, this book was of a Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie the Quest kids thrown into a Galaxy Police setting like Tenchi It was a fast read, and an enjoyable adventure The kids are likable and entertaining Enough so, that another Starbounders story would be something to look forward to.

My son and I rate this one 4 stars We just finished it as a read a loud tonight Unfortunately, we started our read a loud tradition with Winn Dixie and Percy Jackson, and is been hard to top those STARBOUNDERS was a mix of Percy Jackson and Star Wars, only not as good It was missing the voice that Percy Rick Riordan does so well, and it wasn t nearly as epic as Star Wars But it was fun, full of adventure and imagination, and made for a great reading experience for my son and me.

I m really not sure what to think of this book On the one hand, it s a rollicking interplanetary shoot em up adventure On the other hand, out MCs are vigilante child soldiers who leave their enemies to asphyxiate and torture their prisoners So uh Hm Also, why can t his Deaf sister go to the cool military academy They have teachers who are on fire, can t they adapt for lack of hearing GRUMP.

This book is billed as Star Wars meets Percy Jackson Not so much If I were going to compare this book to anything, it would be the H.I.V.E series by Mark Walden But instead of supervillain school, it s like a Star Trek Federation academy I enjoyed it, and look forward to reading the sequels, of which I am sure there will be many.

Honest to goodness science fiction with spaceships, aliens and everything Zachary North follows in the family tradition and attends Indigo 8 a top secret training center for future Starbounders At this exclusive school the students learn the skills to keep the galaxy safe from the deadly outerverse aliens and other miscreants Tired of magic schools then read about space school.

Starbounders is the first of what promises to be an exciting, fun and action filled series about Zachary Night, a Starbounder in training Along with his newly found friends, Kaylee and Ryic, he is thrust, warp glove first, into a plot to destroy Earth Their adventure is filled with aliens, battles, and humor A great, fast moving summer read for the 8 to 12 year old sci fi fan.

Interesting, and exciting Something that you wouldn t ordinarily find It was amazing the way that they made a whole new world for the setting of this story It is now one of my favorite books

I did not expect a lot from this book it was a book I saw and said why not And it is now one of my favorites now It was a very good ready


was soooooooooooooo boring hated it

Asher 8yo LOVED this book.

hitchhiker s guide meets men in black.

2.5 Stars Definately for the younger pre teen reader.

Good boy bookad with my son Outer space adventures and non stop action Like Star Wars You ll like this


  • [PDF] Read Ë Starbounders : by Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson
    115 Adam Jay Epstein Andrew Jacobson