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The Kiss #(2022)

The Kiss

The Kiss

  • Title: The Kiss
  • Author: Sotia Lazu
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Kiss By Sotia Lazu,

[PDF] The Kiss | by à Sotia Lazu - The Kiss, The Kiss Eliza is out on a first date when the lights go out and someone other than the man she s out with takes advantage of the dark to kiss her passionately than she s ever been kissed before Since the mys

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NO SPOILERS, IGNORE THE SPOILERS ALERT SIGN Lips covered hers, stifling any words of protest that might have tried to escape hot lips, firm and pliant at the same time, that fit perfectly against her own He let out a breath in her mouth, and she tasted alcohol and tobacco before losing herself in the kiss His tongue didn t waste any time with gentle probing before invading her mouth His fingers tightened and loosened their hold on her hair Sotia Lazu has written a delicious reverse Cinderella ta [...]

2.5 starsEliza has just been given the kiss of her life, but it happened when the lights went out and she has no clue as to who this mystery kisser is Eliza and her friend come up with a plan to date and kiss the guys who were there that night It started off pretty good and I had my hunches as to who I thought the mystery kisser was and it was fun while it was still a mystery but once the mystery wore off, It kinda lost it s appeal Sad to say something about it didn t add up for me, why go throu [...]

This was a free book I picked up on a recommendation from I wasn t disappointed.This book is short, sweet, hot and a bit of a mystery, which I loved.Needless to say, this kiss leads Eliza to narrow down the field of would be kissers and embark on a few dates that were surprisingly relatable In other words BAD But for amusingly different reasons I enjoyed all the characters, who were, for a short story, well developed, individual personalities that were real It was well written, easy to read, and [...]

This was a cute story, and I really liked the first part when she was trying to figure out who had kissed her It s pretty obvious almost right away to the reader who it was, but was interesting to see how she went about trying to figure it out I thought the story drug on just a bit too long though, and the last chapter and a half or so could have been left out I think and the story would have still been reasonably complete I also found the teenage antics angst a bit off putting at times, but not [...]

I just found another author to check out for entertaining reads in the future I always have been cautious with short stories, because I thought it to be difficult to relate with characters in just 100 pagesy, have I been wrong

A REALLY, cute, sweet and sexy read I LOVED NATE

God, I m so happy when I finish reading a great book So, I m feeling so happy right now Why I just finish reading The Kiss God, how great it is this book I don t know why this book isn t in everybody s lips.It is a short story, but foe a short story it is quite big I don t know if you get what I m trying to say The point is that I love it Let just focus on that.The story follows a girl named Eliza, love the name who has a pretty hard life She is in college, but 2 years ago she was betrayed by he [...]

I bought that book without knowing that it was about new adults, but since the author s a favorite of mine, I kept reading anyway and had a great time doing so.A young woman gets kissed during an electricity breakdown and decides to date every available man around her at that time in order to find her kisser The plot is thin, yes, but the story is completely enjoyable and one of the dates, particularly, was hilarious Poor guy Sweet and funny with one of my favorite tropes enemies to lovers.

Lips covered hers, stifling any words of protest that might have tried to escape hot lips, firm and pliant at the same time, that fit perfectly against her own He let out a breath in her mouth, and she tasted alcohol and tobacco before losing herself in the kiss His tongue didn t waste any time with gentle probing before invading her mouth His fingers tightened and loosened their hold on her hair.Sotia Lazu has written a delicious reverse Cinderella tale, but instead of her leaving behind a glas [...]

Another one where I would have loved to be able to give it stars I liked it but I didn t LOVE it The storyline sounded very promising though so I wanted to give it a whirl A girl is out on a date when suddenly the lights go out and she finds herself being kissed by an amazing kisser The lights come back on and that kiss is still on her mind Who could it have been The only thing she is clear about is that it was NOT the boy she was out on the date with And so the search begins for the mysterious [...]

98 pagesA blackout, a kiss and a whodunnit Two years ago Eliza was hurt and humiliated when she finally gave in to a tosser and she s endured a lot of sarcastic aggro from his best friend since then Sitting alone when the lights go out Eliza suddenly feels lips on hers that make her toes curl and when they come back on she s alone again and completely baffled counting off the men in close proximity to her one by one but he s there and he s the most unlikely candidate The hero was in with a bad s [...]

Wow, I have found a new author and is she ever good I could not lay this down and now I wish I had so I could read some I felt every move and every kiss made me want Loved the hero and wish he was mine, loving, caring, gentle, sexy and every so hot I don t want to give the book away so I m just going to recommend this book to everyone that wants to see in writing your dream guy and for every guy that wants to see his dream girl too Ms Lazu knows just what we are all looking for in a sizzling h [...]

I was pleasantly surprised by this book I was not expecting to like it so much seeing as I don t normal connect with short stories The characters were awesome and the story line was jam packed and moved along at a nice pace The author managed to pack a fantastic story into a measly 98 pages.I loved the story line It was so funny watching Eliza going on all these horrible dates to try and find the guy who kissed her I had a pretty good idea who it was from the start but it was still fun to watch [...]

Cute I called who was the kisser from the moment I was introduced to him and was not disappointed when Eliza found out and connected with him Glad I finally got to read this book, I ve had it for forever now I may look into Sotia Lazu s other novels.

The beginning draws you in right away The power goes out and you receive this mind blowing kissbut you have no idea who it was from I knew right away who it was while reading it, but that did not make the journey of find out any less exciting.

I loved this book, it was romantic and sexy, plus, even though you know who the kisser is, you have no idea how they are going to react and how she is going to find out.Plus you end up liking him a lot It has it s funny moments as well as it romantic, and tender Its a definite read

2.5 5Anecdotique

A gorgeous little Cinderella story full of fun and laughter Adorable.


Loved it Not my typical genre but worth the read.

I could pick who it would be from the start so not very mysterious but still good

I absolutely loved this cute story, I want a Nate for myself I may re read this one, very well written and entertaining Loved it.

I thought that this book was really predictable but very cute I read it in about an hour and it was really worth reading it.

Started off quickly, couldn t put it down.

i never thought i d love it that much and yet i did and a lot it was so deliciously romantic and sexy and sweet that i finished it at 5 am I love books that surprise me this way.

Cute short story, i liked who the kisser was, the couple was a good fit, this is my favorite kind of couple cant say what it is without giving away who it is but wish it was a wee bit longer

I really liked the story and the author s writing I wish it would have been a little longer but over all it was good.

This book is a fun, lighthearted read So enjoyed Definitely made me smile, and it was a short read Also free.

Eliza receives a deep feeling kiss from a stranger in darkness Now she has to find out who kissed her gave her feelings she never felt.

Erotic RomanceFREE short story available through.

  • [PDF] The Kiss | by à Sotia Lazu
    465 Sotia Lazu
The Kiss