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The Battle of Verril #(2021)

The Battle of Verril

The Battle of Verril

  • Title: The Battle of Verril
  • Author: Joseph R. Lallo
  • ISBN: 9781477684757
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
The Battle of Verril By Joseph R. Lallo,

Unlimited The Battle of Verril - by Joseph R. Lallo - The Battle of Verril, The Battle of Verril In this the finale of the Book of Deacon Trilogy Myranda and the Chosen face their greatest challenges yet Time is running out and the Generals are growing desperate Through victory and defeat reu

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What a way to end a series So much better than Jordan So much better than virtually everyone By this time you are so bonded with the characters and their goals that you are straining right along with them to win each and every battle, to kill each and every villain, to attain each goal, to escape each prison, to meet each challenge and to learn each scrap of information that will help them fight the good fight.Now that the Great Convergence has happened, we have our divinely picked five Chosen T [...]

Right this will be the main review for all three books.First the bad1 They are to long, i think Lallo could have cut a few things and still had an excellent story.2 There are to many pitched battles, I think this detracts from the final battle, instead of gradual building i feel it goes from peaks and troughs just a little to much3 The Generals are to hard to kill, No one wants a bad guy that is to easily defeated, but ones that can barely be hurt much less killed is to much.4 The henchmen were [...]

I got tired of the battles between the Chosen Ones and the Generals creatures I got bored at the end of the 2nd book but decided to finish the series The ending was so so, no twist to it The Red Shadow s character was no longer fierce mysterious Ivy kind of annoying Myranda s relationship with Deacon could have been real it was said that they were madly in love but I did not feel like their passion in the book It was really too bad because the first book was great.

Last of the trilogy, and still great in my opinion Myranda doesn t improve much in character development to me, still felt a little flat I did feel this last one, though much darker, intense, was a bit predictable and easier to understand the twists before they were explained There were still some bits though that surprised me Overall, I actually like the jumping from character to character story to story as I was able to get a better feel of the complete scene rather than just one side I also [...]

I really enjoyed reading this trilogy, the characters are great and the tension between Ether and Ivy is annoying but funny to watch them always arguing and fighting It s a wonderful series, can t wait to read the other spin offs novels and the latest fourth novel of the series

Ah, the end has come.d now I am sad It s been a long time since I started this trilogy I first reviewed The Book of Deacon and then The Great Convergence Both were excellent books with a gripping cliffhanger into the 3rd and final installment, The Battle of Verril I was pissed to say the least.I don t want to give up any details but I can tell you that in The Great Convergence book 2 of 3 there is a great loss We lose a character from the cast that well, it just SUCKED to see this character go I [...]

I m typically very hesitant when it comes to reviewing entertainment, be it books, shows or movies However, after investing so much time into this series, I felt it necessary to somehow grasp my feelings on it as a whole If one were to ask for my general consensus, I would say that this series was a good read It kept me interested to the point that I wanted to know how it ended Sadly, after getting through the second book, little than that drove me to finish it I simply wanted to know the endin [...]

The third book in Joseph Lallo s excellent series, I give this book three of five stars You may ask why I gave it 3 5 if I like it so much I will explain I really liked this series overall, it had interesting characters, there was decent plot development, and it was unique I liked the first book, I liked the second book even , and had high hopes for the third but I had to give this book only three stars because it wasn t as engaging It might have had something to do with the ever increasing leve [...]

I struggled to make it through this trilogy Lallo s writing style, which I really enjoyed in his science fiction series Bypass Gemini and Unstable Prototypes , felt unrealistic and forced in this fantasy setting I did a decent amount of skimming over the overly wordy sections, especially some of the pages long fights.The story itself is a fantasy opera There s very little in the way of unexpected twists, plenty of temporary angst but little real loss, and the good guys always seem to come out al [...]

Wow A great finish to the Book of Deacon Trilogy.The Chosen are finally united, the goals are defined, and battle lines become clear The stakes in this challenge is the world itself There can be no rest now until the battle is over Win or lose, the Chosen must remain united and vigilante I found this to be the defining book of the trilogy The first two were good This one is great It is exciting, fast paced and constantly changing The five Chosen heroes finally unite in their purpose, and realize [...]

Stunning conclusion to an epic trilogy Loved everything about it All the previous events of the other two books were tied together well, the characters continued to develop, it wasn t the same characters with the same traits, problems and abilities that were developed in the previous books the characters continued to grow, evolve, and shape their destinies I only regret that the trilogy is finished Only critique is that I wish Joseph Lallo had spent even 20 pages wrapping up what happensMyranda [...]

The third book is the best and wraps the trilogy up nicely Myranda comes into her own and shines I like strong heroines Myranda holds true to her beliefs throughout all and inspires everyone else The build up to the ending is finely crafted.It does get frustrating when the heroes keep walking into the exact same traps over and over I felt like smacking them in the back of the head But it s also nice to see villains that are every bit as nasty as they re supposed to be By the end, I wanted them a [...]

At the conclusion of the book, Joseph Lallo stated, But you dear reader, ay count yourself lucky that you came upon this book And I do count myself fortunate to have had such an outstanding read This was one of those trilogies that make the reader constantly find time to stay in the books This was an unusual series with all types of supernatural beings that young and old can enjoy Although it was written for the young reader, older readers like me can sit back and thoroughly enjoy the read.The t [...]

The only character i enjoyed in this entire series was Desmeres all others especially deacon and ivy were boring and annoying the battles were too drawn out and had the same conclusions until the end This series needed a realistic romance bc these two characters had no chemistry and deacon was just mentally off and creepy Ivy was a waste, lian never develop into much after the first book and although ether had her moments by the middle of this book her arrogance was just too much to take i felt [...]

4 1 2 STARS Really enjoyed, great tale, epic battles Final episode of the tale of the Chosen, led by Myranda Huge battles of will and magic Will the Chosen overcome the D Karon and their all powerful dark magic This is a very exciting saga and one that you won t want to put down Great characters, vivid scenes, struggle of good vs evil Magic, dragons, cruel and powerful enemies Definitely a worthwhile read HAPPY READING Tim

Was this the best fantasy ever No.Was it filled with magic, fighting and excitement Yes.Maybe a little too much fighting and not enough character work but still this book ends a good engaging fantasy trilogy Cheap to buy on kindle and overall entertaining The characters were likeable overall.Hopefully this author will continue writing and continue to improve Worth a read.

I guess I found the first one, which ever that might be, interesting enough that I continued the series The last one was one big incomprehensible fight that just went on and on and on I really don t remember how it ended, or even how it all fit together.Probably just me.

Having struggled with the first in this series, it with great pleasure that I can say that they get better The first novel in the series was readable but flat with a central character who was in turns both too perfect and too child like This final instalment in the series doesn t fix all of the issues but it does mitigate them.There are some scrapes where you actually don t know if characters will come out unscathed Myranda is a little rounded as a character and therefore far less annoying to b [...]

The epic final book of the trilogy By this point the reader is heavily involved with the story Who are the other Chosen What will happen Is Myranda going to find her answers Will Deacon grow a pair Why is Epidime such a butthole Twists and turns aplenty are within the 3rd book At one point, a twist was so unanticipated that I had tears streaming down my face I love books that get me that involved My only criticism is that it seems like the story was too long in some spots I don t need 3 pages to [...]

A good conclusion to the first two, fairly straight forward as the Good Guys try to defeat the Bad Guys who are only bad in this book to the point where they re near impossible to kill If you liked be first two, you ll like this one, but if you re looking for a surprising twist or anything of the like, you ll be disappointed.

Received the first book free from bookbub, I usually just stick to the free books because I get so many, even when part of a series There was no hesitation at the end of this book, I immediately went to the kindle store and bought all the books in the series These were great, fun, and engaging, highly recommend.

After being so engaged with the previous books in the series, I regret that I just couldn t get through this one A DNF at about the half way mark a droning slog, which is a real shame I may try it again at another date and edit my review then.

Again, it s too much I enjoy the characters and the premise, but I wish there were chapters, and how many times can a heroine be stretched beyond her limits and escape death At least one time, that s how many.

Excellent fantasy only marred by tortuous long battle detailsExcellent captivating tale of wizard s diamonds and dragons Total enjoyment as long as the reader only skims through the battle details.

ComplexI liked this series if that wasn t obvious It was complex and well thought out I was surprised with some of the turns that kept this from being a typical read It wasn t a happily ever after but it was similar to reality Great read.

Good bookStory line was drawn out at times Story could have been done in one book I think Otherwise it was a fun set of books.

A fine finish to an excellent series 5 5

Drags on and on The fights drag on and on and on I just couldn t finish this book because of this The first book was so good but the next two are awful

Amazing conclusion to the main storyline and an epic battle worthy of the three book build up Looking forward to the next 2

Good ending Several times the author was lengthy in descriptions So much so that it felt like a chore to get through those sections Otherwise the book was exciting and a wonderful conclusion to this series It had humor, emotion that pulled on heart strings, and epic scale battles.

  • Unlimited The Battle of Verril - by Joseph R. Lallo
    400 Joseph R. Lallo
The Battle of Verril