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The Great Convergence #(2021)

The Great Convergence

The Great Convergence

  • Title: The Great Convergence
  • Author: Joseph R. Lallo
  • ISBN: 9781477684429
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
The Great Convergence By Joseph R. Lallo,

[PDF] The Great Convergence | by ✓ Joseph R. Lallo - The Great Convergence, The Great Convergence The second in the Book of Deacon series The Great Convergence continues the tale of young Myranda Celeste With fresh knowledge of magic and steadfast resolve to see the end of the war that plagues he

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In The Great Convergence we start up directly where we left off in the first book, The Book of Deacon We left Myranda following Lain out of the cave at Entwell hoping to convince him to stop the war because he had been shown to be one of the five Chosen And the prophesy said that the five Chosen would end the war, but Lain wants nothing to do with it Myranda has decided that it is her mission in life to get him to take on his responsibility even if it kills her So she and Myn, her dragon, track [...]

I admit I am very disappointed When I read the first book in this series, I thought I had found a virtually unknown author who had some talent and can write a quality novel I have now changed my mind after reading this book.Just as when Michelangelo did not use a sledgehammer when he was carving the intricate details of the Statue of David, it was almost as if this author used a sledgehammer to force the plot to fit into the pattern he wanted it to fit in So in honor of his heavy handedness, I w [...]

In the start of the second book, I found Myranda to be rather naive and petulant In fact, I found her childish and annoying It made it very hard to enjoy the book.I also found the beginning of the book slow to start That and the fact that the heroine was being such a prude made it hard to read.After that troublesome start, things looked up for the better In fact, things got considerably better Enough so that it made up for the beginning.The book took unexpected twists and turns in the plot that [...]

OK Though I didn t care much for the first book in this trilogy, I decided to give the second book a chance because I was interested in the story line and wanted to know how everything ended up I really wish I hadn t The problems that were present with the first novel continue in the second one with a few to note The characters Ivy and Ether appear to have multiple personalities Ivy sometimes acts like a normal being, mature and capable of anything other times she acts as a child, a brat even, [...]

love this book series I cant get over how much i enjoyed the first two books So many things get explained and revealed I even teared over Myn The characters are so well developed and their stuggles are so unbelievable Sometimes its hard to see them push through I cant wait to dive into book 3 and see how the story endsmy favorite things about these books is this lil note at the beginning and end A story half told is a crime, and there is no crime greater When this tale began it was the tale of a [...]

If I could give it three and a half stars, I would, as this book definitely rates than three but excess baggage keeps it from gaining a whole four.The second installment of the Book of Deacon series doesn t let down or let up In fact, that is part of why I gave it a rating of only three stars instead of a well deserved four it doesn t let up, ever VAGUE SPOILERS AHEAD, DON T READ BETWEEN THE DOTS IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN SPOILER FREE It s one battle after another, all of them seeming quite hopeles [...]

There was much to like about this book but I had to drop to 3 stars due to my dislike of and irritation with many of the characters I read to escape, so I need to have someone that I m rooting for and Myranda was so foolish, naive, sanctimonious, etc in the beginning that I had a hard time getting into the book She has spent her life so opposed to war, has lost her family to the war, but believes that the GENERALS are looking for the Chosen to end the war really Then don t get me started on the [...]

I really enjoyed the story I looked forward to my lunch breaks at work and to get home so that I could get back to reading this It s a little different than the average fantasy novel which kept me interested The writing style is a little bizarre There are no chapters or real breaks, which makes it challenging to read on a kindle It seems as though the author may be young in his career because the sentences paragraphs are structured in such a way that it is not always clear who what he is referri [...]

This one is also good, but I did like it less than the first one I still gave it three stars but it is a low three compared to a high three for the first book I liked the development of Desmeres in the end of book one and the start of book 2 But what I didn t like as much is just the description of battle after battle after battle It got a little boring for me But the ending does make me look forward to the third book.

This is the second in a trilogy and I often find that these can be the slowest or dullest part of a series.Not so with this one.The characters have fleshed out and the back story has developed.My only criticism is that the romance is lack lustre but then in the middle of a war maybe it is justifiably so.Roll on book 3 Great entertainment.

Book onne was decent and I understand the naivee protagonist clich for a while My willingness to endure the idiocy of the protagonist ended after a few pages into book 2 when the now master wizard of all the elements turned out to be dumb as a brick.I mean seriously, she was hunted by an elite military force that was trying to capture her Nobody tried to reason with her even once and now she learns in book 2 that the military is searching for her as if she did not know that already and deduces t [...]

This series has a bit of a YA feel to it but I thoroughly enjoy it anyway I m not sure why the series is The Book of Deacon when a completely different character takes center stage way than Deacon Nevertheless, the story is full of surprises The plot is a little loosely constructed as I get the sense that none of the characters really know how to achieve their goals but find themselves cannonballing from one bit of trouble to another Instead of being irritating, it s part of the book s charm as [...]

Received the first book free from bookbub, I usually just stick to the free books because I get so many, even when part of a series There was no hesitation at the end of this book, I immediately went to the kindle store and bought all the books in the series These were great, fun, and engaging, highly recommend.

Good bookI enjoyed this book very much I had put it down for wuite some time but i started reading it again I didnt forgot what happened in the beginning, which surprised me A good read indeed

Great two books so far Well written compelling fantasy adventure with strong characters you come to care about The action is non stop and the story line fast pace enough to keep you reading to that next page after time for sleep has post.

Not as riveting as the first book.Perhaps as the plot becomes complicated the gaps between character scenes is greater making each scene feel longer and overworked Perhaps my attention span is getting shorter.

I enjoy the characters and what they must endure to help the world defeat evil I find Lain such an intriguing character It was so fast paced and at times I thought they would all die It s a great read for mystic magic and fantasy fans.

amazing second book in the trilogy The story is slow but it s coming along Very enjoyable read Loved it immensely even though it was slow.

Great readI really love the series it just keeps getting better so well worth the price If you like fantasy you well love it

Great continuationI really enjoy this story line It continues to fascinate me and to keep me on my toes Now I just am sitting here wondering what is next

MehNot as good as the first one The author sort of beats a dead horse with all the repetitive fight scenes.

Wonderful second installment of a great new to me series Many faces among the primary characters have changed The action around, and interaction between the group is becoming increasingly tense.

While it has a frantic pace, it s all about the battles 3 5

Enjoyable read but did carry on long enough for me to skim a bit Even so a very entertaining story.

While I didn t like it as much as the first, it s a good follow up with a strong ending.

Action PackedKeeps your interest with lots of changes Makes you feel as though you know the characters and need to know what date has in store for them.

What to say about this book Well, it picks up the story immediately after the end of book 1 The Book of Deacon and continues to follow Myranda and her quest to bring a halt to a centuries old war between her country and the southern country honestly, the names aren t important There is a prophecy about 5 chosen heroes that will come together the Great Convergence and will spark the end of the war Myranda has spent a few months training her prodigal magical abilities and has left the hidden train [...]

Definitely keeps one riveted I just kept turning pages and then realized I had to go to bed.

This review covers the complete Book of Deacon original trilogy, the Book of Deacon, the Great Convergence, and the Battle of Verril It does not include the Rise of the Red Shadow I have a separate review posted for for that , Jade a short novel that takes place after the trilogy , or the newly released fourth book, the D Karon Apprentice.The three books in this series vary in format and style as well as quality All of them are very good but not all of them are excellent or rather, not all scene [...]

Second or third read because I enjoy the characters, but s too much Like one of those neon velvet pictures you see in yard sales I like color, but that s too much.The Great Convergence has our heroine Myranda, now something of a skilled wizard but still wet behind the ears, leaving the magical land of Entwell to try to save the world This is a traveling battle book with lots of both, and it invariably and necessarily makes the transition from Book One to Book Three.

  • [PDF] The Great Convergence | by ✓ Joseph R. Lallo
    204 Joseph R. Lallo
The Great Convergence