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Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2) #(2021)

Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2)

Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2)

  • Title: Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2)
  • Author: Susannah Noel
  • ISBN: 2940015750102
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Nook
Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2) By Susannah Noel,

[PDF] Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2) | by ☆ Susannah Noel - Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2), Word and Deed Wordless Chronicles Until three months ago Riana lived a safe quiet life as a Reader for the Union government but her life is no longer quiet or safe She is now part of an underground rebellion working closely with C

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My Review This book is settling into the series and as such seemed to move a bit slower for me than the first did It picks up just a couple of months where the last book left off Connor and Riana are still working behind the scenes with the rebellion Front Mikel is back after establishing a new identity outside the Union Things are going along pretty much as normal for this small group until it becomes apparent that the Zealots are ramping things up.Suddenly there are attacks on the capital and [...]

As most of you know I got the privilege of reviewing Word and Breath for Susannah Noel back when I was still an admin on Paranormal Reads Once again Susannah has contacted me and asked if I would review Word and Deed for her.How could I refuse the chance to review it I have been dying to get my hands on it since finishing Word and Breath, I needed to get of the action and the romance.This book picks up shortly after the events from the first book and because I was so pumped from the first book, [...]

Word and Deed picks up a few months after the events in Word and Breath Riana is now part of the Front and works with the Librarian her best friend Connor to decode the codex which may explain what happened to their world Now there are vicious attacks being attributed to the Front, but which Riana and the rebellion think are the work of Zealots In the meantime, Mikel has returned and wants to keep Riana safe which means taking her away from the Front and Connor Mikel doesn t believe in the ideal [...]

For reviews make sure to visit Kelsey s Cluttered Bookshelf Although this book seemed a bit short, it definitely kept my attention It gets right into the action and I found it was easy to catch up too, since I read the first book a few months ago If you ve read the first book and liked the perspectives of the different people on different sides, this book continues that, showing Riana, Mikel, Connor and Largan even though he s kinds one of the bad guys I still kind of liked him.Mikel comes back [...]

Earlier this year, I picked up Word and Breath I absolutely loved it I guess it came as a breath haha of fresh air in the genre of books I had been reading A lot of YA that fell into the same old story lines Word and Breath reminded me how much I loved reading thriller crime books, while throwing in some paranormal, dystopian, and romance It was like a quinella While I loved Word and Breath, I felt that Word and Deed fell a little short Probably just the dreaded middle book drag, where story lin [...]

Until three months ago, Riana lived a safe, quiet life as a Reader for the Union government, but her life is no longer quiet or safe.She is now part of an underground rebellion, working closely with Connor, the covert leader of the movement and her best friend Together, they re trying to translate a mysterious book that might give them answers about the disaster that transformed their world.Union officials want to arrest them, and radical Zealots want to destroy them And Mikel, her Soul Breather [...]

Susannah Noel s Wordless Chronicles books really hit a sweet spot for me The books are fast paced and a perfect balance of romance and action and I became smitten with her characters This second volume held no disappointments for me Her characters became complex and she managed to surprise me than once with plot and character developments Although I think they could benefit from some editing tweaks, I found it easy to immerse myself in these books.

Ugh holy cliffhanger is 3 out yet

  • [PDF] Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2) | by ☆ Susannah Noel
    246 Susannah Noel
Word and Deed (Wordless Chronicles, #2)