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Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes #(2021)

Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes

Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes

  • Title: Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes
  • Author: Shauna Niequist
  • ISBN: 9780310328179
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes By Shauna Niequist,

× Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes ☆ Shauna Niequist - Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes, Bread and Wine A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes This book is a collection of essays about family relationships friendships and the meals that bring us together Written by well loved writer and blogger Shauna Niequist this mix of Girl Meets God

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4 stars I ve written it before and I ll write it again Shauna Niequist is a woman I wish I could be friends with How does she do it How does Shauna write such relevant things about life, marriage and motherhood that she seems to have literally taken right out of my personal experiences She writes from the heart, speaking such simple yet deep words of wisdom and encouragement I feel that being a mother of young children makes me the ideal reader for Shauna s books we are going through the same ph [...]

Let s be honest I am rarely Zondervan s target audience In fact, I can t remember the last thing I read from this publishing house So it was no small surprise when I LOVED this book Yes, the author s obvious privilege and life of travel and near constant opportunity could feel pretty distant from most of us mothers and our quieter lives filled with fewer choices Many readers have mentioned this as a serious drawback I don t read memoirs to find someone exactly like me, though I love getting draw [...]

A defense of messy hospitality of honest friendship, transparent love, and lots and lots of delicious food.At the back of this book, author Shauna Niequist lists some of her favorite writers, including bestselling author Anne Lamott and author, former New York Times restaurant critic, former Gourmet editor, and reality TV show judge Ruth Reichl I m not surprised Their influence is clear If Ruth Reichl and Anne Lamott had a less talented baby, and that baby wrote a book, this could be that book T [...]

The books that I love the most make me want to write they make me swim in words and images, and beg me to jump in They call me to tell stories, to grab a notebook and try to make a little sense of the messy world around me with my fingers and a pen.Shauna Niequist s new book, Bread Wine, made me want to write and cook Write and make grocery lists Write and mince garlic, splash olive oil, and bake bread And of course, it made me a little hungry too.Like a good meal, I had no desire to race throug [...]

I had great hopes when I picked up this book I am a tremendous foodie who ADORES having people in her home for long, delicious dinner parties, flavored with good food and even better conversation I was so disappointed in this book, however, because the narrator was haughty You know how some people are namedroppers Well, this author is a destination dropper I found her constant references to multiple trips, both domestic and foreign, to be completely off putting I felt the same way I did when I f [...]

I read the introduction to Bread Wine at the pool one day last week I cried right there poolside, in the heat, sweating a bit, wanting to cool off in the water, but compelled to read a few words I knew immediately that I was going to love this book and I wasn t wrong.There s much to love Niequist s writing style is casual yet compelling I nodded along as I read about hunger and shame and how they intertwine in her heart I wanted to nod along as she jumped in to run a marathon, despite life circ [...]

I am an unabashed fan of Shauna Niequist I fell in love with her writing the first time I read Cold Tangerines I ve since read that book multiple times and have lent it to several friends Bread and Wine, though somewhat of a departure, as it did focus primarily on food, is written in a similar vein The chapters are vignette style and each are followed with a recipe that featured somehow in the vignette I tried to savor it slowly, but I ended up gobbling them quickly Some were sweet, some were sa [...]

I love Shauna s writing style including in this book and really loved her first two books However, this one was my least favorite I m still trying to figure out why Maybe because I don t love to read about food But I do love to read about messy community and friendship, which the book is basically about Still, her life is at times unrelatable to me, with her constant talk of travel and dinner parties and spending summers at the beach.

I went into this book with some high expectations Carol Baker loved it and some low ones I am not a Zondervan target audience either I do not read cooking blogs and while I would love to travel it doesn t happen often All that said, I truly enjoyed reading about Shauna s life and I am looking forward to trying the recipes There were even a couple passages that mirrored things I had written about in my book which I found fun even though I would have never considered Shauna a kindred spirit, in th [...]

Those of you that watch our monthly book chats know Shauna Niequist is my favorite author I sing her praises like a canary because she s shaped my worldview and inspired my identity as a writer than any author In her third work, she once again delivers a deeply profound, yet completely accessible memoir on building a life that says welcome, there s a seat at my table for you.

I think I want to be Shauna Niequist when I grow up.This was so wonderful Not quite just a cookbook and not quite just a memoir, Bread Wine celebrates the way the act of eating together provides a common thread through our lives, a setting where the most real moments of love and friendship can be shared, and a tangible, taste able bond to the memories we hold dear Shauna reminds me that we are Bread and Wine people, made for communion not just formally on Sundays, but in little ways whenever two [...]

Beautiful I ve been in the habit of making meals out duty and I haven t enjoyed the process I LOVED how she thinks about meal making, how it s a way to show love connect But this book isn t just about cooking, it s about relationships God so much I really, really enjoyed it

Well, I think I am becoming a Shauna Niequist super fan She writes so warmly, so clearly, so honestly and often she has feelings just like me I m now listening to her podcasts, which are excellent, by the way, and have her book Bittersweet Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way waiting for me at the library This book would be a lovely gift to give to a friend.

It s been awhile since I ve been immediately captured by a memoir I laughed and cried, the latter often than the former I very much appreciated the honesty with which she wrote about her own struggles and some of the struggles of the people in her life Messy truth, FTW I also read this book with a great deal of envy both for her table and the people sitting around it I love that she s combined memoir with food writing She s not the first, of course Molly Wizenberg s A Homemade Life Stories and [...]

Not quite a cookbook, not just a memoir but a unique glimpse into the life of an enthusiastic and hospitable woman, I found the book Bread and Wine to be an enjoyable read Personally, I thought Shauna s writing style delightful Of course, I may be a little biased on account of the fact that the author has that unique weakness as I for such elite foods as bacon wrapped dates, figs, chocolate, cheese and such However, regardless of personal tastes, my impression was that Shauna possesses that uniq [...]

I ve thought a lot recently about being present for the real time experiences of my life I don t want to be caught updating my Facebook status and miss the real moments because I m too busy crafting clever ways to advertise them All that being said, I think there is tangible value in writing about our experiences We enjoy our memories fully as we marinate in their nuances and seek for words to describe them Maybe this explains part of why I enjoy writing book reviews For author Shauna Niequist, [...]

Bread Wine is a collection of stories about life around the kitchen table about family, friendships, and the meals that bring us together Each story is heartwarming and insightful and introduces the recipes connected to the stories I love Shauna s writing style It s normal and relatable yet deep enough to hit you and make you feel what you have wanting to say all along I found myself saying Yes Thank you and I totally get it in the midst of reading her book because she voices what so many of us [...]

Fantastic book I enjoyed reading every page The author writes short chapters where she ties food into the personal events writes about often giving the recipe at the end of the chapter Beautifully written and very honest This book makes me want to plan dinner gatherings and make a better effort to savor meal time with my loves.

After reading Bread Wine I want to cook , read , live , eat good food , and sit around the table Yet, in the midst of all the , it feels simple as well as if the inspiration from Shauna Niequiest is clearing the table of junk mail, lighting a candle, inviting friends, and saying, Here, let me serve you nourishment and joy Yes, I pretty much adored this book.

This book ranks up high with Molly Wizenberg s memoir for me And the recipes work.

I loved this book And, just to be clear, I ve never begun a book review that way Bread Wine A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes is Shauna Niequist s third book Unlike many other reviewers, I knew little about Niequist before I began the book Really, I only knew that she was a blogger, but I d never even visited her site But with this book, she won me over It felt like I was hearing from a kinded spirit and, over and over, I found myself nodding, crying, laughing and drawing littl [...]

I wanted to love this book, but I didn t I wanted to like this book than I did, particularly because a dear friend from church handed it to me one day and asked me to read it We are the same age and about to see the decade of the sixties approaching this year While in the middle of the book, we talked briefly about it, and I told her I was struggling to continue in it We both agreed that it was difficult to relate to maybe because of a generational thing I erroneously thought that this would b [...]

I m not the kind of reader who s into food memoirs as a genre, and I definitely don t read cookbooks for fun I skimmed the recipes in this one Nonetheless, I understand why I see this book pop up over and over again Niequist convinced me that I could learn to cook, if I wanted to that I could run a marathon, if I tried and that if I really just need a nap right now, that s OK too.Niequist s honesty and relatability, coupled with her beautiful turns of phrase and her luscious descriptions of food [...]

Every day, when I walk to my mail box, I long for something amazing A letter from a long lost friend a large check a book that will transform my life.I m still hoping those checks and letters will arrive, but I recently received a wonderful ARC to review Bread Wine A Love Letter To Life Around The Table With Recipes by Shauna Niequist contains many mouth watering recipes but the book is about much than food Bread Wine celebrates the sacred moments that occur when people gather in their homes to [...]

A friend of mine read aloud an excerpt of Bread and Wine as a morning devotional before meal prep for church one morning about 4 years ago, and it was so lovely I added the book to my wish list When I finally picked it up to start reading, I was nervous since the table of contents read like a cook book and I thought maybe this wasn t what I had in mind Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful stories that accompany each recipe.In Bread and Wine, Shauna Niequist tells the reader sh [...]

I had the blessing of receiving an advanced copy of Shauna Niequist s newest book, Bread Wine, and I loved it Loved it.Like Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet, I found myself nodding emphatically at some parts, crying at others, and different than her former two books, salivating over the delicious recipes that are sprinkled throughout this wonderful love letter.Shauna describes her life, her heart, her soul and how it is connected to spending time with people, preparing food, eating with them, and [...]

I ve long been a fan of Shauna s writing Check out her other books And of her philosophy on living life Mainly because I too have long been a bread and wine person.Shauna explains More than that, I am a bread and wine person By that I mean that I m a Christian, a person of the body and blood, a person of food and drink, and also, at the very same time, I recognize them as something much greater mystery and tradition and symbol Bread is bread, and wine is wine, but bread and wine is another thing [...]

I loaded this on to my Kindle because it was cheap and seemed like an Allison kind of book, and was initially underwhelmed Perhaps because I d just come from reading two spine tinglingly amazing true stories Unbroken and Boys in the Boat , so the everyday life of a woman who s a whole lot like me living her American life in the 2010s just seemed very ordinary I can get kind of internally sarcastic about people who write about their day to day lives using words like holy and beautiful and communi [...]

Yes Amen Bread Wine is a call to invite others to our table for the sake of letting people be known, accepted and loved Most of Niequist s words, thoughts and heart resonate deeply with me My only But is with how celebrity her life seems with summer houses, travel, and goat cheese, I guess I love having people around my table, and I am often adding chairs around my family of six, but Bread Wine sometimes felt a little unattainable which is NOT Niequist s intent As someone who does want to encour [...]

If you could see my end table in my reading nook right now, it would perfectly sum up the effect this book had on me A glass of wine, a plate with the smears left by chocolate covered toffee with sea salt because sometimes, things sound so good you have to spring up and make them immediately , and a box of tissues This book covers all my favorite things feeding people, being fed, telling stories, community, goat cheese, raw honesty And now, this book is one of my favorite things, too.I have so m [...]

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    318 Shauna Niequist
Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes