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Patch #(2021)



  • Title: Patch
  • Author: David Slonim
  • ISBN: 9781596436435
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
Patch By David Slonim,

[PDF] Patch | by ↠ David Slonim - Patch, Patch A boy shares three simple stories about his dog Patch

Recent Comments "Patch"

This is a great story about a dog named Patch and his owner who is a young boy The book opens up with a page that states Rabbits , and dives in to how his owner takes care of him There can be times where it is easy to take care of Patch, but other times hard At the end of the day though, they both still love each other The meaning behind the bold text Rabbits , is to tell us how Patch has a hard time not chasing after them on walks The story goes on in this form by telling us about Patch and his [...]

This book demonstrates what friendship is and I think it s a great book for children when they are in kindergarten or 1st grade because they are starting to create friendships at that point in there lives.

Yes dogs are the best companions.

Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy this title, which contains three short stories about a boy and his dog, Patch It s easy to relate to Patch s experiences as he continues to chase after rabbits even when he always ends up injured from the chase The second and third stories show that his boy loves him even when he has to sleep outside because of fleas and even when his performance in the dog contest is abysmal Yes, they love each other, come what may The story is sweetly sentimental and may bring [...]

Three cute short stories of a boy and his trusty canine companion, best buds through good times and bad Endearing illustrations, 3 pages used just for the words rabbit, fleas, and the contest, kinda like chapter titles, wish they had illustrations on them Hope the binding holds up Don t forget to look at the back cover

Great book for newly independent readers with lots of visual cues, white space, and large print Patch is our narrator s joy responsibility, through the good and bad, and we follow them through three short, funny adventures Simple in the best way Love a good dog book

Patch is a sweet, little story of a doggie who unfortunately shares his life with fleas, likes to chase rabbits, and tries to win the talent contest His boy loves him never the less and says We re buddies through thick and thin matter what Cute illustrations follow a simple storyline.

preS g1, maybe 2okay, maybe just 4 stars, but such a sweet, sweet story that depicts the relationship between a boy and his dog Simple chapters share vignettes in the child dog s relationship that reveal the strong emotional bond between them.

Cute low level chapter book Kids will enjoy this one about a boy and his loyal companion I can t tell you how many 1st graders ask me for chapter books they can read so this one will definitely be one for me to show them.

I love this picture book sweet vignettes of a dog and his boy Illustrations are adorable And the back cover is MAGNIFICENT I mean, simply magnificent.

This book has cute illustrations and stories but was too young for my 7 year old It s written like a chapter book for very young readers because the three chapters are so short.

Patch is sweet story about a boy and his dog that many first and second graders will enjoy reading We also love the ending to this book, as it has an important message about friendship.


I could see using this for turning pages, as a beginning reader since it s divided into chapters I like the illustrations.

Cutey cute short shorties.

Charming stories about a young boy and his dog.

3.5 short chapters tell the story of the ups and downs of a companionship between a boy and his imperfect yet perfect pouch.

Patch is a lot of trouble, but the best buddy and friend a boy could ever have, even with fleas Paired it with Mine by Shutta Crum.

great dog book Who doesn t love a story about buddies though thinck and thin.No matter what

Three short stories about a boy and his dog, really like the expressions on the dog s face.

A young boy tells about his dog in three short vignettes In each one, the dog is imperfect in some way, but the boy loves him anyway.

Cute, simple, short stories about a boy his dog Good for emerging readers.

Great chapter book for little ones

Heartwarming story about a boy s love for his dog, fleas and all.

Adorable, heart warming, funny and with beautiful illustrations Definitely a keeper

Three sweet short stories detailing life with a dog A must read for dog lovers My students adored all the stories.

Super cute beginner book with three short chapter type stories.

  • [PDF] Patch | by ↠ David Slonim
    371 David Slonim