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What Floats in a Moat? #(2022)

What Floats in a Moat?

What Floats in a Moat?

  • Title: What Floats in a Moat?
  • Author: Lynne Berry Matthew Cordell
  • ISBN: 9781416997634
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
What Floats in a Moat? By Lynne Berry Matthew Cordell,

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Free Download What Floats in a Moat? - by Lynne Berry Matthew Cordell - What Floats in a Moat?, What Floats in a Moat A goat and a hen turn a playful exploration of physics into scientific fun that rises to the top Archie the Goat has a delivery to make He has several barrels of buttermilk that the queen needs but i

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Age 1st 3rd gradeScience PhysicsAnimals Farm goat, chicken I liked the rollicking cadence throughout and I loved the repeated phrase in the name of science which many kids will want to repeat themselves, I m sure However, it s not explicitly clear that the last barrel is left half full in order to float across the moat I always wonder how these key details are missed by editors.

Anyone who knows me knows that I m a huge proponent of science education and am always rooting for science books to do well, but I just could not give this book a higher rating, much as I wish I could I m quite familiar with Archimedes Principle and yet, because of all the intervening, semi poetic and somewhat unnecessary words, it didn t even occur to me that that was what was being conveyed I think the story would have read better if the author had cut ou 50 words.Another issue I had with it w [...]

The text in this book left a lot to be desired It sort of rhymed in some parts, but has a very difficult to pin down rhythm which would probably make it a poor read aloud The scientific concepts presented are valuable, but the gimmicky text obscures a lot of the good concrete information It might work best in a classroom setting with lots of adult scaffolding to bring the science to the forefront.

A great educational book for your children of all ages My 6 yr old loved it as well as my 3 yr old twins Lots of good information with beautiful pictures that will help keep children engaged A great lesson for science and learning what makes things float The fun characters, rhyming, and alliteration really help the story flow A great addition to any children s library.

I felt bad for the poor hen having to drink lots of buttermilk Nice addition to a sink float science unit.

I really enjoyed the rhyming text, mixed in with science A winner

I ll have to keep this one in mind for when I m doing a sink or float STEAM Saturday It would be a great one to read.

Great book about discovery, perseverance, trial and error Fun illustrations

Enjoyed as there was an emphasis on science You have to spice things up and add accents to these books then it is fun.

Great science stem book for older students.

Archie the Goat, named in reference to Archimedes, decides to float across a moat instead of taking the drawbridge First he builds a boat with a full barrel of buttermilk, which promptly sinks Then he uses an empty barrel, which pitches him into the water Finally, he decides to use a half empty barrel, though this point is not clearly and obviously pointed out in the story The boat sails across the moat, where the queen promptly fusses at Archie for failing to deliver her buttermilk I enjoyed th [...]

One scientific goat, one frazzled hen, and three barrels of buttermilk, to cross the moat of the castle leading to an exploration of the principle of boyancy Despite the hen s suggestions, the Archie the goat declares it no time for practicality, instead going for Science They try a full barrel, and empty barrel, and a half full barrel Wacky illustrations depict faithful but somewhat put upon lab assistant Hen helping Archie launch his boats, and the rhythm and rhymes attract children s attentio [...]

This had potential,but was in bad need of a good editor, something that seems to be going out of fashion Sad.It seemed to be starting out in rhyme, but abruptly turned into straight prose Yet, the same single goat float boat rhyme kept turning up over and over This would make this very choppy to read aloud and the most likely way I see this being used is in science classes studying this principle Certainly, humor or no humor and there IS humor here there s minimal appeal for small children And i [...]

What Floats in a Moat by Lynne BerryCara W Spring 2015Cleverly titled, What Floats in a Moat is an adorable tale of a goat and hen who are in charge of getting several cases of buttermilk to the queen of the land This book combines science and storytelling in a cute and easy way I cannot write much about the book without giving it away but I promise you that it will delight both you and the child reading it.This book is great for children who are science lovers as well as a book that goes along [...]

A good addition to my Boats Buoyancy library STEM program for K 2 and the 3rd 6th graders ended up liking it too Though not as sciencey as a non fiction text, it was fun to read aloud and gave us opportunities to make predictions, discuss displacement, and think about what makes a boat that not only floats, but can effectively and safely carry cargo One clever kid asked why they didn t just cut a barrel in half with their tools

Pretty cute story about a goat and a chicken trying to get across a moat without using the bridge BahDraw bridge, straw bridgeis is a time for science It takes a few tries and alterations, but eventually Archimedes the goat builds a barrel boat that makes it across the moat Young readers will laugh out loud at the surprise that greets Archie on the other side of the moat This could be useful and a lot of fun in elementary classrooms.

I have to admit that I didn t think I would like this book as much as I did The two characters are a very funny chicken and a goat The goat wants to use science to figure out a way across the moat, while the chicken thinks the drawbridge would be the better option In a fun way, this book teaches about Archimedes principal relating to buoyancy I found some of the situations and illustrations to be laugh out loud funny

A fun and scientific story about a goat Archie and a chicken Skinny trying to get across a moat by floating barrels with differing levels of buttermilk in them I loved how Skinny kept suggesting that they use the drawbridge, but Archie would declare, This is no time for a drawbridge This is a time for science Through trial and error, Archie finally figures out how to get across.Great illustrations

Rhyming text introduces readers to the principles of buoyancy and the scientific method Characters are funny and the plot works to entertain while inform.An author s note further explains concepts introduced in the story.Pen and ink illustrations colored with watercolors Great for classroom use in grades K 3, text is a little too lengthy for preK classrooms though I know they often do units on whether objects will float sink.

Cute book with a fun science lesson I think some kids who are really into science might like this, and it could also be used in a classroom when teaching about floating Aside from that, I don t know if all many kids would really get into it I didn t like that I felt I was stumbling over the words that didn t rhyme after you d have a few rhyming ones together It s like you d get in a rhythm and then it would just stop It was a cute story though.

WHAT FLOATS IN A MOAT OK this book is flat out funny Matthew Cordell s loose, cartoony, comical illustrations match PERFECTLY with Lynne Berry s loose, cartoony, comical story.With dappled bits of rhyme, this book of science had me smiling from beginning to end and is sure to make any child giggle a LOT LOVE this book I plan to purchase it

Archie and Goat want to cross a moat and have three tries to get it right since there are three barrels Why they don t just use the drawbridge is all in the name of science Rey try a full barrel, an empty barrel, and then a half full barrel A little humor in the story helps to keep the science interesting Good for those science units in first grade.

A nice juxtaposition of scientific principles and a funny narrative The rhyme scheme isn t perfect, but it works OK if you practice reading it aloud The back matter is very helpful for making sure kids understand how the story and scientific principles tie together, as the main narrative doesn t make it clear.

Lengthy take on Archimede s bath Archie the goat tries to float across a moat For science Lots of rhymes, and Skinny the Chicken gains much weight from downing all the buttermilk in their efforts to get the barrel properly afloat I liked the angry queen pig The pen and ink and watercolor illustrations reminded me of Steig Appended with an author s note on water displacement.

What a great addition to any science teacher s lesson about buoyancy Archie the goat, in reference to Archimedes, needs to cross the moat and refuses to use the drawbridge all in the name of science He builds several barrels and learns a lesson about how an item floats The author concludes the book with further information regarding Archimedes.

Lynne Berry takes a wonderful path to tell the findings of the Greek Philosopher Archimedes Archie the goat is trying to cross the moat by any means necessary He has 3 barrels at his disposal, and tries to find if the full, empty, or half full barrel will get him across the moat safely A fun read

A funny, repetitive pattern story of a goat named after Archimedes and a chicken learning the concept of displacement through trial error and perseverance to get across a moat An engaging introduction to science concept for younger students And a good message of not giving up, but head back to the drawing board.

Learn a little, laugh a lot as a knight helmeted goat and his scarf wearing companion, a hen, try to get across a moat They could use the drawbridge but what s the challenge in that Matthew Cordell s artwork has never been better in enhancing the text of Lynne Berry My full review bit 14IosVf

This is no time for a drawbridge This is a time for science Who wouldn t love a book with a goat that gleefully makes such a statement Great supplemental text for elementary units on floating vs sinking and to talk to kids about having a growth mindset.

Silly Archimedes Archie the Goat and Skinny the Hen do science to get to the other side of the moat using a barrel Author s note gives thanks to Archimedes, the famous Greek scientist s discovery of object placed in water.

  • Free Download What Floats in a Moat? - by Lynne Berry Matthew Cordell
    316 Lynne Berry Matthew Cordell
What Floats in a Moat?