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Pure Sex #(2021)

Pure Sex

Pure Sex

  • Title: Pure Sex
  • Author: Lucinda Betts Sasha White Bonnie Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780758214669
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
Pure Sex By Lucinda Betts Sasha White Bonnie Edwards,

Unlimited Pure Sex - by Lucinda Betts Sasha White Bonnie Edwards - Pure Sex, Pure Sex Pure Sex features three stories The Bet by Lucinda Betts Slow Hand by Bonnie Edwards and The Crib by Sasha White

Recent Comments "Pure Sex"

I bought this book for Sasha White I love her ever since I read Bound a while back But I had to get through two other stories before I could get to hers And I ve got to tell you, the two others were so awsomely bad I sortof wanted to call Sasha White and be like do you know who they re sticking you with Lady you better get ON trying to sit at the cool table, cause damn And the other two authors may be decent when theyr e not doing anthologies I don t know But here they stank Take Lucinda Betts H [...]

You ll read above and below what the book is about so I m just telling you straight out to get it Its an anthology that I read in one day and already ready to read it over again The stories are The Bet by Lucinda BettsPhillip Kingdom and Zoe Lauterbon were sooooo good The tension between the two of them really sizzled off the pages Too another strong heroine that both being professionals, Zoe needing loosening up which Phillip did beautifully I m so looking forward to reading of Lucinda Betts b [...]

Definitely heed the warning that this is a sexually explicit book lol the stories are erotic but well written I loved the second story, Slow Hand by Bonnie Edwards, so much fun to read The Bet 3 starsSlow Hand 4.5 starsThe Crib 2 stars

The first two stories were decent but I couldn t really get through the third I stopped reading it because it just didn t interest me and it was written in the first person which I found really distracting The other stories are decent and worth getting the book free at the library

An anthology of three short stories I liked the first one the best The others stories were just ok The stories were all fun to read.

  • Unlimited Pure Sex - by Lucinda Betts Sasha White Bonnie Edwards
    225 Lucinda Betts Sasha White Bonnie Edwards
Pure Sex