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Gluten for Punishment #(2022)

Gluten for Punishment

Gluten for Punishment

  • Title: Gluten for Punishment
  • Author: Nancy J. Parra
  • ISBN: 9780425252109
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
Gluten for Punishment By Nancy J. Parra,

[PDF] Download ↠ Gluten for Punishment : by Nancy J. Parra - Gluten for Punishment, Gluten for Punishment With her mother s death Toni Ryder returns home to OilTop Kansas bringing her gluten free bakery business with her But Toni has never felt at home in her hometown and cooking wheat free in the middl

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I really enjoyed this book and think this will be a fun series I loved the main character Tori and admire how strong she is even though it sometimes got her into trouble Opening a gluten free bakery sounds extremely difficult, especially in a small town that has many incomes dependent on the wheat industry Add a murder outside the store, constant threats, and Tori as the number 1 suspect, and you would think it was impossible I enjoyed following Tori and her grandmother s investigation, though I [...]

Gluten For Punishment is the first book in the A Baker s Treat Mystery series by Nancy J Parra.This is delightful new series A good story, interesting characters and a touch of discussion on celiac disease My favorite character has to be Grandma Ruth, Toni s grandmother, what a spunky, funny lady.Toni Holmes has inherited her mother s home in Oiltop Kansas and after a disastrous marriage has moved back home Toni has just opened Baker s Treats a gluten free bakery The irony is that the Oiltop is [...]

3.5 stars because 1 WHY WHY WHY do cozy author s suddenly think love triangles are the way to go They are an annoying, irritating turn off Ugh 2 Honestly, if I had to read the otherwise likeable protagonist, Toni, go on one time about I ll never trust a man again blah blah blah, I was going to toss the book down and walk away.OTHERWISEA very good first in a new series with an excellent plot I had a major part figured out pretty early on, but it didn t matter at all because the ending was excell [...]

Toni Holmes is opening a gluten free bakery in the small Kansas town where she grew up She s expecting a little trouble from the local wheat farmers, but someone throws wheat filled balloons during the grand opening Then a dead body is found outside her front door.I liked Toni and the rest of the characters However, I found the plot frustrating because events doubled for any real clues or twists Poor editing left in several major mistakes as well I won t be going further with this author.Read my [...]

Yet another cozy 1st in series that s pretty solid I would have gone 4 stars, but looks like another triangle and I am SO over that gimmick Totally played out and if you can write a story that s that good otherwise, why do you have to stoop to that Good characters and a good mystery I had kind of figured it out for the most part, but the twist at the end came out of left field Get rid of the triangle and you should be around for the long haul, Ms Parra Mostly Recommend

Gluten for Punishment is packed full of interesting characters Grandma Ruth , fantastic plot twists I was actually surprised by the identity of the murderer , and the best cozy heroine so far, Marie Antoinette Holmes, the badass gluten free baker I genuinely enjoyed this cozy from start to finish and I cannot wait to see what happens in the rest of the series

In this fantastic first in series by Parra Miss Coco if you re nasty you will find a main dish mystery followed by some gluten free cozy for dessert The characters are well developed and Marie Antoinette Holmes is easily the most spunky cozy heroine out there It s a must read for anyone looking for a book that s easy to digest

2.5 stars for the strange detail issues For example, in my reality, flour bombs people coated in wheat flour open bakery door no longer GF certified premises, but that didn t happen in this case She kept serving the food that she d put out, and it didn t sound like she had to decontaminate the bakery At the very least, she allowed all the people including herself who d gotten coated in flour to enter and touch things in her store, which astonished me to the degree that I was completely distracte [...]

3 1 2 Stars This was a decent read for me I was annoyed at all the mouth references She set her mouth in a firm line He quirked his mouth a little to the side etc etc that she almost constantly made it is funny the little things that annoy the heck out of us , I was not initially crazy about Toni OR her best friend, and ala Hannah Swensen, we have two men fighting over one woman I truly hope that they don t drag this out over the series because I am not sure I can take it in another series.I had [...]

Who knew gluten free could be so enticing Baker Toni Ryder makes her own way in the baking world preparing allergy safe, gluten free products for her online bakery, Baker s Treat When she opens a gluten free bakery in the heart of wheat country Kansas, she may have gone over the top Skeptical residents aren t sure about her flour free ways and then a local wheat farmer is found murdered outside her shop so suspicion grows even .The bad publicity and increasing vandalism could cause Toni to have [...]

This book was a quick, fun read, that I d recommend.The characters were realistic, and fun I especially loved the incorporation that author did by adding multiple characters with special needs.The setting was also great, though the author calls the town a small town, where I m from 10,000 15,000 people would be a large town.The mystery was also good, a lot of twists and turns I guessed the killer beforehand but the story was still entertaining to the end.The only real problem I had was the book [...]

Between the almost complete lack of editing, random time jumps, gluten free preachiness, alternately whiny and rude heroine , and the complete ridiculousness of the big reveal this was just outright bad I wanted to like it but I couldn t and I certainly won t be reading in the series.

openbooksociety article glBrought to you by OBS reviewer DawnI have wondered about the fuss related to gluten free foods It is fully expldained in Gluten for Punishment Oiltop is a town of farmers, they don t take kindly to the idea of gluten free food.Toni comes home to open her own bakery She knows it will be tough but she doesn t shy away from that During her opening, Toni gets pelted with flour by an on looker, though no one saw who did it.Soon after, a dead body shows up outside her shop Th [...]

Nancy J Parra delivers an absolute delight of a mystery in Gluten for Punishment, the first book in the Baker s Treat Mysteries.Following her mother s death, Toni Ryder is returning home to Oiltop, Kansas Toni is opening a new bakery in Oiltop, a gluten free bakery Oiltop is right in the middle of wheat country and Toni expects the locals to take a little while to adjust to her gluten free bakery, called Baker s Treat However she doesn t expect protests and murder, and that s just what she finds [...]

With her mother s death, Toni Ryder returns home to OilTop, Kansas bringing her gluten free bakery business with her But Toni has never felt at home in her hometown and cooking wheat free in the middle of wheat country isn t making her any less a fish out of water When Toni becomes a suspect in OilTop s first homicide investigation in twenty years, she must count on her crazy family and follow the clues to solve the mystery and clear her name.Dollycas s ThoughtsA Fine Debut Parra has created a v [...]

I really enjoyed this book My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so we are learning about gluten free foods together as she changes her entire diet Also, I m a big fan of mysteries and especially food cozies So when I came across this book I was excited to read it I m so happy to see books like this on the shelves bringing awareness to this unknown but all too common disease As for what I enjoyed about the novel itself Number one, the bakery It provides a warm atmosphere with [...]

I m so tired of these groan indusicing titles for cozies Oof Hopefully the trend will end soon This book is pretty good, overall I liked the characters, the mystery, and the gluten free info and recipes The berzerker rage was a bit overdone, IMO My biggest problem with the book, however, was the main character noticing her own body language expressions I didn t mind her noticing when other people winced or raised their eyebrows or whatnot for the most part , but stuff like this really bothered m [...]

I wish they have half stars, because I would give this 1 1 2 For some reason I didn t want to give it up guessing it was the gluten free connection , but it was pretty boring and not like the other cozy mysteries I ve read Granted I ve only read Jen McKinley s cupcake series, but still Too many non essential characters, boring plot lines, and a little too preachy on the gluten free aspect I appreciate the GF facts, but it came off really unnatural, like she was copying lines from a website on gl [...]

This is a debut novel in a new series The main character, Toni Holmes, has returned to her childhood home, Oiltop, Kansas, after inheriting the family Victorian home Her career is opening a store front for her well known on line Gluten Free Baked Rolls and Pastries Toni, has old friends, such as Tasha and Kip, family, such as Grandma Ruth, and Brother Tim, and soon, new friends, Sam and Attorney Brad, not to mention, Police Dispatcher soon to be on speed dial, Sandra.The book leads you in one di [...]

I have waited a long time to read a book about Celiac disease It is a good one I found elements of mystery and romance, the difference between small town and urban areas in the book Tasha has inherited the family home in wheat country She returns to start a GF bakery I love the fact that the story is set in the middleof wheat lands as wheat is a that is a major problem for a Celiac The victim is found in front of her store after she has a disagreement with him Grandmother Ruth adds spice to the [...]

Cute I m glad I read it Not too taxing on the brain A silly mystery about a woman with Celiac Disease who opens a gluten free bakery in the middle of wheat country, Kansas Being Celiac myself, how could I not read and at some level relate to this book The mystery was kind of flimsy just a series of murders, threat notes and vandalism directed towards the protagonist Not much in the way of clues or suspense, but plenty of gorgeous cowboys with sparkling blue eyes and a few gluten free recipes at [...]

Cozy mysteries are not my usual cup of tea but the clever title grabbed my attention Toni is a likeable protagonist with some interesting and realistic quirks Nice job on establishing the middle of nowhere Kansas town and its occupants and equally nice job on building suspense and raising the stakes Coincidentally, the week I started this I learned that I m gluten sensitive myself so the story had special relevance for me The recipes in the back are a nice touch.

Just ok Not well written enough to continue the series I enjoy a good cozy, but I found the mystery and the main characters to be dull.

This was a really good mystery I am looking forward to seeing where the characters go, because there are so many open ended stories going on here So of the phrasing used in the dialog is so central Pennsylvania that it made me laugh, it was like talking to my girlfriends and I was wondering about the murderer, but I did figure it outwell sort of, partly.but I did and that s what counts

Gluten For Punishment by Nancy J Parra is the first in a new cozy mystery series and one not to be missed Gluten for Punishment A Baker s Treat Mystery, 1 Toni Holmes opens a new Gluten Free Bakery in her home town only problem is it is a small town in Kansas Wheat country is a hard place to open up a bakery that is for wheat free goodies Not everyone is happy she is opening the bakery and at the grand opening George, a wheat farmer, heckles her and then someone throws wheat flour on her When Ge [...]

Out of all the cozy mysteries I ve read, this series may be my favorite Yes, I figured who was the murderer before the end of the book although there was a twist at the end Yes, she has two good looking men fighting for her attention Yes she s a baker caterer Yes she lives in a small town that has a college seriously , a menswear shop, near a mall but no supermarket I live in a small town that has a supermarket, too many liquor stores, 45 minutes from a mall and even further to the nearest colle [...]

I m not a foodie, so it was with trepidation that I read Gluten for Punishment I have to say that there were two surprises the ending, and how much I enjoyed the book Toni Holmes is a single divorced woman working hard at getting her own business off the ground The gluten free bakery is at odds with a small town mentality, but therein lies the murder and the fun Toni constantly makes observations in the privacy of her own head that I can completely see myself making were I in her shoes When the [...]

Nancy J Parra delivers an absolute delight of a mystery in Gluten for Punishment, the first book in the Baker s Treat Mysteries Following her mother s death, Toni Ryder is returning home to Oiltop, Kansas Toni is opening a new bakery in Oiltop, a gluten free bakery Oiltop is right in the middle of wheat country and Toni expects the locals to take a little while to adjust to her gluten free bakery, called Baker s Treat However she doesn t expect protests and murder, and that s just what she finds [...]

What a fun story I ve read Nancy Parra s Candy Coated series Written as Nancy Coco and adored it so I was excited to read her Baker s Treat series Toni is a great character She comes from a large family, she had a bad marriage, she has celiac disease which forces her to follow a very strict diet, but in her creativity, she s not only made delicious foods for herself to enjoy but opened a gluten free bakery for others with similar diet restrictions also She s a small business woman, fiercely inde [...]

If you love fresh new culinary cozies, you re in for a real treat with Nancy Parra s Gluten for Punishment Welcome to Oiltop, Kansas a small booming town when oil and wheat are the main economies for that town For new baker and store owner, Marie Toni Holmes, she wanted to start her gluten free bakery business off with a hitch Unfortunately, due to protestors and other incidents, things didn t go as planned When someone died in front of her bakery, she s the town s prime suspect and developed ba [...]

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Gluten for Punishment