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Affliction #(2022)



  • Title: Affliction
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780425255704
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
Affliction By Laurell K. Hamilton,

Affliction Best Read || [Laurell K. Hamilton] - Affliction, Affliction Some zombies are raised Others must be put down Just ask Anita Blake Before now she would have considered them merely off putting never dangerous Before now she had never heard of any of them causi

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I have broken a new reading record with this book it wasn t the longest book I ve ever read, but it certainly took me the longest to finish.Two whole friggin weeks I normally read books in the evening, because that s the only free time I have since I have to work during the day Reading has become such a habit that I must read something every day, no matter the time I followed my usual reading patterns with Affliction reading it every night and reading only one book at a time, and it took me two [...]

OMG There may actually be a plot SAY IT ISN T SO why have people rated this book IT AIN T OUT YET oh I no understand you knowI ve been reading this series for almost5 years now Oh lords was I a prevy curious teenager and even though the books have pretty much become all about SEXSEXSEXSEXSEX plot SEXSEXSEXSEXSEX pregnancy scare SEXSEXEXSEXSEXSEX dear gods RICHARD get your head outta your ass SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX new charcater has sex with him SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX i think you get the poin [...]

Affliction a poemHow many guys can you abuseHow often can your v be usedDoes plot count when it is dullBloat between a sexual lullIs Edward dragged backTo take up some of the slackOr face time with old friends and flamesTrying to prove there s in this gameThe Zombie Virus plot is a bustNothing can dominate Anita s lustSo in the end my friends you must chooseAre these 570 pages something to peruseMmmmmmmm NO

Hello, and welcome to another group therapy session for people who can t stop reading these books even though they are awful Or rather, because they used to be not awful, and it is fascinating to see just how awful they are now I don t mark spoilers, because the plot is really irrelevant in these books at this point, so proceed at your own risk In this latest chronicle of the doings of Anita Blake And Her Merry Band Of Polyamorists, we learn many things 1 Laurell K Hamilton has jumped onto the z [...]

From the author s blog Micah is called back home by his estranged family, because his father, a county sheriff, has been attacked and is terribly injured Anita and Nathaniel are going with him for moral support and to meet his family under very trying circumstances Can I just say, HELL YEAH This plotline with meeting Micah s family is pretty much EXACTLY what I was hoping to see in a future Anita book And here it is Seriously, I could not be happier Unless the book were published tomorrow, but a [...]

I will no longer fool myself with hope for any LKH writings.Dead series walking.To quote Holy Terror Hamilton doesn t need an editor, she needs a paper shredder Update it wasn t total suckage, but its still a million miles from what we all once loved.

Just when you thought it was safe.It s not a stretch to say that we re sold a bill of goods on this one After months of promos and teasers about an unknown zombie disease ravaging people, there came a teaser trailer where the villain was clearly identified as Lover of Death, a Master Rotting Vampire, who d been presumed dead Except there was never any mention of him dying before As I recall, the last word on him was killing seventy people in Europe at the end of Bullet Yet the premise of Afflict [...]

Favorite Lines I am putting a couple because I couldn t make up my mind If you re doing it right, love makes you of who you are, not less, I said Real ghosts are so much easier to deal with than the kind we carry around in our heads Most people haunt themselves effectively than any spirit Real ghosts are so much easier to deal with than the kind we carry around in our heads Most people haunt themselves effectively than any spirit Get here as soon as you can, and let me know which of the guys [...]

I m not even sure how to start this reviewbut I will say that this book was by FAR my favorite in last couple yearsST couple yearsh.EXACTLYis series has been on a downward spiral for many years but I love these characters so I ve stuck it out to seeWHAT could possibly changeCAN this series be revivedYES it can OMG I loved this book I truly didn t think that this series would ever go back to the way it was in the beginningbc remember this is book 22 in this series and I ve stuck in there and read [...]

Dear Anita, Well, it was an interesting zombie story I enjoyed the fresh spark that the zombies brought to your world of paranormal creatures It was also refreshing for you to not know everything for a change However, that didn t apply to other things in general Even though you have gotten better by a teeny tiny bityou still come across as a know it all and it s extremely frustrating Factor in the continual and I hate this term but it s so apropos pissing contests and the story starts to wear me [...]

Okay, so I m only 14% into this book according to my kobo , 80 pages in, and I m having some serious problems.I gave up on Anita a couple years ago I, too, was one of the fans that got tired of the repetitive, gratuitous sex, but admittedly I stuck it out longer than most people.A couple months ago I ran out of things to read and was in one of those apathetic I m tired of looking for new books moods and decided to re read Anita I had heard that the last few books had gotten back to the old plot [...]

No, I haven t read the book yet but I will read it At this point I m too invested in the series to not read it I m of the opinion, like many of you, that the soft porn ruined the series even though LKH dialed it down a lot after many readers complained For that reason I would like to share with you a technique I HAD to develop in order to read past book 10.To put it simply Once you get to a sex scene, skip ahead until it ends.It has worked for me so far Once I read the book I ll properly review [...]

finally we get to meet his family holy shit I knew Anita was busty but Nathanial let it slip her size triple E DAMN

I won t buy it, but Anita can be entertaining and the series has been getting better from 0 stars to 3 stars with the past couple of books Here s to looking for less angst and pointless sex, and plot December 2012Completed review Some spoilers below So I finally read this book I didn t buy it yay Libraries.I must admit she got better There was less angst, less pointless sex, and plot just as I asked The story revolves around Anita s specialty, necromancy and zombies, mixed with the rotting vam [...]

Wow LKH blew it out of the water with this one.For all you haters out there who gave this book a one star rating on GR and refuse to read it, you are missing out and don t you think it s a little unfair to rate a book you haven t read anyway If your complaint was that LKH went too erotica with the previous books in the series, you gave up too soon you are going to love this one.There were four, yes, 4 total sex scenes in the entire book and the first one didn t even come into play until almost 5 [...]

4.5 stars More engaging than the last several, although the people who whinge about missing the early Anita will be happy with it IF they can let go of their prudery because there is perhaps 3 or so graphic sex scenes in the book and I know how you folks who love the sociopath Anita hate sex and love to bitch about it.Today s Anita is a much self actualized Anita and it s a refreshing thing to see She s not perfect and still prone to falling into old habits but she catches herself now and makes [...]

I m very much looking forward to meeting Micah s family Nathaniel and Anita along for the ride as well I couldnt be excited I m hoping the dashing Jean Claude doesn t hurt too badly that he doesn t have family to take Anita too But from what laurell wrote, Anita reassures Jean Claude that she loves him Counting down the days D

Does anyone else think the series went downhill since all this romance soft porn appeared There used to be a greater plot line now it just 50 page descriptions of how she gives a blow job and what moral implications that act hold for the entire world money milking, thats what this book is going to be it was ok i think she cut down on sex D anticlimactic ending though

This has been my favorite Anita Blake book in a long, long time Interesting action, actual relationship development between several characters, and some interesting issues for future books.At this point in the series, I view the inevitable diatribes between Anita and various small minded, petty, strangers much like junk DNA As long as it is skippable without causing me to lose the flow of the story, I m fine There were a few instances where I had to flip back to the beginning of a conversation t [...]

I love how there are people who haven t even read this book yet but either give it fantastic reviews or trash it completely I just finished this book in one 8 hour session and I enjoyed it immensely We re seeing an Anita like the one we fell in love with Yes, she still has lots of lovers and is trying to deal with all the fall out from having that many people in her bed, but this book isn t just sex, sex, sex There s actually a pretty good plot involved Micah s father has been bitten by a new [...]

Meet Anita Blake, Necromancer, Vampire Hunter, Shapeshifter But Not, Executioner, Federal MarshallNow what is the most impressive thing about Anita, she manages to be all those things at once even with a penis shoved in each and every single orifice she has, and .I would rather eat nails, shoot myself in the foot, stick needles underneath my fingernails, and go down a slide filled with razor blades BUTT NAKED then read this book.What once was and edgy and unparalleled PNR series broke down into [...]

Just because you can write enough words to fill 570 pages does not mean you should.If you do, your editor should be required to show some tough love and edit out about 250 270 of those pages.There was a plot line to this book If you looked hard enough, you could find it However, the action ground to a halt due to unneeded, lengthy descriptions of 1 The height, weight, build, length of hair, color of hair, style of hair, and clothes worn by anyone who was close to spoke with Anita.2 A rehash and [...]

Before I give any review comments, I need to say that I am pretty appalled that people have placed reviews and ratings on this book without even reading the story I can t imagine the arrogance that would make a person think they can provide a review good or bad of any value when that person hasn t even had enough interest to read the book.As to my review, I am giving this book a 4.5 rating I thought it was really good I very much enjoyed the plot and getting to see so many characters again The s [...]

Anita Blake s new storyOne of the worst booksNo I lied, that s Dance Macabre There s a zombie virus hereA rotting vamp tooAnd a lot of angry peepsThey think AB is a slutAre they wrong Could be.But how many is too much We do get Edward and kindI think it s a ployTrying to win us overBut the attempt was so lameI dodged it real fastUsing my anti skank shield

OkayI will admit that Laurell K Hamilton is one of my guilty pleasures I use her books to relax and escape and they are my version of television I say guilty pleasure because there are so many people who bash her books for not being this or that but in reality, I find the books they would recommend BORING and just plain uninteresting I have tried to read the books that are recommended reads and they just leave me scratching my head and wondering what all the fuss was about This Anita Blake book [...]

Affliction is installment 22 in a series that has been going downhill for years The last few books were so terribly written maybe that s why I felt this one deserved a 3 star rating like 2 and a little something Low expectations and all that In truth, if I could have given negative stars for other books in the series then this one would have gotten a positive one star, does that make sense The positives yes, there are positives for this one hence the stars There s a plot No, I don t mean it s a [...]

No SpoilersIN GENERAL So, I didn t waste my money on this I was pleasantly surprised It felt like classic Anita There were only 3 short sex scenes I guess because Anita has finally mastered the Ardeur EDITING I think the reason why people were upset about all the sex and supposedly lack of plot in the previous books is because Laurel OVERLY describes EVERYTHING It s bitter sweet though It works great when she s describing a fight scene because we get this great slow motion play by play of exact [...]

This is the last Anita Blake book that I will bother to read.It is mostly recycled crap Yes, I said it Literally, the bulk of the book is made up of pissing contests between Anita and the cops, Micah s family, and others Sex, of course there is sex, but at least not as much as some other of these books The actual action adventure mystery makes up about 100 pages or so of this 500 page book We have a new kink in this book autoerotic asphixiation Yes it seems that Anita is now a gasper Just when y [...]

My three star review is relative to my other reviews of lesser works In all, this is really of a 2 star, but as I gave Kiss the Dead three stars, I could give this no less as it is a better novel I have been reading Anita Blake novels for over ten years now and it is with a heavy heart that I think I finally understand what it is that grieves me so about this series as of late I think I ve surpassed my heroine There is nothing left to learn from her and I can now see her flaws That is frustrati [...]

22 in the anita blake series goood summer reading to come

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