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Undertaker's Moon #(2022)

Undertaker's Moon

Undertaker's Moon

  • Title: Undertaker's Moon
  • Author: Ronald Kelly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
Undertaker's Moon By Ronald Kelly,

Undertaker's Moon Best Download || [Ronald Kelly] - Undertaker's Moon, Undertaker s Moon As the residents of Old Hickory as well as the local police begin to fall victim to an unknown evil four individuals the town nerd a high school jock a widowed gunsith and a mysterious transient

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Hungry like thewerewolf Needless to say, this reviewer is a true sucker for a good lycanthrope story, and was delighted to finally read my first Ronald Kelly novel, since hearing good things about him for a while now Kelly cut his teeth in the horror genre with several pb novels in the 80 s and early 90 s, and thankfully has re emerged in recent years with new stuff and reissued backlist, in print and digital Undertaker s Moon originally appeared as Moon of the Werewolf in 1991, and is one of th [...]

I sure do enjoy Ronald Kelly s books I ve read several this year and I found them all moderately to highly enjoyable depending Undertaker s Moon is easily the strongest of his works that I have finished thus far The pacing was brisk, the overall plot was unique and adventurous, the gore was top notch, and the visual detail and minutiae of the setting were highly engaging Kelly s strength, in fact, lies in that final point No different here than any of his other works the man writes rural Tenness [...]

Old Hickory, Tennessee was your average run of the mill town Things changed when Squire McManus and the O Shea family arrived There is an evil that lurks in Old Hickory One night in the town cemetery, Stan Aubrey witness the O Shea family and McManus dig up a grave of a recently departed and strip the body bare to the bone Jake Preston saw his friend Mickey attacked by this 7 foot monster and dragged off in to the woods Jake tried to explain to Sheriff what had happen but he did not believe him [...]

Well now I have never read anything by Ronald Kelly before He has come highly recommended to me by a few people over this past few months so I decided to give him a whirl Reading a new author both excites me but scares me at the same time You need to approach it with a very open mind and try not to compare it to any others of the same genre Add to the mix that I generally hate werewolf stories and this is quite clearly one of those and I was filled with a little trepidation.The story is set in O [...]

A pretty good story with enough gore to make it cringe worthy throughout The plot didn t follow the typical Hollywood movie idea of werewolves and that was refreshing The backstory was also interesting and I was glad the author included the history of McManus and the monk I thought it missed the mark on a couple of things First, the dialogue of the some the characters especially the teenagers was somewhat off and felt dated which was distracting Second, the ending went too smoothly I was expecti [...]

This book was amazing, great of those who love werewolf and epic action The premise behind the Entire story is extremely unique and original, and the writing is flawless A connection is established to each character that is unseen in many novels, and their development is done extremely well The horror is horrifying and the action is epic The pace of the novel was amazingly set, and flowed perfectly I could not put it down until I was finished, and on the last page I was disappointed that there w [...]

Yes, Yes The cover drew me in It s a cool cover I love werewolves, of course But that isn t enough to make this a great 5 star book UNDERTAKER S MOON is enjoyable Period It s a well written, comfy read that pulled me in, and I wasn t ready for it to end Kelly held me there, in his grasp, and that makes this reader happy The guts of this book is why I give it 5 stars and I do love werewolves.

Fun werewolf novel I really enjoyed it There is a short story prequel at the end which is good.

I picked up Undertaker s Moon because I wanted something scary I personally blame Bram Stroker for putting the love of a good scare in this person s psyche I m starting to believe that having grown up reading the best in horror, my standards are a little high It seems that all I should expect from current horror is sex or gore neither of which touch on the one emotion that makes me reach for a good scary novel Fear Undertaker s Moon is a great read Robert Kelly relied on a whole lot of stereo ty [...]

Firstly, I am not the fastest reader, I oftentimes re read things, to really grasp the scene But, this book took me longer than I typically take to go through I just never felt a strong connection to the characters, or what was happening in the story I eventually felt like I was invested, so I may as well finish it The transformation scenes were pretty good, they were done well enough As well as, the characters had some passable backgrounds given to them I am a character driven reader writer, so [...]

I usually haven t any issues with werewolf books but this one was just too much I ll admit, I share none of the qualities of the townsfolk in this book I don t care for hunting or hunters, I hate to read about animals being killed, let s just say there wasn t a character in this book I could identify with enough to care and for the most part the majority of the characters had such few to absolute zero likable qualities that I couldn t care less when one was killed or not I kept reading though, t [...]

couldn t decide between 3 and 4 stars couldn t put this book down I really liked that it was a traditional werewolf story and the werewolves weren t sexy but scary Don t get me wrong, I l like a sexy werewolf, but sometimes you want the scary and I thought this was nicely creepy I also the werewolf having history of coming from Ireland and having that long term history Anyway, I definitely lost sleep reading this Thought it was quite good.

One of the best books I ve read in awhile Loved the characters, the Irish bent, the prologue and epilogue I just can t say enough good things about this book Bought two of his from tonight Also was really impressed with the book cover It s what drew me in but once inside I was NOT disappointed Sure there were a few parts some would say were cliched but the characters were so well fleshed out pardon the pun really that you overlooked the predictable.

The booty kickingist werewolf book ever When a family of werewolves moves into town, things go south quick The characters are develoed well, and while all the werewolfs are man eating beasts, their human counterparts range from true sociopaths to other wise normal folks trying to survive their situation It makes me want to get naked in the rain and howl at the moon.

Fun but predictable werewolf story.

Fantastic werewolf book Definitely a great read and great build up of history Thought ending was a little rushed but was still very well done.

Would love to write a review.but can t read my books problem downloading Debjon

When a Werewolf book is done right I love them and I loved this book great twist lots of original ideas Never let s up once you start to read it One of my favorite Ronald Kelly books

I wish the writing had been a little better In some places the plot was predictable but it had a decent premise.

Good read.

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Undertaker's Moon