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Out of Context #(2022)

Out of Context

Out of Context

  • Title: Out of Context
  • Author: Neel Kay
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Out of Context By Neel Kay,

↠ Out of Context ✓ Neel Kay - Out of Context, Out of Context Lina is trying to keep to the straight and narrow of the law but when she lays eyes on Nick she can t help falling head over heels and stumbling over the line to the slightly criminally insane Arabe

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Neel Kay s Out of Context is a novella comprising four contemporary stories that occur over the course of a day.It s a difficult book to rate because my experience of reading chick lit is limited and I m aware that the things I d like to see of characterisation, description, settings aren t as relevant to that genre If we had half stars it would be 3.5 It s a very easy read I finished it in one sitting and, though it touches on some serious themes, it is pretty light Imagine a lightweight versi [...]

The title of Kay s novella would not make me reach for it, and does no than describe the fact that these stories taken individually wouldn t give you the whole picture I urge you to pick up this delightful book anyway The characters have their own tales to play out before your eyes, and they are each linked in some twisted way that leads you to the end, quickly The stories are good examples of light, humorous chick lit.In the first story we meet Lina who is stalking Nick She works for Roxy as a [...]

When I started reading this novella, my first impressions were not positive I didn t think I was going to enjoy it at all, but I did The first story of the four starts off with a description of Lina in an alleyway that seemed farcical rather than funny To be honest, I d have stopped reading after the first few pages if I hadn t agreed to review it, which would have been a great shame Neel Kay writes well the pace and structure are good, and I had the very strong impression that she likes her cha [...]

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review When I first got it, I thought I d have a quick skim through to see what it was like Well, a few hours later I d finished the entire book It s real page turner or the electronic equivalent The story is told from the points of view of four characters who interact with each other over the course of a very unusual day and really keeps you wondering what is going on between them until the very end.I thoroughly enjoyed this book well [...]

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Out of Context