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Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2 #(2022)

Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2

Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2

  • Title: Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2
  • Author: BONES
  • ISBN: 9781591167181
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2 By BONES,

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2 : by BONES - Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2, Wolf s Rain Vol Four Wolves on the Run From MankindKiba s pack of wolves answers the highest most dire calling they seek the legendary Paradise They have tracked down the Lunar Flower and together they continue th

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It s a retelling of the anime, only meant to be read if you ve watched the anime It s also got an alternative ending, which is better honestly than the anime but you know, the anime s ending is so tragic that it stays with you forever so I really liked it, although I was sobbing from it at 3am Still love the manga tho and I had to own it

Stuff I Read Wolf s Rain Vol 2A manga series that is over in two volumes That is almost unheard of I mean, I know that I just praised Cat Paradise a while back for not drawing the story out needlessly, but two volumes is definitely not enough time for the story that Wolf s Rain tries to tell The story is engaging to a point, and some of the character work solid, but part of me feels that this was geared towards people who wanted a much condensed version of the anime and not people coming to the [...]

I love how this played out in the manga better than in the anime I wish there was a follow up story about the little brothers in the end.

I really wanted to like it Actually, I really wanted to love it The anime is one of the best I ve ever watched But the series is too short Two volumes does not do it justice There were SO many plot lines that were left unresolved, and I m still not sure I understand the ending, even though I read it about 20 times Pretty disappointed with this volume, actually Like, it felt like there should be like 10 years extra in there somewhere, and the story really only takes place over what appears to be [...]

In a nutshell, I didn t get it.I had started to watch the anime, Wolf s Rain, in ninth or tenth grade because I was still obsessed with wolves back then granted, I m obsessed with wolves now, but that is not the point This was long before I had access to a PS3 or Roku, so I had to use my tiny, school provided laptop to watch it Unfortunately, the site I used to watch the episodes didn t agree with my computer, and eventually, the videos just stopped loading that, or it would freeze in the middle [...]

I enjoyed this series It s short and deviates from how the show approached the story, meaning that it does less world building and character development overall However, what we did get was a much condensed and streamlined version of Wolf s Rain.I enjoyed my time with these characters, and once again Toboe s growth in rallying everyone to action hits me in a soft spot.That said, the ending is a point of contention for me I m honestly not sure what to make of it I can t say exactly what happened [...]

I had forgotten that the entire Wolf s Rain Story was squished into a two volume manga series It did seem rather rushed I hope the anime will hold a better story.I got a little tired of the plot not really making sense Yes, the moon flower wolf paradise bit is based off of legend, but it doesn t really explain its existence or purpose or reason Thus it seemed like the manga was full of pretty boys and blood In the end, what, paradise was what you made it Didn t really understand that bit And how [...]

Wolf s Rain is a very nostalgic show for me That s basically the only reason you should pick up the manga because someone who has never watched the anime will find themselves lost in a confusing forest of weirdly proportioned canine legs It deviates from the original story after they leave the first town, which is fine of course It s only two volumes so something had to change Unfortunately it s very hard to condense Wolf s Rain into such a short form, so what we re left with is mostly a mess I [...]

SPOILER FREE REVIEW This manga adaption of the anime series Wolf s Rain by the renowned and innovated studio BONES is something I would only recommend to fans of the original anime If you d like to own a portable and well drawn version of the anime you ll enjoy this manga However, if you ve never seen the Wolf s Rain anime, I d advise watching that first before reading the manga As this adaptation is only two volumes it s understandable that there is a lot of character development that was left [...]

It is a great book to read

3 stars I felt like this ended so abruptly that nothing really could develop, not even the characters who were actually starting to grow on me The plot was well paced but a manga series in only two small volumes That s basically unheard of That s barely enough to really get some concise development going in any aspect of a series.I mean, how can end it like that with view spoiler everyone dying but did they really since paradise opened but yeah and what about those two young wolves that survived [...]

The flower and paradise are the only things in Kiba s bowl dish Kiba found the flower girl named Cheza and protects her, but not his friends Cheza gets stolen by a noble named Darcia Kiba runs after to her and loses an eye along the way as he gets blown up by Darcia s flying ship His friends goes after Cheza and arrived at his castle They try to free Cheza as Kiba steps in from the dead He fights Darcia and loses his other eye Darcia s castle gets blown up by a huge flying ship and Darcia instan [...]

Wolf s Rain ist einfach ein Klassiker mir gef llt die Thematik eigentlich sehr gut Leider hab ich durchwegs das Gef hl gehabt, dass es keinen roten Faden gab, bzw dass sich nicht Zeit gelassen wurde, um die Ereignisse ausreichend zu erkl ren Dementsprechend ist das Ende f r mich einfach mutwillig zusammengew rfelt worden das ist sehr schade Au erdem sind 2 B nde hier definitiv zu wenig, um die Welt, den Mythos hinter Cheza und dem Paradis die Charaktere ausreichend zu erkl ren.Schade eigentlich, [...]

Wolf s Rain is a story that deserves to span than two volumes The characters have just enough time to develop before the story ends There are themes and ideas that aren t expanded upon enough, and a third volume could very well tie up the whole story and finish it off With what it is, the story is good and the characters are likable for what you get to know about them Three stars for the rushed plotline and lack of development of ideas, but also three stars for the very loveable characters and [...]

4 stars I really enjoyed this manga series I have seen some of the anime before and while it was short and sweet, I still thoroughly enjoyed the storyline However I was rather confused with a few things like why was Kiba adamant to find paradise Also I do not understand quite so much as to why the nobles wanted Cheza so much But anyway, I loved the storyline and I also enjoyed the illustrations especially when on the wolves All in all I did really enjoy it however I felt like there were some hol [...]

3.5 stars, I rounded up I really enjoyed the whole idea that founded this story, but as I was reading through it, I kept feeling like I was missing something, like chunks of the story were MIA As it turns out, I was right They tried to take an entire series and tell the story in two relatively small volumes I feel they did a decent job, but there seems to be than what we are given So if their goal was to pique my interest, they did a good job and I look forward to watching the series in the fut [...]

Okay so I finished the last volume of Wolf s Rain and I LOVED it sooo much.I am also a big fan of the anime which I love AS MUCH as the manga even if the ending is completely different the fact that I love the anime ending sounds so masochistic I loved the manga so much,it was so cool and inspirational and agony filled me in every page and just tears up I can hear the call of the wolves5 out of 5 stars for a real legend

This was a fantastic conclusion to the series The scope and potentiality of the ending makes up for the lack in character development some of which is in the anime It s not a happy ending by far, but appropriate for the story It s meant to be a showcase of reality and not to be the embedded fairy tale, The Book of the Moon.As a two volume manga there s no chance from the story to veer from its main point Dystopia vs utopia and the ever fluctuating balance between the two.

I adore Wolf s Rain It s one of the best anime ever written The manga, however, is another story The ending is nothing like the anime in fact, there s not really an ending Who are the people wolves at the end We ve never seen them before and they re not even given names Meanwhile the other characters have disappeared without a trace.I justn t get it It s like they quickly scanned a synopsis of the last few anime episodes and threw it into a book with not very good art.

I have to say that the reasons I bought this series were as followed 1 I needed references for drawing anime wolves, 2 I LOVED the anime, and 3 the series was only two books long Really short compared to the manga I usually buy Tsubasa s 25 , Shugo Chara s 11, Full Moon wo Sagashite 7, etc In all, this and the first book were really helpful for my references and had a good storylines.

Definitivamente me gusta mucho m s la historia de la serie, pero est interesante la vuelta que le dieron por ac.

F BOIwrvol 2

Nice, but the anime s ending is better, me thinks.

MARVELOUS 33333Read full review here magicamagi.wordpress 2013

It was okay, got kinda lost with the philosophy

loved this manga sad theres only two of them.

The anime is much better.

The art is beautiful but the story I think is just too abstract to work in this format.

Again MY KIBA But Blue is my favorite female character.

The ending felt rushed and cramped The Anime was better and took time to explain then the ending to the Manga.

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2 : by BONES
    329 BONES
Wolf's Rain, Vol. 2