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Blood and Silver #(2021)

Blood and Silver

Blood and Silver

  • Title: Blood and Silver
  • Author: James R. Tuck
  • ISBN: 9780758279798
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
Blood and Silver By James R. Tuck,

Free Read Blood and Silver - by James R. Tuck - Blood and Silver, Blood and Silver He hasn t met a monster yet that could give him a scare With ice in his veins silver hollow points in his chambers and an innate ability to rise from the dead what s to fear The answer may be somet

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Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Hardcore bad a Deacon Chalk takes on a bunch of weres that are causing trouble in his town.Opening Sentence Good days don t last.The Review Things have been kind of quiet lately, ever since Deacon Chalk wiped out most of the vampires in the Southeast region of the USA But there is always something to do, especially if you are an occult bounty hunter So when Deacon and Tiff come across a dog being beaten to death, he doesn t hesitate to step in Now [...]

Originally posted at fictionvixen guest revOccasionally I need a break from the romance book world, when that happens I always look for a dark, gritty urban fantasy James R Tuck s second book in his Deacon Chalk series certainly fits that bill Blood and Silver is fast paced, violent, and I was literally glued to the page while reading.Deacon Chalk is a man on a mission, an occult bounty hunter who is out to kill any monsters he finds while avenging the family he lost and protecting the new famil [...]

Still repetitive, still very much reminds me of a male Laurell Hamilton story minus the sex, angst, and fae Lots of guns, lots of lycanthropes Maybe he s trying a bit too hard to have different animals now What s a were shark doing on land I just can t even picture it.

Smitten s Review on BlogMy Thoughts________________________________________Strap yourselves in my lovelies for another wild ride Deacon s eye is twitching and that s never a good thing For the monsters that is Things are going to get dead In Blood and Silver, the author puts a unique spin on the world of were animals Some are good some are bad Some want peace others don t They re at war and made the mistake of bringing it to Deacon s town Since this is a series about hunting monsters, you can ex [...]

I ve been binge reading this series in a week and this book is the best one so far I love Deacon Chalk and his urban fantasy world.After a good day out at the carnival with Tiff, Deacon witnesses a were lion and his gang of thugs attacking a pregnant were dog called Sophia and is determined to save her So when other were lions come to claim her as theirs, Deacon isn t very keen to let anyone take her He is caught up in a turf war with two warring lion brothers who each want Sophia for something, [...]

4.5 StarsHow s the sex scenes Not much sex here, I m afraid But the story doesn t need it.How s the story lines Amazing, well written, dark and disturbing This is not a romance.ReviewThis is not a romance novel There are some tender moments and a somewhat happy ending, but if you re expecting the hero to be healed by his virginal heroine because she s the only one destined to love himis is not the book for you Deacon is destined to be with his wife She s dead Tuck s writing is fantastic His sent [...]

If you are looking for graphic very graphic and gritty urban fantasy, you need to get to know Deacon Chalk Deacon makes the average badass run away and think of a new career path But, at the same time, Deacon will do anything to protect the family he has chosen Deacon s own family was killed by the monsters and in the process of killing them he was killed himself A transfusion by an Angel of the Lord revived him and made him much than human He heals faster, can take much punishment, and has so [...]

Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 First draft Review 07 17 2012If you like dark fantasy with lots of violence and a male protagonist who takes crap from nobody, you will enjoy this book and this series Deacon Chalk is an occult bounty hunter who kills everything that gets in his way, or threatens his friends Deacon isn t exactly fully human after dying and having his blood transfused by the Angel whom he saved This is all background fodder that you would have learned about from reading the first bo [...]

3.5 5review request from the authorJames R.Tuck always delivers high octane explosive action a bit like Bruce Willis in his Die Hard movies, and it s very entertaining to read about his fights and shoot outs, however, this is a second book in the series, and I m still struggling with his writing style.I ve noticed that with the book 1 repetition, repetition, repetition James is falling into this trap that Jennifer Estep struggles to free herself from He keeps reiterating what happened to Deacon [...]

Full Review simpleloveofreading.c

This is the second book in this series and if you thought the first book was an exciting action packed thrill ride, wait until you read this book It is bigger, badder and even of a thrill ride that is so exciting you can t put it down and if anything the author s writing has gotten better and better i adored this storyline and one of the things that that i really enjoyed reading about was Deacon and how you see of his personality and a caring and protective side to him as well as his ruthless [...]

love this series on to book three and then the.5 books please

character motivation is flawed, plot is flawed, and if a character must remind you every few pages how badass he is maybe he is doing something wrong

Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2012 08 27 Tuck is back with the 2nd novel in his Deacon Chalk series, and when I went back to re read my review of the first book, I was happy to say that a lot of the elements that made the book a C read for me before were not as prevalent and bumped up my overall enjoyment of this book This was a FABULOUS sopho novel and I am looking forward to from Tuck and the rag tag crew of Deacon and his pals.It s been a quiet few months for Deacon, but one n [...]

While out on a date with Tiff, Deacon Chalk witnesses a were dog being severely beaten by a fellow shifter He saves the pregnant dog and discovers that there s a spike in violence occurring in the were community with the predator shifters attacking the weak prey shifters The purpose and intent is unknown but a prominent shifter, who is negotiating peace, is traveling to Atlanta and Deacon is expected to serve as his protective body guard while there In a society where the strong survive and the [...]

Deacon Chalk can t enjoy a good day something bad always happens that he can t ignore This time it was a man beating a dog But when he intervened he found that the man was no man and the dog no simple dog either He quickly becomes the rescuer of a lycanthrope and facing off against an entire pack of predatory shapeshiftersBut , he has stepped into a civil war between predatory shapeshifters who wish to dominate, kill and control prey species as they always have and those who are seeking for a e [...]

Book Info Genre Urban FantasyReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of darker urban fantasy with male oriented actionTrigger Warnings rape and sexual assault including against a child murder and torture including children Animal Abuse This book was heavily filled with various types of were animals There is a lot of violence perpetuated against animals as a result.My Thoughts Leonidas and his crew absolutely infuriated me The things they did okay, yeah, so they were predator were animals, but th [...]

Reviewed for bookchickcityBLOOD AND SILVER is book two in James R Tuck s Deacon Chalk series, a man whose family were murdered by a supernatural evil and since then has dedicated his life to stopping them The writing has definitely much improved in this book in comparison to the first Ok, there were times when you can tell that Tuck is quite a new writer For example there were several parts of the back story that were repeated on than one occasion However, overall it s definitely tighter.The st [...]

Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionAs a tough as nails monster hunter, Deacon Chalk spends every free moment tracking down the things that go bump in the night With unique abilities and an uncanny ability to avoid death, it would seem nothing can stand in his way, no matter how strong his opponent may be When he stumbles across a pregnant were dog being beat to death by a nasty lycanthrope group, he rushes in to save her However, this time he may have bitten off than he can che [...]

In Blood and Bullets, there was a central theme of vampires In this book, we are taking a look at Mr Tuck s Were society All I can say is that I have never experienced a universe like this it s action packed and very unique.Deacon is back and he is out for vengeance After saving a were dog, he and his crew have taken it upon themselves to protect the innocent woman Pregnant and nearly beaten to death, they scramble to find out what is going on in their town.In Were society there are separate rul [...]

Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha, Michelle L Olson After reading and thoroughly enjoying Blood and Bullets, I immediately dove into Blood and Silver, the 2nd full book of the Deacon Chalk, Occult Bounty Hunter series.Following the hell Deacon and gang went through in Blood and Bullets, I was excited to see where James would take us with book 2 What we ended up with is a high octane shoot em up action thriller with feeling I KNOW there are those of you out there that hesitate to read [...]

Reviewed by DeanaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis review contains some spoilers if you have not read the first book in the series.Deacon Chalk is not just your average tattooist turned bounty hunter Deacon has been infused with Angel blood that gives him an amazing ability to hear and powers to fight the things that go bump in the night In other words Deacon is a true bad ass After the horrific slaying of his family, Deacon has made it h [...]

While I enjoyed this book almost as much as the previous books in the series, I found myself a little critical of the writing With 2 novellas and a full length book under his belt, I have higher expectations from the author when it comes to the execution of the story One thing that struck me in a less positive way was the amount of repetition in the story While it is not reasonable to expect all your readers to have read previous volumes in the series, it isn t necessary to recap everything tha [...]

4.5Deacon Chalk is an Occult Bounty Hunter Ever since his family was killed by a Nephilim five years before he s killed the monsters that needed killing Ones that attack humans or are just plain evil end up on his radar and that s one radar you don t want to be on.One evening he s out enjoying some time off at a street carnival with his friend Tiffany and they come across a guy beating a dog Uh, oh instant blip on Deacon s radar When Deacon discovers the guy is a shapeshifter and not just a crap [...]

Blood and Silver was a good sequel to Blood and Bullets Based on the first two books, I am loving the Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter series There were a couple things that bothered me about this book First of all, the author was very repetitive He told the story of how he met Kat, then a few chapters later he would tell it again He also used the expression moved like quicksilver throughout the book several times I will be happy if I never have to hear the word quicksilver again in my life Oth [...]

This is the second novel in this series and the 4th book 2 novellas but you could read this one without reading the others as the back story presents itself when needed You could fully get a feel for Deacon without the other adventures, but you will probably want to read them anyway.Those fans of UF will love the fast paced action and some of the cold hearted decisions he makes within this story Deacon is still someone you would want on your side because as soon as he considers you family, he ll [...]

Deacon Chalk is a man who will do anything to protect the family he has made over the past 5 years He also doesn t put up with those who abuse others for their own pleasure Which is how Blood and Silver starts out Deacon and Tiff come across a group of men beating a dog half to death When he gets closer, he realizes they are all shifters were animals but that makes no difference evil is evil He rescues the were dog and takes her to the bar to get cleaned up and looked at by Larson Now Deacon is [...]

I liked this one much better than the first I wonder if it is because the world and the characters are established I love how Deacon seems to be the patron saint of lost souls, the type of people who have been in situations that made him into the man he is today It is this reason why when Deacon notices a man beating a dog, there is no question that he would step in to do something Of course it is not what it looks like at first glance, not just a dog, but a were dog.The whole situation when rev [...]

The Deacon Chalk series started out good and has remained so In this second book, Chalk and his companion come across a bunch of guys brutally beating a dog in a parking lot Now, you know Chalk ain t gonna let something like that happen Not in his city.Only, he very nearly gets his ass handed to him The people beating the dog to death Lycanthropes All predators All big, all nasty, and all too happy to go up against Chalk in a battle for the hapless dog.Who, of course, turns out to be a were dog. [...]

You know how you know a book is good The continued desire to smack those who interrupt you Tuck just keeps getting better with the Deacon Chalk series.I m not really well acquainted with Urban Fantasy by any stretch of the imagination, but this book is a fun ride I kept thinking of The Expendables or RED or one of those movies where the action keeps coming and coming The last third of the book does not slow down at all I kept thinking, How in the blue hell is Deacon going to get himself out of t [...]

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Blood and Silver