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The King of My Heart #(2021)

The King of My Heart

The King of My Heart

  • Title: The King of My Heart
  • Author: Sherry A. Burton
  • ISBN: 9780615677804
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
The King of My Heart By Sherry A. Burton,

The King of My Heart Best Download || [Sherry A. Burton] - The King of My Heart, The King of My Heart PJ Taylor is a clown at the local children s hospital She can often be found plodding down the halls in her size eleven shoes She has a caring heart and is always taking in strays She grew up with a m

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I won a copy of this from This was a fun, romantic read with quirky characters PJ is a clown, Jack Parker is an Elvis impersonator, the neighbor Sally runs around naked, and PJ finds a dog which she dyes pink and names Daisy PJ s car is named Miss Tilly which is a 48 Crosley painted pink with pink daisies PJ is a clown for a local childrens hospital and one night while driving home after work in the pouring rain she came across Jack Parker who has a 73 Cadillac that was broken down on the side o [...]

I had such a good time writing this novel I never know what the characters where going to say or do next From PJ trying to help Jack overcome his fear of her, to Sally hanging out in all her nearly naked glory I will let you in on a secret Sally is not nearly as crazy as she may seem Take a chance on this light hearted read that keeps you wondering what will happen next, and please leave a review when you are finished Merged review Of course I love this book, I wrote it

I love this book This is about romance with a few extras thrown in I loved the humor in this story and I loved the colorful characters If you want something different in a romance story you are going to love this I caught myself even laughing out loud at times I would love to see romance like this I think love and even humor are great together Great Writing I hope to see books like this Great writing and kudos to Author Sherry A Burton.

  • The King of My Heart Best Download || [Sherry A. Burton]
    393 Sherry A. Burton
The King of My Heart