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This Is What They Say #(2021)

This Is What They Say

This Is What They Say

  • Title: This Is What They Say
  • Author: M. Bartley Seigel
  • ISBN: 9780984496143
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
This Is What They Say By M. Bartley Seigel,

✓ This Is What They Say ✓ M. Bartley Seigel - This Is What They Say, This Is What They Say Michigan s economic boom and bust murmurs like an omen for a now struggling America in This Is What They Say as poet M Bartley Seigel reminds us we are all collapsing stars If you listen close you

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This slim and beautiful book is captivating Picking up where Whitman left off, Seigel explores a world in decline All that was once fresh and new and full of promise is now in a state of decay and the souls who witness the decay are left unheard as they vanish into the tarpit But here, in this book, are their voices, which expand and contract like lungs breathing air as the narrative blows out wide to expose the landscare and pulls itself in tight explore the deepest thoughts And regrets Withdra [...]

I had the pleasure of meeting M Bartley Seigel, and gosh, what a beautiful man and I m not just talking about his mind When you talk to him, you get the sense that he knows the world inside and out, he s the been there done that experienced kind of rugged man that the world s knowledge produces And his writing reflects every single word of that This Is What They Say is composed of beautiful and haunting prose poetry that captivates you and holds you in, reworks your mind, and makes you think in [...]

In a time laced heavily with synthetically sweetened entertainment and a sort of indoctrinated optimism, THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY hits hard.Combining rugged honesty with determinedly sharpened text, this isn t your read me and soak in the sun kind of book Best reserved for late nights and cloudy days, the language has a color gamut ranging from abandoned metals to shades of smoke trails and earthy reflections dissolving into a void Held long enough, it may even be possible to feel the warmth of the [...]

Some really powerful, gritty poems Like 60 variations on the same poem.

  • ✓ This Is What They Say ✓ M. Bartley Seigel
    156 M. Bartley Seigel
This Is What They Say