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Assaulted Souls #(2021)

Assaulted Souls

Assaulted Souls

  • Title: Assaulted Souls
  • Author: William Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781938701566
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Assaulted Souls By William Blackwell,

Free Download Assaulted Souls - by William Blackwell - Assaulted Souls, Assaulted Souls Nathan King wakes up one day freezing cold and starving with hunger on a tattered mattress in a dark cave and has no idea where or who he is He meets Edward Sole apparently his protector for the last

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Author William Blackwell weaves a Post Apocalyptic thriller with intriguing twists and turns that will easily captivate the reader s attention from the beginning The author paints a raw and graphic dystopian tale in a very vivid and convincing way In addition, the characters are drawn with great credibility and integrity If you re looking for an action packed fantasy adventure that s packed to the rafters with blood, guts and gore, this book has it all and .The story had every element a good sto [...]

Book ReviewTitle Assaulted Souls Book 1Author William BlackwellGenre Apocalyptic SurvivalRating Review So I have read The Strap by William Blackwell which was a good stand alone novel and I could wait to see how he writes within a series structure The opening of this novel was very exciting and prompted the reader with a lot of questions Our protagonist, Nathan wakes with no memories he can even remember his friends name or how he came to be at the place they are staying Edward s dialogue provid [...]

Very fast paced, easy read I felt like a lot of it could ve been detailed and there was so much drama that just happened so fast and didn t have a nice buildup to it but still turned out all right I d recommend it to any dystopia readers.

Joe Occhipinti s Review of Assaulted Souls, a post apocalyptic tale of an epic struggle for survival in a decimated wasteland by William BlackwellI read my first post apocalyptic story, The Stand by Stephen King, in high school and have been interested in this sub genre of speculative fiction ever since What happens to people when society is somehow ripped away This philosophical question inevitably arises whenever reading such work Is the nature of mankind brutish and violent, and do those trai [...]

Nathan King wakes up one day freezing cold and starving with hunger on a tattered mattress in a dark cave and has no idea where or who he is.He meets Edward Sole, apparently his protector for the last few months, who tells him a nuclear bomb has been dropped and most, if not all of the world, has been destroyed.Slowly the realization sinks in that in this horrific post apocalyptic landscape, there are no rules, no laws Cannibalism is rampant, mutant animals and humans are on the attack.With all [...]

Assaulted souls is a roller coaster ride of a book, The book is about a group of survivors who must escape from the wastelands of Prince Edward island What makes the Post Apocalyptic Genre so interesting to me is reading about how society has fallen and how the author will describe the process or aftermath of the event This book vividly depicts a harsh and barren post apocalyptic future and the author has done a perfect job of keeping my attention throughout the entirety of the book.The plot is [...]

Quite an interesting concept, but the writing style is awkward at times and repetitive in description For example, a single sentence uses consciousness, unconscious, and conscious, when a less verbose wording would have helped the story move forward Also, the characters aren t all that likable, at least to me for reasons I can t put my finger on It s a short read, however, and the story is both paced well and unique enough to retain a readers interest Overall I d give it closer to 3 1 2 stars.

Good post apocalyptic thriller First of all, I liked the cover A lot Secondly, I enjoyed reading this novel The book flowed very well the pace was not rushed, nor did it ramble Not to give away any spoilers here, but the story follows the main character, Nathan King, as he struggles for survival against Neanderthals who will kill you just for your supplies as well as mutated animals who attack and try to eat you All of this while he is trying to remember who he is and what kind of life he lived [...]

  • Free Download Assaulted Souls - by William Blackwell
    262 William Blackwell
Assaulted Souls