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The Offering #(2021)

The Offering

The Offering

  • Title: The Offering
  • Author: Angela Elwell Hunt
  • ISBN: 9781439182055
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
The Offering By Angela Elwell Hunt,

[PDF] The Offering | by ↠ Angela Elwell Hunt - The Offering, The Offering One innocent mistake a lifetime of consequences One innocent mistake a lifetime of consequences After growing up an only child Amanda Lisandra wants a big family But since she and her soldier husband

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Would have been SO much better had the back cover blurb not given away over 75% of the plot This could have been a great novel, but unfortunately, the book description gives away most of the plot It detracts from the enjoyment of an unfolding story and its twists and turns However, the medical and cultural details are fascinating and add to the drama.Amanda and her soldier husband have a difficult time making ends meet When Amanda hears of becoming a gestational carrier for an infertile couple, [...]

The last time I read a novel by Angela Hunt was years ago, maybe twenty Then, as now, I was drawn to her interest in writing about current day, relevant issues The last novel I remember reading centered around the issue of abortion and its link to breast cancer In The Offering, it s about surrogate pregnancy, a topic that s fascinated me ever since a neighbor bore twins on behalf of her sister.As always, the depth and breadth of Hunt s research manifests in her storytelling She also puts togethe [...]

I am friends with a woman on facebook who just recently finished her surrogacy for a family who could not have children What she did is brave and heroic, and the I read about what she did, the I am in awe of her courage and it just amazes me how women do this It is a selfless act of service that God will truly honor.This book deals with many topics that a lot of people do not want to deal with This poignant story transports the reader into Amanda s story, you can t help but become emotionally [...]

This is a very well written book, though I highly recommend that you DO NOT READ THE BOOK S DESCRIPTION BEFORE READING THE BOOK Thankfully, another reviewer pointed this out, and I was able to completely avoid the book blurb Of course, I read the book s description after I finished the book, and I can t believe how much of the story is given away For this book, in particular, it s much better to go into the story not knowing any details, other than it s a story about surrogacy It s a story that [...]

Amanda Lisandra has always wanted a big family, but with her husband s military job, her lack of education and her daughter s expensive music classes, it doesn t seem like they ll be able to expand their family any time soon Although she has a job at the family grocery, Amanda longs to be able to return to college and get a higher paying job that will enable her family to live the life she s always dreamed of It isn t until a fellow military wife reveals that she s being paid to carry another co [...]

Title The OfferingAuthor Angela HuntPages 320Year 2013Publisher Howard Hang on to your heart When you start reading this novel, it will definitely pull at your heart strings even if you see what is coming in the story Basically, a married couple wants to be able to purchase a home and open a music store after the husband retires from the military In order to help than she is, Amanda, with the support of her husband, decides to become a surrogate parent The story is set in Florida with the coupl [...]

This was an exceptionally written book, and I have nothing but praise for the style, the story, and in many aspects, the reality of the story I always am impressed when Christian authors venture into areas that many don t dare to go, and that of surrogacy is just such an area I honestly didn t even know that surrogacy was something that was still going on, but I learned that it is definitely a thriving, lucrative business that just tends to stay out of the news.One of my few complaints is that t [...]

I just finished this book and I have to say that it really got me to thinking about a lot of things as a strong, pro life Christian I never gave much thought to surrogate pregnancies either the woman who carries the baby or the IP s Intended Parents but that has changed, then again I m not going to start wondering if every pregnant woman is a surrogate or not Amanda and her husband, Gideon story picks up quickly from the first page and through a 1st person telling we see Amanda s coming to grips [...]

Angela Hunt has long impressed me with her ability to come up with plot ideas like I ve never read before, and The Offering is no exception I devoured this book in one day because I simply had to see how everything resolved, and I can tell you that I absolutely loved this book I wasn t expecting to cry but I did I wasn t expecting to put down the book feeling deeply moved but I did I was, of course, expecting to be entertained and I certainly was The premise of the book is a fascinating one, and [...]

I started reading this book and thought the book had promise based on glancing at the synopsis Ironically, I have not been able to get into it yet It spoke early on about surrogate mother for a couple, which I met someone at work who is also considering doing this for a family in 2016 I may just pass on this reading but was able to finish the ending left me speechless and had to believe for a grieving widow and mother it took nearly to the end to like 2.75Leisure read 2015.

Oh my I have been crying while reading The Offering Not too many books have that ability for I am not one to drop a tear But the realization that doing a good deed while working on providing for your own family can blow up in your face Then the horror of knowing that you need to do what is right and best Oh me, oh my, how does one decide

Really enjoyed this book and loved the story

Angela Hunt hits it out of the park with The Offering Once again this author describes an amazing scientific accomplishment and how it affects us individually and spiritually I always learn so much when Angela shows me how these amazing things play out in real life with real people This novel explores the topic of being a gestational carrier I m so thankful for the review copy of such an eye opening, informative book.Angela Hunt says in an author interview at the back of the book, I believe God [...]

If you had the chance to be a surrogate for a couple who couldn t have a baby, would you do it Now, what if a tragedy strikes at the end of the pregnancy that leaves you in terrible grief, and two years later you see a picture of the baby boy you carried for the couple, and he looks like your daughter Could it be possible that the boy you carried was biologically yours What would you do This is the heart wrenching dilemma that Amanda Lisandra found herself in two years after being a surrogate fo [...]

Angela Hunt in her new book, The Offering published by Howard Books takes us into the life of Amanda Lisandra.From the back cover One innocent mistake a lifetime of consequences.After growing up an only child, Amanda Lisandra wants a big family But since she and her soldier husband can t afford to have children right away, Mandy decides to earn money as a gestational carrier for a childless couple She loves being pregnant, and while carrying the child, she dreams of having her own son and mayb [...]

About the Book One innocent mistake a lifetime of consequences.After growing up an only child, Amanda Lisandra wants a big family But since she and her soldier husband can t afford to have children right away, Mandy decides to earn money as a gestational carrier for a childless couple She loves being pregnant, and while carrying the child, she dreams of having her own son and maybe another daughter Just when the nearly perfect pregnancy is about to conclude, unexpected tragedy enters Mandy s w [...]

Wow, just wow This book explores so much in a realm I have never really thought about even though I have a friend who used surrogacy The Offering is touching, painful at times and joyful all at the same time and well worth the read The characters add a richness, especially Amanda s Mandy s extended family Even though Mandy is a gringa, and doesn t understand their Spanish all the time, she seems to fit in well with this Cuban American family her husband has brought her into While there are some [...]

Amanda Lisandra wanted a life her military spouse could not afford, so she took matters into her own hands She decided to become a surrogate mother for a couple who could not have children of their own But just as the baby is due, tragedy strikes Two years later, she receives a photo of the baby she bore and wonders if it could be possible she gave up her own baby Will she make a selfish decision or will she do what s best for the child What is the best decision Angela Hunt s The Offering is a n [...]

The Offering was an intriguing story about Mandy, a young military wife, who enters into a surrogate pregnancy in order to help provide greater financial stability for her own family The pregnancy is pretty much uneventful and all goes well until the day Mandy received news of her worst nightmare come true She goes into labor immediately, delivering the child and promptly handing him over to the parents who had ordered and paid for him The story doesn t end there though.I was thoroughly drawn in [...]

I chose this book because I liked the description Mandy Lisandra is a wife to Gideon and a mother to Marilee Mandy works part time at a Cuban grocery store for Mama Isa father in law s sister and her father in law The family has bills to pay, especially for private school for Marilee She is also worried about her husband, getting deployed at anytime, not to mention getting hurt or killed Mandy wanted to earn money as a surrogate for a childless couple Mandy got the idea from a customer, who visi [...]

I had an idea this was going to be light reading when I picked this book up after the very intense, suspenseful reading of Jeffrey Deaver s The Killing Room I thought it would be a relaxing change from that book In some ways, it was In other ways, it was a stunner Pleasantly surprising me, it captured my attention from the beginning and kept me hanging on until the last pages This book was every bit as piercing in its own way I was swept up in the story.Ms Hunt is a new author for me She writes [...]

I have to start out saying that this was a very tough book for me to read I don t know why I signed up for the blog tour, knowing that post partum hormones would be rampant while I read it But sign up I did, and I got through it, slowly I don t mean this in the way in that book was terrible, but in that it was emotionally hard I consider this a tribute to the skills of the author I felt many of the emotions that Amanda felt throughout the book.Actually, I do know why I signed up to review this b [...]

The Offering is an extremely moving and touching story I got misty eyed several times and believe I would have cried had it not been for the synopsis giving SO much of the story away If you have not read the description, PLEASE DON T If you re anything like me it will ruin the book for you I hate it when the synopsis tells you things that don t happen until the last third of the book I was reading and kept thinking okay, when is such and such going to happen and I hate that This doesn t effect m [...]

What defines a parent Does giving birth to your own flesh and blood make you of a parent then another woman who loves a child and raises it as if it s her own These questions arise in The Offering, a heart wrenching story that made me rethink everything I thought I knew about what makes a parent.Amanda Hocking volunteers to be a surrogate for a French couple that can t have children on their own She does it to help secure the financial future of her own family so that she and her husband Gideon [...]

I would give this book 3 1 2 stars I really wish would implement a half star rating The writing was fine, the story was interesting, and the characters were likable My biggest frustration was feeling like I was being hit over the head with foreshadowing It was like fore sledgehammering Yes, I get that there were significant events that had to happen for the story to unfold, but a less intense forceful insistence that I NOTICE ALL THE THINGS would have made the book enjoyable I m a lazy reader, [...]

An intriguing book that delves into the subject of surrogacy and it s effects on the modern day family Amanda Lisandra is a military wife, struggling to make ends meet and put her daughter through school, when she hears of a way to earn money with one of the few resources she has, her body to give a childless couple a baby But then her husband dies leaving her distraught But then when she sees a picture of the baby she gave away, she begins to question, and wonders if she might have given up her [...]

Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down Even though a lot is given away, by reading the back of the book, I kept hoping it wasn t true It was almost like waiting for the other shoe to drop.While I was questioning my Christian beliefs, with regard to the unused embryos This is thorough talked about in the story Not that I agree with it, but it does give thought.What would you do When my daughter experienced fertility, I thought about doing what Mandy did, but is it morally right [...]

This book was so good, I hated to see it end Hunt is such a great writer, she has taken us right into the Lisandra family with their wonderful family dinners and get togethers as well as their problems Amanda s husband is a soldier and frequently leaves on a mission in the middle of the night, he s so in love with her he would promise her the moon He agrees to her idea of being a gestational carrier for a couple in France When he is killed in the line of duty Amanda goes into a deep depression L [...]

There aren t many places or many emotions that this novel doesn t touch The Offering is a tangled weave of high and lows but told in such a way that these characters come alive and almost as though you might know them.Could you imagine carrying another woman s child because she can t carry her own What about finding that this baby might in fact be your own Is such even plausible Could you put yourself in the shoes of our heroine I think than anything, the novel asks these questions above all ot [...]

Amanda Lisandra wants children But at the moment she has be to content with the one God has already blessed her and her soldier husband.Another baby just isn t in the budget, but when Amanda meets a lady who is carrying someone else s child, she starts to think that this might be the way to go.She makes an appointment to look into the opportunity to be a surrogate momma With her husband s blessing they choose a couple and proceed with the surrogacy.What will happen when her husband is killed in [...]

  • [PDF] The Offering | by ↠ Angela Elwell Hunt
    248 Angela Elwell Hunt
The Offering