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No Escape #(2021)

No Escape

No Escape

  • Title: No Escape
  • Author: Meredith Fletcher
  • ISBN: 9780373278046
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
No Escape By Meredith Fletcher,

No Escape Best Read || [Meredith Fletcher] - No Escape, No Escape The hunt is on Hot on the trail of a killer detective Heath Sawyer was determined to capture his man His own partner had been murdered by the mysterious White Rabbit killer and now another victim has

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Lauren Cooper goes to Jamaica where her sister has been found murdered While there, she crosses paths with Heath Sawyer, an Atlanta homicide detective out of his jurisdiction and on unofficial business He believes a famous magician named Gibson is responsible for the murder of his fellow detective and friend, Janet He also believes Gibson is responsible for the death of Lauren s sister and many other women and he intends to track him down, prove his guilt, and make him pay for his crimes Lauren [...]

Most of the books I read are the typical action books with car chases, and bullets flying with a good dose of romance added into the mix This book is gruesome than the books I normally read It details what the serial killer does to his victims It did turn my stomach at times Lauren s sister was killed by a serial killer Lauren was not going to stop till she found out who was responsible Heath was a detective investigating out of his district He had no choice but to team up with Lauren He new La [...]

Finally a kickass heroine This book was different than other Harlequin books.Loved it.

It was an ok story It moved along a little too slowly for me, seemed to take forever to get to any major developments The female lead, Lauren, is very clever and strong, however, she was very hard headed about the serial killer issue She came out of nowhere, with no experience in murder cases, telling Heath that he is not looking at all the sides to the case about the White Rabbit Killer That he is so focused on the one guy that he will lose the actual killer She is brave enough to leave Chicago [...]

Quick, easy and enjoyable read


  • No Escape Best Read || [Meredith Fletcher]
    399 Meredith Fletcher
No Escape