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Killing Time #(2021)

Killing Time

Killing Time

  • Title: Killing Time
  • Author: Cindy Gerard
  • ISBN: 9781451606836
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
Killing Time By Cindy Gerard,

Killing Time Best Download || [Cindy Gerard] - Killing Time, Killing Time From New York Times bestseller Cindy Gerard an exciting new series featuring Mike Primetown Brown a character from her popular Black Ops Inc series We can do this easy she whispered close to his e

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re read 09.09 We will finish this, he whispered, then dove back for one final taste When this is over, we will figure this out and we will finish it This book was amazing The story was great, the characters were excellent, the writing OMG I can t believe I never read a book by this author I m an idiot Well, enough to say that after reading this one, I ll be definitely reading the Black Ops seriesSo here s to this book and author 3 The story Eight years ago, there was a mission in Afghanistan tha [...]

Review completed December 22, 2012Do you love to read about a gorgeous specimen of a miracle man Do you love to read a superb romantic suspense novel If yes, what are you waiting for Just read it This is Cindy Gerard at her very best Prepare yourself to be gushed upon.Daniel is my Mike Too long hair, handsome, and cool shadesDear Mike,Ever since Operation Slam Dunk had gone awry in Afghanistan eight years ago, you get rat ass drunk on each anniversary Eight years ago you had to face a tribunal, [...]

Mike Primetime BrownFull review now posted Fast paced, action packed and very sexy, Killing Time is the perfect start to Cindy Gerard s new One Eyed Jacks series This spinoff of the Black Ops Inc series opens with Mike Primetime Brown s anxiously awaited story Still tortured by the deaths of his team members during a mission dubbed Operation Slam Dunk a mission gone horribly wrong Mike is physically scarred and mentally and emotionally tormented The memories of that clusterfuck, and his guilt ov [...]

ARC courtesy of Pocket Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review first I gotta say that MIKE YOU WON MY HEART this would be my Mike ok a bit older but you get my point THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING 5 HUGE STARS I usually don t read that much romantic suspense, because usually the story is not that wow to me when I focus on the main couple, and I always want , but this one this one won me from the first page I loved the story, loved the writing, loved the characters, I loved everything about t [...]

First time reading this author and she sure started off with a Holy, hell, it was non stop all the way.Loved the 2 Main Characters, great chemistry between them Plenty of action, adventure not a lot of sex actually but who cares when the storyline is interesting and intriguing.Mike, another tortured soul love those guys We will finish this, he whispered, then dove back for one final taste When this is over, we will figure this out and we will finish it Halfway through reading this one, I thought [...]

Final review posted Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget itMichel de Montaigne Military Romantic Suspense at its best The story starts off with a whammy and from the first few pages I became immersed in the mystery, suspense and the life of the characters Mike Primetime Brown is a to die for sexy hero and he s met his match with the incredible lovely Eva Salinas Something went terribly wrong and Operation Slam Dunk ended in disaster leaving only Mike and two oth [...]

A huge stonking 5 starsI was trying to work out the best way to let others know what I felt about this book until I could leave a full review closer to the publication date I could either gush and say, it was great to read about sexy Mike Brown We had met him several times in the BOI series and I knew I definitely wanted to read I could also say that I thought that kick ass Eva was a great character too and that she is very well matched with Mike I could even go on further and gush and say tha [...]

I m lazyt much of a review, just wanted to give a couple of thoughts.I kind of wish that she had written Mike s story later in the series After reading about him in a couple of the BOI books, I was expecting a little from him Not sure why exactly his character fell a bit flat for me, but it did This one was just okay up until the very end, during the really exciting part The backstory of the One Eyed Jacks was here, but there are very few scenes with them actually in it I wanted one on one I s [...]

4.5 StarsOnce again drunk on the anniversary that Operation Slam Dunk went bad eight years ago, Mike Brown woke up drugged, being interrogated by a woman with questions about the old op in Afghanistan Eva Salinas is a CIA attorney and determined to prove foul play in the operation eight years ago, which killed most of Mike s team and included her husband With pressure from Eva, Mike is convinced to gather a new team and try to bring to justice the very traitor who destroyed both of their lives A [...]

Cindy Gerard never disappoints At least she hasn t yet Looking for a sure thing in Romantic Suspense A good plot with a decent amount of suspense and fabulously drawn characters who provide plenty of heat Then Cindy s your author.This is the first book in her new series One Eyed Jacks , which is a spin off from her Black Ops, Inc series BOIs Do you have to read that series first Umt totally necessary, but you will be tickled pink when you find out that Gabe Show No Mercy has a rather prominent r [...]

3.5 starsFull review now posted.A broken mirror may cause seven years of bad luck, but Mike s period of misery originated in something far less well known Operation Slam Dunk The name, irony the definition Mike Primetime Brown would do anything to forget the mission that has left him without a calling, reputation and friends, and he was blamed for the whole thing The process of forgetting, in his case, includes booze, women and loneliness, but Mike s got it under control Really Completely Friggi [...]

FIve flaming hot stars for Mike Primetime Brown I love this book It captured me from the start and didn t let go It was nonstop action and suspense and I loved it I also loved seeing Gabe Jones make an appearance from the Black Ops Series, love that man as well And I love the heroine Eva Salinas, the woman can kick some ass, and she is calm under pressure I was impressed by her The story starts with Mike in a bar in South America, getting drunk and trying to forget the 8th anniversary of his las [...]

Where to start This is my first novel from this author and what a way to start Cindy Gerard, thank you Thank you for writing a romantic suspense book the way its supposed to be Great plotline, great characters Plus you managed to add something else into the mix that was just perfect and that was the humour I don t think I have had this much fun reading a romantic suspense book ever Usually I am on the edge of my seat, biting my nails with no relief until the end Well I was still on the edge of m [...]

Absolutely mind boggling Never have I read a fun and giggly romantic suspense book before Then again, never has a military suspense book be any entertaining than this Mike Brown has officially become my 2 Top Hottest Hero now Tack will always be my 1, before you ask His POVs was just so entertaining His thoughts and feelings were not like any other heroes I ve came across before Absolutely cray cray that man Do you want me to sleep on the floor he asked into the dark No Do you want me to sleep [...]

Scorching hot, sexy and just flat out adrenaline rush of a read Fabulous

I think I loved this book BUT I definitely really really liked it If you ve read Primetime s book, you ll know exactly what I mean Cindy Gerard is amazing and she never ever fails to surprise and entertain She s one of the best of the best and keeps on getting better and better Her first book in the One Eyed Jack series included each and every detail I look for in a off the chart romantic suspense Great characters and character building, marvelous support cast, snarky and witty dialogue, and a d [...]

Killing Time will take you on a thrilling, non stop action ride with lots of twists, sexy alpha men, evil villains, and a very steamy romance Cindy Gerard has started off her new One Eyed Jack series a spin off of her Black Ops Inc series with a BANG For eight years, Mike Primetime Brown has been living with the guilt for losing his team members on a mission that went terribly wrong Since then, he s left the Navy as a helicopter pilot, started up an air cargo business in Peru that may or may not [...]

1.5 StarsRounded DownI can t believe I am rating this a Cindy Gerard book so low, but this is honestly how I felt about it It took me over 2 months to get through this thing when I usually blow through a Gerard book in 2 3 hours at most.I was bored stiff through pretty much 90% of this story and I can t really put my finger on why exactly The writing was awesome and I loved all the BOI books, but this one just felt flat to me After reading about Mike Primetime Brown in previous books, I thought [...]

Spoiler free review A thing I really like with Cindy Gerard s books is that so far her characters hold their promises.We met Mike Primetime Brown in the Black Ops series, mostly in Last Man Standing and he didn t disappoint 8 years ago, after a mission went awfully wrong, Mike who used to be a hot shot chopper pilot and his only two surviving team mates were discharged from the army Since then, trying to forget the past, he s running an air cargo business in South America and occasionally helps [...]

4.25 5Romantic suspense isn t normally my first choice of genre because it always seems like too much excitement for me to handle But the synopsis sounded so promising, enough for me to give it a go, and it didn t fail me Cindy Gerard did a great job creating an exceptionally intense story Once I got into a book, I didn t want to put it down I liked the flow of this story, it was fast paced and appealing.The action scenes were exciting and imaginative My heart was racing like a high speed train [...]

Posted on Under the CoversCindy Gerard is a premier author of this genre Each book she writes is better than the last I shall try to refrain from fangirling so much but I only have so much restraint KILLING TIME exceeded my expectations and they were quite high Mike Primetime Brown was introduced in the BOI series and made a definite impression, making me very eager to read this new series, the One Eyed Jacks Gerard s setup for this series is spectacularly planned Even as she is weaving together [...]

3.5 starsAfter reading numerous 5 stars reviews my friends wrote, I was really intrigued about this book Lately, I m not a big fan of Romantic Suspense books with black ops agents You know, all the running around in foreign countries, hiding from terrorists Give me a good sadistic killer on the loose, hot cops searching for him and I m happy as a clam But, I made an exception, thinking there s gotta be something to it And there was, but tastes do differ Anyway, what is it all about Mike Brown ca [...]

4.5 stars3.5 hotnessMy life revolves around Cindy Gerard book releases and I ve been looking forward to Killing Time since the first mention of the nummy nummy Primetime All Cindy s stories are packed with page upon page of addictive storyline Every paragraph, every sentence, every single word is like a hit to my destructive reading disease Killing Time was an intense story which starts the series off with an almighty bang Not only is Mike fighting against the men who destroyed his career many y [...]

Mike Primetime Brown is along way from home, depressed, drunk and in trouble He just doesn t know it yet, as he makes his way to the beautiful lady giving him the come do me daddy eyes All was good until he wakes up handcuffed to the bed with his clothes still on and oh yes a gun on him in the hands of his beautiful warden Eva lost her husband 8 years ago and like everybody else she blames Mike She is demanding answers from him of what went down with him and his team 8 years ago This is time in [...]

From Cindy Gerard s website I m working on a brand new series right now One Eyed Jacks Sounds like we re looking at a February 2013 pub date for book one, KILLING TIME, that features Mike Primetime Brown

I liked this one the first in a new series Gerard has a nice turn of phrase and includes humor in her dialogue, like when Mike said, In a pig s eye upon seeing the boxes labeled PORK Haha Killing Timeis character driven The suspense is not quite as solid as the development of Mike s character Mike won my heart over completely I found him to be a lovable and sympathetic protagonist His shame and despair were tangible, and totally credible It felt so real, when he roared, The hell I did in the sle [...]

Cindy Gerardank you, thank you, thank you for Mike Brown.I ve officially staked him as mineALL MINE If you liked Gerard s Black Ops series, it will be a no brainer that you ll love the One Eyed Jacks So good much testosterone Yummylicious.Full review to be posted in December

Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating A Mike Brown has been living in the past for 8 years He can t let go, he can t forget, his life as he knew it ended 8 years ago during a mission gone horribly wrong The blame landed squarely on his innocent shoulders, but he took it He took a deal that ended his military career and the careers of his two former best friends, the only other men on his team who survived Mike didn t have it in him to fight and he s trying to live the lonely life he [...]

I have been saving this book up for a day when I had plenty of uninterrupted time and have to say that Killing Time is deserving of all the early praise it has received it It features an amazingly spunky heroine and a hero, who gradually becomes hero like, after spending years hiding from his past.The heroine Eva is a CIA attorney who wants to know about Operation Slam Dunk because it killed her husband who she was married to for a short time She always thought he died in training but when a fi [...]

This book has everything I could ever want in a fantastic read We have a mystery that kept me guessing until the revel, a scorching hot romance and characters with a sense of humor Add to all that a plot that has several twists and you have a great start to this new series About reading in order It would add to your experience if you had read her previous series, however, this book stands well on its own.Mike is drowning the memory of an op gone terribly wrong eight years ago Eva lost her husban [...]

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Killing Time