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Snowed in at the Ranch #(2021)

Snowed in at the Ranch

Snowed in at the Ranch

  • Title: Snowed in at the Ranch
  • Author: Cara Colter
  • ISBN: 9780373178469
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
Snowed in at the Ranch By Cara Colter,

Unlimited Snowed in at the Ranch - by Cara Colter - Snowed in at the Ranch, Snowed in at the Ranch Cowboy Ty Halliday was raised to be a hard man in a tough world with no place for childish hopes Widow and single mom Amy Mitchell is disillusioned by love but she still dreams of meeting a man who

Recent Comments "Snowed in at the Ranch"

A sweet, heartwarmingly emotional romance A loner, self sufficient cowboy, a woman on a mission to find her real self and an adorable baby Add to the mix, a christmas background, a little fate s intervention, some humor and you got yourself a wonderful read.To say that cowboy Ty is shocked to find his house invaded by a slip of a woman and a tiny baby, is an understatement Amy and her baby Jamey lost their way in a snow storm and came to Ty s ranch, making it feel like a home Ty, a dark yet vuln [...]

Did not finish shrug

Amy, widowed and on her own with a young son, accidentally sets up house in the wrong home She s all apologies to rancher, Ty, and set to leave when a massive snowfall forces her to stay And, it forces Ty to open his heart to Christmas, family, and love, like he hasn t done in so very long.The wrong house thing isn t easy to believe, and even though I definitely felt the connection between Amy and Ty, their relationship status at the end prior to the epilogue seemed a little soon for a couple wh [...]

Ty Halliday is a cowboy who has had a rought life The only thing he cares about is making sure his ranch is taken care of and is not looking for anyone in his family.Amy Mitchell is a widow who decides to take her son and spend Christmas taking care of a friend s house She arrives to the house and starts making it her own.Ty is confused, wondering who is at his home Both Ty and Amy are surprised to find each other in the house She realizes that she s at the wrong house, and when she s ready to l [...]

Definitely a romance, sweet Definitely had it s moments where I got a bit teary eyed, basically a man without every experiencing love Forced to confront it and his past Loved the stranded type theme.

surprised by the low overall rating I loved thiswill definitely read this author again.

So sweet


Okay, this novel was way too sweet to be anything but great I enjoyed it Especially when Ty finally learns and changes his way with his father, it was beautiful.


  • Unlimited Snowed in at the Ranch - by Cara Colter
    286 Cara Colter
Snowed in at the Ranch