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Dark Rivers of the Heart #(2021)

Dark Rivers of the Heart

Dark Rivers of the Heart

  • Title: Dark Rivers of the Heart
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780345396570
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
Dark Rivers of the Heart By Dean Koontz,

[PDF] Download ☆ Dark Rivers of the Heart : by Dean Koontz - Dark Rivers of the Heart, Dark Rivers of the Heart Do you dare step through the red door Spencer Grant had no idea what drew him to the bar with the red door He thought he would just sit down have a slow beer or two and talk to a stranger He couldn

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This book is made of fail.I tried three separate times to finish reading Dark Rivers, but unfortunately, it simply couldn t hold my interest At first, it seemed to have all the ear marks of a fun, fast paced, suspensful read A man with a dark secret a mysterious woman on the run from a secret, amoral government agency a sociopathic serial killer cum secret government agent hot on their trail all in all, this book could have been good Hell, with its incorporation of high technology and conspiracy [...]

Definitely my most favorite book Koontz or not.Critics of this book I have just read some of the reviews are quite understandable.I am a Filipino,but I am also a patronizer of the American politics.Many may say I do not know much,for I don t live under the American government,but they must also remember that this novel is not based on a true story.It s fiction,and everything is real and possible in a work of fiction.They can t criticize a fiction novel using reality as a basis,it s going to be [...]

On the road that I have taken,one day, walking, I awaken,amazed to see where I have come,where I m going, where I m from The Book of Counted SorrowsI didn t really like this when I first read it 2006 I tried to re read it with the Koontzland Dean Koontz group in 2011, when it was chosen as a group read but I just couldn t get into it so I put it aside In 2017, I successfully completed Dark Rivers of the Heart with the Koontzland Dean Koontz Group I must admit that this is among the most solid an [...]

Another great book by Dean Koontz He is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors The books are great, the humor is welcome, and they usually keep me reading until late into the night.Publisher s SummarySpencer Grant had no idea what drew him to the bar with the red door He thought he would just sit down, have a slow beer or two, and talk to a stranger He couldn t know that it would lead to a narrow escape from a bungalow targeted by a SWAT team Or that it would leave him a wanted man.Now he i [...]

This book has been a longtime favorite It s of a straightforward thriller, similar to Koontz s recent high concept novels, but far thoroughly worked out There s a level of depth that signifies an old style Koontz I ve read this novel several times, but during this second reading of the original English text I noticed that nothing he writes is mere filling everything matters.The novel chapters switch between the pro and antagonist, but without a change in verb tense as he does in later novels t [...]

heh heh there s a blurb, one of many, from the orlando sentinel as it appears, george orwell was ten years late, and it is left to dean koontz to add the finishing touches to an orwellian future that is here and now one of his best novels i chuckle because of so many takes i ve read from others who flam beau koontz for his visionha ha ha ha i mean, i ve often wondered if when our elected newbies get to where they re going if they re not taken into a room, w o any windows or doors w med they re i [...]

A good story but far too long this was the second group read for Koontzland

Pretty good book, Dean Koontz usually writes very interesting novels.

Here is junk from DeanThis book makes me feel uncleanIt s a bloated waste of timeIt s a bother to make this rhyme the Book of Counted SorrowsWe may as well start with that title, Dark Rivers of the Heart Melodrama much You can practically hear the 1980s saxophone solo reverberating through the title It s a harbinger of things to come The story opens with our protagonist, Spencer, stalking a woman She was the waitress at the bar the previously night, who chatted with him Spencer has returned the [...]

I m a massive Koontz fan, I love pretty much every book I have read by him, yet I am of the firm belief that his older work is much better than his recent work I admit that the Odd Thomas series is my favourite, but collectively his older work scores higher ratings than his recent work for me, that is.So, that means you re going to hear a number of the same comments about this one as with his other work.As always, Koontz creates a collection of great characters yep, even those with mysterious [...]

Dean Koontz has done it again I have a love hate relationship with most of his books He reaches out and grabs you by the throat and drags you through the white knuckle adventure and doesn t let you go until the last page His writing is so much spell binding than other people in his genre The hate part is that I can t get anything done when I m engrossed in his books My business goes to pot, my house doesn t get cleaned And after I escape, wrung out and exhausted, I look around and am overwhelme [...]

Ugh I tried, really tried to like this A number of friends, whom I consider readers of taste, recommended Koontz I listened to an audiobook of this Bleah I mean, the plot was interesting enough to keep me until the end of the story, but the writing was god awful The style kept changing between a stereotypical taut thriller no frills Hemingwayesque voice and this bizarre, baroque, almost delirious pseudo poetry Maybe that was a conscious technique I hope so for his sake , but I found it jarring a [...]

GREAT READ This one comes highly recommended also check out From the Corner of His Eye Large Printand Life Expectancy After this sample you will be hooked and will surely want This Koontz addiction is like crack.

8 18 2017Someone literally left this book on a table by my desk at work and said ANYONE could take it I was like, Ummm, okay, that book s mine nowe I am, naturally, a book hoarder and really, no one else at my work wanted it because it just sat on that table all day, which is inexplicable to me who wouldn t want a FREE BOOK So, now it s sitting on my desk, just waiting to be read some pointwhen I dig myself out of the pile of books I have to be read at home.

It s been a while since I ve read a Dean Koontz novel I don t know how I could have missed this one Spencer Grant has a mysterious past that the reader only slowly learns about He is in love with a woman he knows little about and is being chased by people who want him dead This book is fast paced and exciting Every chapter adds depth to the story and builds on the character of Spencer Grant and his violent past I think I need to go back and reread of Koontz s novels Excellent writer

Could not put this down It had me on the edge of my seat all the way through I also appreciated that the ending was realistic, and that not everything was tied up in a neat little bow.


This story is meant to be fiction and yet the time that passes, the real this chilling account of the world is, not only believable, but also factw in 2017.Corruption is rife, laws are beneficial for those in charge and power has twisted the hearts of those who have it.It was a long book and I was surprised by the numerous typos, however, the characters were great, and much of the dialogue between Spencer and Ellie was brilliant and funny as I expect from this author , and Rocky s personality [...]

Dark Rivers of the Heart 1994 There s really not much that could be said about Dark Rivers that hasn t been said It doesn t really break any new background if you ve read Koontz before you won t be surprised by anything.The protagonist, Spencer Grant who of course has a haunted past travels with his dog Rocky who has good reasons not to dwell on the past too in search of a woman, Valerie, whom he fell in love withter chatting with her for 20 minutes in a bar Spencer arrives at the Red Door, the [...]

Dark Rivers of the Heart is a monumental test of human endurance It gets so boring by the halfway point that any sane reader would drink liquid cyanide before bringing themselves to finish this book At first it seems interesting Agency and high tech stuff, what could go wrong Everything I wouldn t be surprised if the editor face rolled the keyboard somewhere near page 562 The combination of this book s terrible quality and it being a required reading, with deadlines, creates a nightmare for the [...]

One man walks into a bar with a red door, looking for the woman who could save his life The same man is walking around with a scar and the weight of the world on his shoulders Spencer Grant is trying desperately to forget his past but also to remember the one thing that is stopping him from moving on The day he walks through the red door is the same day he finds himself being hunted by men in helicopters and on a perilous journey for his life through Las Vegas and the over stretched arms of the [...]

Bockmist.Das habe ich nun davon, dass ich mich daran gemacht habe, alle B cher die seit Jahren im Regal verstauben nun doch zu lesen Vor ca 15 Jahren verfiel ich den Geschichten von Stephen King und lernte darum auch Dean Koontz kennen Auch er gilt als Meister der Spannung und oft unheimlichen Geschichten Dunkle Fl sse des Herzens soll ein super Thriller sein, voller Nervenkitzel und Aufregung Und vielleicht h tte ich dies im Alter von 15 auch so beurteilt Jahre und viele berlegungen sp ter empf [...]

Having read the first 150 pages, I m officially done with this novel I usually have good luck with Koontz, but this is one of the exceptions Reasons why I just can t bring myself to finish it are as follows 1 The story is so shrouded in mystery that it s hard to have a good understanding of what s happening and why I m sure it eventually all becomes clear, but I find it hard to get into a story when I don t even know the motivation of the main character.2 The cheese factor Dean Koontz is not kno [...]

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This is certainly not a Koontz book that I would recommend to anyoneeven die hard Koontz fans I have heard that Koontz is a horror writer but had never seen evidence of that Well, now I have I am not a reader of horror so cannot say whether for that genre it is well written or not I will say that two very long parts of this book made me literally sick and I had to switch to skimming That may imply that he is a genius at horror I wish he wasn t Anyway, in between the twisted and depraved parts th [...]

I read this book several times as a teenager and it remains one of my favorite Koontz books Tons of adventure, suspense, unexpected plot twists and two protagonists I really likedd some antagonists who were entertainingly malicious.The romance angle seems a bit unrealistic by today s standards, but it is admittedly realistic when it comes to the loneliness that so many people feel, going through their everyday lives, searching for someone to share it all with That s a recurring theme in a lot of [...]

I have not read a Dean Koontz book for years and I loved it The story is slowly revealed bringing past present and future into play all to the end of the book with a climatic ending, and unlike many books of this nature, it is not all together predictable in what will happen The characters are all very interesting and intriguing I enjoyed many of the tid bits of information that were related to true events added to the story and the info at the end of the book really added to the ending, making [...]

I think the movement of the story was pretty cool Though I do feel bad for the past that Spencer had Just sad.The good thing is that it all gets a little better in the end.Koontz is a great writer, but after reading a few books, it gets a bit boring that he has the whole its almost the same as my last story but with a few changes in character and situation maybe a pinch of spirituality for fun and maybe a change in city or state thing he s got going on But otherwise, he s awesome Like super If y [...]

This book is a poorly written stalker s fantasy The characters are week and the main message seems to be if you stalk a girl she and are a weird brain damaged conspiracy freak, she ll fall in love with you I almost didn t finish reading this book, but then I just wanted to see if there was something to it I don t know how this book got sold to a publisher The characters are little than stick figures.

Besides a compelling plot and believable and sympathetic characters, this novel has a deeper meaning It is a type of cautionary tale of a government gone awry, and fascists enabled by technology to control those they have promised to serve When this was written in 1994 the Branch Davidian fiasco and the massacre at Ruby Ridge had occurred I was starting to realize that the government was not my friend, something that Mr Koontz knew and expressed so vividly.

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    106 Dean Koontz
Dark Rivers of the Heart