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Art of Leadership #(2022)

Art of Leadership

Art of Leadership

  • Title: Art of Leadership
  • Author: J. Donald Walters
  • ISBN: 9781567314892
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
Art of Leadership By J. Donald Walters,

Unlimited Art of Leadership - by J. Donald Walters - Art of Leadership, Art of Leadership This outstanding pocket sized hardcover book is an excellent reminder of what is required of a leader Most leaders need reminding everyday that with their privileges comes responsibility and obligati

Recent Comments "Art of Leadership"

I like the ideas, thoughts and advice provided in this book They are practical for anyone who has authoritive esponsibility whether that responsibility comes from being a parent, a spouse, or authoritive figure in a business setting.I gave it a 3 star review because it was a bit too short for me For as much advice that can be taken from the writing, I feel it lacked depth and detail which I would have much appreciated.

Very rarely would ever I rate a book with the fullness of 5 stars This little giant far exceeded my expectations It gave me things I could actually take away Things I retained I recommend this to anyone in leadership or in a position of responsibility When dealing with others, read this first.

It s a good, quick read I would recommend it to any small business owner.

Don t be fooled by its size The Art of Leadership contains a lot of big concepts Walters impressively and concisely discusses the qualities that define a true leader, and how a real leader thinks Perhaps most noteworthy is Walters description of what a true leader does Although many people want to be good leaders, comprehending the true nature of leadership is a challenge Leadership is not about ego or the leader s self interests Leadership is knowing that people are important than things and u [...]

I picked this book as my summer reading book because leadership is an important part of my life This book defines in depth what leadership is and how it can be accomplished A couple of my favorite quotes are Leadership is intuition guided by common sense And, Genuine leadership is of only one type supportive It leads people It doesn t drive them It involves them It doesn t coerce them It never loses sight of the most important principle governing any project involving human beings namely, that p [...]

Simple little book with powerful words The it s not about you book for acquiring leadership skills.

very inspiring book

Have this book.

Good pointers on what to do and not to do when you are in a position of making an influence.

Very concise and to the point a very good read

  • Unlimited Art of Leadership - by J. Donald Walters
    488 J. Donald Walters
Art of Leadership