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Good Baby #(2022)

Good Baby

Good Baby

  • Title: Good Baby
  • Author: Leon Rooke
  • ISBN: 9780679729396
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
Good Baby By Leon Rooke,

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What can you say about a book that is depressing, awe inspiring and full of hope In most of the books I read, there is some underlying assumption that the lives of the rich famous beautiful are interesting and story worthy than the rest of us common folks Well, meet the good baby A baby that does not even have a name through the course of the book who sees of good and evil in her few short days than most of us see in a lifetime and who is likely having seizures as her most winsome quality If t [...]

When people are dealt a rough hand in life they may respond by visiting evil upon others or they may become compassionate because they understand the pain of hardship This book explores evil, hardship, loyalty, and profoundly makes the case that physical poverty need not predict poverty of the soul I found this book engrossing I felt a kinship with many of the characters knowing what it is like to suffer loss and be alone Despite living through horrors there were many characters in this book who [...]

An imaginative novel by a Canadian American writer reminiscent of William Faulkner.

  • [PDF] Good Baby | by ☆ Leon Rooke
    215 Leon Rooke
Good Baby