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Neanderthal Planet #(2022)

Neanderthal Planet

Neanderthal Planet

  • Title: Neanderthal Planet
  • Author: Brian W. Aldiss
  • ISBN: 9780755113415
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
Neanderthal Planet By Brian W. Aldiss,

✓ Neanderthal Planet ¾ Brian W. Aldiss - Neanderthal Planet, Neanderthal Planet On Neanderthal Planet the beings were both less a than human than human Now they had to decide which way to go If you fall into the wrong matrix of the past present or future you must beware of the c

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This is a compilation of four novellas exploring different sf themes.The first, Neanderthal Planet, is set in the future when intelligent machines run the world and the remnants of humanity are kept in zoos The machines regard people with ancestral respect, but believe they are not able to take care of themselves having nearly wiped themselves out during Nuclear Week The second, Danger Religion , is a parallel universe story in which it is possible to move between alternate worlds with varying d [...]

I always enjoy the ideas Aldiss comes up with than I enjoy actually reading his books His characters are usually not very interesting and the way he views women is dated, to say the least This is a collection of four stories novellas I thought Intangibles, Inc was the best of the bunch It reads like a parable without being obnoxiously moral Overall, entertaining but not a keeper.

Grade D


A collection of four science fiction novellas by Brian W Aldiss Good, but nothing special.

  • ✓ Neanderthal Planet ¾ Brian W. Aldiss
    295 Brian W. Aldiss
Neanderthal Planet