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Summer With Elisa #(2021)

Summer With Elisa

Summer With Elisa

  • Title: Summer With Elisa
  • Author: Johanna Hurwitz
  • ISBN: 9780060004804
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
Summer With Elisa By Johanna Hurwitz,

Ç Summer With Elisa ↠ Johanna Hurwitz - Summer With Elisa, Summer With Elisa Now that she s done with first grade Elisa has lots of time to prove she can do anything her older brother Russell can do With the family s big vacation coming up Elisa finds plenty of ways to sho

Recent Comments "Summer With Elisa"

what i learned from this book is that to have fun in life and that be careful with what you do because your younger siblings or cousins may be looking up to you like elisa did with her bigger brother.

Cute summer read for 1st through 3rd graders Young readers will enjoy all the things Elisa does over her summer vacation and comparing it to their summer plans The younger book club I host at the library enjoyed this book very much

This book is really cute and makes me feel light hearted and simple Elisa just finished first grade making her around 7 years old The family takes a trip to the country during the summer Elisa enjoys the beach, making friends with a frog, as well as having picnics indoors and outdoors Johanna Hurwitz is wonderful at bringing the joyful into the little things that happen in Elisa s life Heather Harms Maione is also marvelous at illustrating Elisa in her cute little glasses and her special moments [...]

My thoughts about the Elisa books from the Riverside Kids series are all collected in my review of Russell and Elisa.

It is a cute story about how a little kid so went her summer and time she spent doing things with her family

  • Ç Summer With Elisa ↠ Johanna Hurwitz
    384 Johanna Hurwitz
Summer With Elisa