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The Whispering Road #(2021)

The Whispering Road

The Whispering Road

  • Title: The Whispering Road
  • Author: Livi Michael
  • ISBN: 9780399243578
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
The Whispering Road By Livi Michael,

☆ The Whispering Road õ Livi Michael - The Whispering Road, The Whispering Road In true Victorian fashion award winning author Michael pens a gripping epic novel about a sister and brother whose mother leaves them at a workhouse in Manchester England For Joe and Annie the cho

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This is a gem of a book Dickinson like, it deals with abject poverty, work houses for the poor and children whose parents cannot afford to keep them and resort to dropping them off at work houses.Realistically written without over dramatization, we travel the streets of England during the 1830 s when poor were deemed unworthy, stupid, and people to be abused.Two children, a young boy and his younger sister run away from an abusive situation at a working house Traveling through the woods they eve [...]

The author was inspired to write this book after hearing the following true story that took place near her home over a century ago A farmer and his wife took in two children, boy and girl, from the workhouse, to help with the run of the farm As the years passed, people began to notice that the children never got any older But the farm was isolated, people kept to themselves, and only when the mother of one of the children came looking for her did the truth finally emerge The farmer and his wife [...]

O.o THIS BOOK IS SO SAD AND DARK But also gripping and spooky and full of historical detail and an intriguing, barely there fantasy edge I read it in two days, which is the highest praise I can give tbh because I m normally the slowest sobs in direction of Challenge being 4 books behind schedule Anyway Good stuff I m still thinking about the ending Also, I thought this was MG but if anything, it s upper, uuuuupper MG The darkness levels are easily in YA to adult territory, and there were section [...]

Set in 19th Century England, Joe and Annie have been sent to work on a farm When they left the workhouse they thought they were lucky, but this is much worse worked to the bone and violently beaten they know they need to escape The pair make a run for it and decide to head towards Manchester, to see if they can find their mum, she always promised to come back and now is the time to reunite.Along the way they meet a host of characters, some nice and others only want to use them, the pair must lea [...]

Excellent book Loved the characters and plot Great for learning about workhouse, Victorian times and just for general reading at the end of day to children Explores different issues such as family, friendship, loneliness, belonging.

This book had a great influence on me because now I know how tough things could get for me in the future It s a great book about an adventurous boy named Joe, but he also has many other names.

I was really surprised by this book I really loved it The theme of freedom was strong It was interesting to see how no matter how hard the main character wanted freedom and without responsibilities, he was never truly free I really suggest this book

The Whispering Road tells a story that s familiar to any fan of literature Indeed, having read numerous novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories and poetry, one would be quite comfortable with the symbolism behind roads and the thematic elements thereby expressed The Whispering Road stays on this path pun intended , keeping in line with the ever ole cliches concerning the travels through life figuratively and literally in this case There are the comings of strangers and the goings of friends, [...]

To read my full review, check out my blog at maryellenherrera 2012 10 2The Whispering Road by author Livi Michael will, with no doubt, open up a whole new world for the reader The two main characters, Joe and his sister Annie, are orphaned children who have escaped an intolerable living situation a place where they were underfed and overworked Once they are free, Joe decides the best place for them to hide is the big city of Manchester Annie s hope is to find their mother there, but Joe is doubt [...]

I ll be honest I totally judged this book by its cover it s beautiful, and it s the sole reason I picked up The Whispering Road It s taken me some time to get through it because it s a different style than I usually read, but it s been worth the time.To me, this is a hybridized genre part fairy tale, part magical realism, part historical fiction Set in 1830s England, during the height of the cholera epidemic and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, this story follows Annie and Jack Sowerb [...]

I freely admit that I am a book judger by its cover kind of reader Sometimes I get a dud, but most often I get what I got from this book a true little gem of a story.We first meet Joe and Annie as they struggle to escape the tortuous servitude they suffer under Old Bert and The Mistress The children manage to get away and literally bump into Travis, a man of the Road, who saves them from certain death Travis introduces our two young heroes to life on the Road, teaching them to hear through their [...]

Joe just wants to find his mother and his home, and he knows that the workhouse can t be all there is for him But even so, he s willing to stay and work and wait for his mother to return, until the farmers he is working for go too far and hurt his sister Annie That s when he knows that he has to get them out.And get them out he does So begins Joe s story, that will take him and Annie from encounter to encounter with Travis, a kind stranger who tells Joe and Annie to never trust people in houses, [...]

this book is about a boy named john and a girl named amber in the beginning of the book you see Amber getting beaten to death right after that had happened john told her hat they are about to run away from there masters after she heals they hop the gate and run off as they are running they see the master along the way, they were not loud to take the main roads they were only loud to take the black roads which were dark dirt roads so the master knew automatically were to go and look for them but [...]

This book is about the two kids named Joe and Annie In the beginning of the book, they re servants for someone named Old Bert Old Bert is an cruel master who constantly beats on Joe and Annie At the start of the book, Annie was unconscious because old Bert Beat her, Joe thought she was dead They slept in a chicken coop, which was cold and dirty they thought it time they escaped They lured Old Bert to the coop and knocked him out cold with a shovel So now they re running for the gate I connect th [...]

I decided to stop about halfway through on this one, it was too dark and sad It s about two children, brother and sister, during the industrial revolution, who are abandoned at a workhouse by their mother, and are eventually sold to work at a farm They live a hellish existance, enslaved and abused, but are able to narrowly escape with their lives one night Their goal is to get to Manchester, the last know whereabouts of their mother Along the way they find people who help them, but also people w [...]

I really love this book I m looking for books that teachers can use to open up conversations about economic inequality It s hard to find books that approach poverty from a resiliency and systems perspective rather than deficit or blame and this book does an excellent job of it While Michael is writing about the realities of poverty in mid 19th century, through the lives of Joe and Annie, it is not hard to draw the comparisons to today The views that Mr M holds about the poor are not so different [...]

4,5 SterneEin Kinder Jugendbuch mit ein kleinen fantastischen Hauch, das mich wirklich sehr begeistert, mitgenommen und manchmal auch traurig gestimmt hat Eine Geschichte ber 2 junge Geschwister die wirklich ans Herz geht.Joe, der ltere Bruder, aus welcher Sicht auch das Buch geschrieben ist, ging mir teilweise sehr auf die Nerven, weil er fters sehr dumm gehandelt hat Aber dies ist auch der Sinn der Sache, damit der Leser aus den Fehlern des Jungen lernen kann Einen kleinen Abzug gab es daf r, [...]

This is a dark tale for sure Sadly, it is based not only on historical knowledge, but on actual people It concerns two children left at the poorhouse by their widowed mother and all that befalls them as they are farmed out to hard work and little food in a cruel household They escape and have many unhappy adventures that encompass many spheres of life including travelling freak shows, children s street gangs, working class revolution, and the prejudices of the upper class.The speaker of the stor [...]

This book reminded me of Oliver Twist, but it was fast paced and I think younger readers will get messages out of it The layered worlds the protagonist experiences in 1830s Manchester tell you a lot about society in general What struck me most about Joe was that he was a survivor Whenever he was selfish, heartless even at one point in the story, it was from the realistic perspective of that struggle You could say his whole journey is a desperate search to belong somewhere I saw it as a strenu [...]

Two children escape a workhouse where they were left by their mother They must now learn to survive on their own in a big city What I first loved about this book was that it started in media res so that you re immediately thrown into the action This hooked me straight away and proceeded to do this right until the end The plot was full of mystery like Annie s powers and many unexpected twists The ending was happy and I was so happy about this because the kids had been through such hard ship that [...]

This book absolutely surprised me I started it under the impression that it was some sort of fantasy, but it turned out to be an exceptional work of historical fiction I loved the authenticity of the characters, particularly the voice of Joe I ve heard that it s a tale that s been told before by many, most notably Charles Dickens But rather than just being a rewrite of an old story, Livi Michael s novel is unique in its approach combining historical fiction with hints of fantasy and provides a l [...]

I was drawn to this book by the Victorian and workhouse themes which are the settings for the book.It started off really good though I was extremely doubtful about it when characters such as dog women half women, half dog came into the plot I usually only like realistic books but this did keep me gripped and though it is a children s book I found it gritty enough for my taste.I loved the author s note at the end when you find out that some of the characters were real people who fought for the po [...]

This book has to be the best children s fantasy story I ve ever read It s now out of print, but sometimes you can find it from second buyers It s storyline is constantly changing in new directions, but I think my favorite thing about it is the characters Each one is vivid and real in front of your imagination, and it s impossible to not like a character because of this Love love love this book.

I didn t get to finish this book becauseI only read it when I was around 7 or 8 years old And now I m dying to finish this one I only read half of this book from what I remember but really, even though I was still a child back then, this was my favorite book from what I remember I am currently hunting for this book because the one that I have when I was still young is now gone anyway this was a good book.

This book was recommended to me by a friend whose 14 year old son had just finished it too They both thought it was fantastic and so did I.Livi Michael vividly portrayed the hard life that Joe and Annie led and the tragic circumstances surrounding them They met some amazing characters on their travels and the element of the supernatural introduced by the author was a plus for me I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys an intriguing read whether they are teenage or adult.

Siblings, Joe and Annie are both different to each other and everyone else When they escape the workhouse they embark on a series of adventures each mysterious and interesting This book flowed well and had a storyline which separated it from the rest A quirky book which is for anybody who wants to read something none of their friends have.N.B Please note the actual name is The Whispering Road, not Whispering Pond

When I first picked up this book I thought it s some kind of fairytale with ghost on the side I didn t realize that it s of a historical fiction that tackles social interests in Old Manchester human rights, poverty and industrial filth.Joe and Annie s adventures and hurdles on the road, to find their mother, was heartbreaking indeed Being a mother myself, it s quite disturbing for me to know children going through that sort of life Good read.

awesome i really enjoyed this story about the adventures of two children during industrial revolution england nice fairy tale qualities, but also portrayed the realities of every day life among the poor it made me cry, but almost everything does these days thanks emily for recommending it and letting be borrow your copy

Nearing the end of this book and have enjoyed it as I have gone along It is written from a your Victroian young lad s point of view He and his sister have escaped the brutal farmer they were given to by the Workhouse Their journey sets out to explore the people they meet along the way and show how in life you can need to be careful of who you trust.

This book had a strong start but I think it was just too long by about 50 or 60 pages I was really pushing it at the end Annie was my favorite character, so when she and Joe are separtated, the story went downhill for me Joe is the narrator It was okay, but too long, and most of the really interesting stuff Annie s visions, Dogwoman happen in the first half of the book.

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    158 Livi Michael
The Whispering Road