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Yatandou #(2021)



  • Title: Yatandou
  • Author: Gloria Whelan Peter Sylvada
  • ISBN: 9781585362110
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
Yatandou By Gloria Whelan Peter Sylvada,

[PDF] Yatandou | by ☆ Gloria Whelan Peter Sylvada - Yatandou, Yatandou Yatandou lives in a Mali village with her family and neighbors And though she is only eight years old and would much rather play with her pet goat she must sit with the women and pound millet kernels

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Relates the story of a young girl in a small village in Mali, who finds a way to contribute money toward the purchase of a labor saving and money making millet grinder for the village This story is based on a program that actually exists to help villagers in Africa purchase such things as grinders, services such as having a well dug, and the building of schools It s a heartwarming story of how one small thing can lead to something greater and of benefit to many Pair it with some of the recent bo [...]

Definitely for older readers, though it can be shared with younger children This book tells, from a child s point of view, of life in Mali The story takes place in a time of transition, when the village women and children have worked hard to earn a machine that will help them grind grain in less than the usual 3 hours it takes for enough grain for a day The illustrations, in warm earth colors, set the tone for the book, but their impressionistic quality doesn t clearly illustrate the story Thoug [...]

I love this sweet and sad picture book, which I think could be very useful in a social studies class A global overview unit would be a great place to use this book it shows inequities in the world and the struggles to survive in parts of Africa.

I had hoped to use this for story time but there s not enough action It s a nice story describing life in a small village in Mali, but it s nothing special Upper elementary school interest level.

Yatandou is a story about an 8 year old girl in a small village in Mali Yatandou s job, along with many other women in their village, is to pound and grind millet kernels They dream of having a machine to grind the millet but they cannot get it until they raise enough money Yatandou must decide if she should give up something she loves in order to make the women s lives in her village easier The illustrations as well as the storyline makes this story heart tugging When I have a little girl I wil [...]

Yatandou is a story that details the ins and outs of a young girl s daily life in Mali, West Africa From sleeping on a rooftop in order to avoid the harsh wind storms that frequently occur in her village, to selling her pet goat in order to benefit the village, the girl narrates the various activities that characterize her life This book is not very interesting because it lacks a definite storyline , but it has incredible oil painted illustrations and would be a great way to introduce the cultur [...]

In this short tale of an 8 year old names Yatando who is the primary character in the book The book shows courage, sacrifice, and hope While this story of Yantandou tells a tale about the life of a girl and her mother In the book Yandandou s mother is a secondary character The book talks about the beliefs and values of the African culture Yatandou teaches words in African that are displayed through the story Yatandou is put to work at such a young age and given great responsibility to help her [...]

To get enough millet meal for one day s food, eight year old Yatandou and the women in her family must pound kernels for three hours This book is the story of Yatandou s small part in bringing a grinding machine to the Mali village where she lives, and is also a beautiful glimpse into another culture Gloria Whelan is an author I trust in writing sensitively about children from diverse cultures and countries Her words here are like poetry, and the glowing earth tones of Peter Sylvada s paintings [...]

Yatandou, shares than just a story, but the hopes, dreams and achievements of young Yatandou and the women in her village This story explores the Mali heritage and daily routines of Yatandou and her family I love that the narrator is Yatandou herself, allowing children to experience her day with her Yatandou shows children that hard work and teamwork goes hand in hand when everyone wants to achieve success.

A powerful story accompanied with beautiful illustrations about a young girl who must work hours each day in her Mali village grinding millet kernels and traveling far distances for water and firewood She must learn to sacrifice for the prosperity of her family and village and one day sees her hard labor come to fruition A gem of a story that I found in our school library.

A work of historical fiction that tells of the very real struggle for some rural under developed nations who do not have easy access to water and spend most of their days toiling to meet their most basic needs Due to this, most of the children in these areas will never be able to attend school and have a chance to change their circumstances or their future.

A sweet story of Yatandou and her Mali village where she helps to help grind milet to eat and can t go to school Through the course of the book her village scrapes together the money for a grinding machine which completely changes their lives Definitely recommended.

Well, I really liked Yatandou, Kali said it was OK I gave it 4 stars.

I think this a great book for students to take a look outside of themselves and this country and think about how others live I will definitely use this in the classroom

This book is about a girl in Mali, Africa Everyday she must pound millet kernels with the women of her village, but she would much rather play with her goat The women dream of a day when a machine will be able to do the pounding for them When the little girl is told that she must sell her goat, she and her mother go into town and find a machine that just may be the answers to their prayers.I thought this was a very interesting book that does a great job in sharing African culture I liked how it [...]

This book is about an 8 year old girl in Mali, Africa and follows her work filled life It opens readers eyes to the hardship of another country and shows the hope a new contraption can bring.I loved this books illustrations It is full of beautiful paintings I also love the wake up it brings by shattering our ignorance to other countries problems It is easy to forget how privileged we are in America.This is another great book to make students aware of other cultures around the world.

  • [PDF] Yatandou | by ☆ Gloria Whelan Peter Sylvada
    268 Gloria Whelan Peter Sylvada