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Irredeemable, Vol. 10 #(2022)

Irredeemable, Vol. 10

Irredeemable, Vol. 10

  • Title: Irredeemable, Vol. 10
  • Author: Mark Waid Diego Barreto Damian Couceiro
  • ISBN: 9781608862757
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
Irredeemable, Vol. 10 By Mark Waid Diego Barreto Damian Couceiro,

Irredeemable, Vol. 10 Best Download || [Mark Waid Diego Barreto Damian Couceiro] - Irredeemable, Vol. 10, Irredeemable Vol THE FINAL VOLUME OF MARK WAID S SUPERHERO MASTERPIECE You ve been with the Plutonian from his first moments of betrayal to the human racew it s finally time to answer the questionn one be so evil the

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Mark Waid you tricksy bastard Kudos for zigging when I thought you were going to zag The way the last volume played out one would have assumed that someone was going to bust a cap or two, but the knucklehead heroes have been at cross purposes since page one.A few heroes along the way actually showed potential, but it wasn t meant to be.How can you go up against someone that defies the laws of physics Science always wins against the complete absence of science or logic Plus, science plays dirty, [...]

Despite the tricks and seemingly complicated plots, you can guess who will win the final battle since the first volume.The last epilogue could be a hit or miss I let each reader to decide whether the epilogue is good or not.

Finally, Interminable is done Over Excuse me while I dance a little jig.Ah that s better See, I get to read other, better books now that I m done with Waid s bumpy, boring ride to the garbage dump of comics What happens in this book Well, it s done with, that s what.But I will say that including frequent and casual time travel into a story should be outlawed By page 2 I was questioning why the book was still going If Qubit can travel backwards and forwards so freely, why doesn t he just go back [...]

This is the end of the Irredeemable series.There s always a lot of pressure on an ending to a long series There s almost no way to make it work People always cart out that old line about pleasing all the people all the time, but I honestly think that in ending a series it s pretty hard to really please ANYONE.I ve enjoyed the hell out of this series It had its ups and downs, but ultimately I liked a good deal of the characters, felt like it went interesting and different places, and that it real [...]

The Plutonian as he is cannot be fixed And since he s a danger to everyone, he has to be stopped That s been the problem and the premise all along Now we know why he s so broken Now we know what Earth s leaders are willing to do to stop him And now there s finally someone who can stop him A good ending to this series A reviewer E David Swan on wrote the following about the whole run of Irredeemable It s the core of a fantastic story buried in a mountain of extraneous padding I would agree There [...]

I don t know what to say about this one The last 2 volumes of the series were probably the best but just an overlong unsatisfying series on the whole Great concept, poor execution.

a good but not great ending to a very good series.

A wonderful conclusion and tribute to one of the greatest superhero of all time This is one of the best what if storylines available Thank you, Mark.

I suppose it s not really fair of me to be disappointed in an ending that was made clear by the title from the very start, yet I nevertheless felt let down by this series conclusion The concept and early execution hooked me right away What if a perfect, god like superhero is just as flawed as the rest of us How can anyone deal with the scope of the mess and destruction that results when he makes mistakes, loses his temper, and lashes out vengefully I imagined this would be the story of how he, d [...]

The final volume of the series.This is where it really just went too far, and became just a tad too ridiculous for me.Qubit had been stranded in time and space, and found his way back to Earth, and needed help from Max Damage to give Tony a last shot at redemption.Modeus had infiltrated as close to Tony as he could, and finally got what he wanted, until Tony figured it out.The Paradigm, or the remnants, minus Qubit, found themselves another solution for saving the Earth, not knowing that Qubit w [...]

From start to finish, I found the whole concept interesting There are plenty of examples of Elseworlds style stories in comics the use ciphers to represent popular, trademarked characters from other companies Waid tells the What if story of a superman s fall from grace Waid was able to carry out the storyline well, capturing the terror and hopelessness of a fallen god deciding to shift from protector to destroyer The series as a whole meanders a lot, even spawning a flip side Incorruptible side [...]

Mark Waid takes his Superman is evil pastiche to its conclusion, and while enjoyable I feel he pulls a Russell T Davis at the end What is a Russell T Davis Davis, as far as I am concerned, pulls the biggest damn deus ex machina out of his arse to end a Dr Who series Here with Earth essentially destroyed, Waid does the same thing Or as those who have read some Young Justice TPB would say thank you Bart Allen for theBart Allen is hitting the Cosmic Reset Button Its ot a complete reset but very clo [...]

Waid wisely sends Max Daring packing almost immediately in this, the final volume of Irredeemable I was really worried that the crossover was going to ruin the finale, but for whatever reason, Waid realized that the Incorruptible story was a distraction rather than a boon, and thank Crow for that.It s a bit rushed, but I really liked seeing Qubit s wheels within wheels finally get the upper hand over Modeus wheels within wheels A much satisfying wrap up than I was afraid of based on the end of [...]

This series, with art by Peter Krause, started out wonderfully, but I don t think the wrap up was as clever as Mark Waid thinks and it s not because of an artist change I used to prefer this series to Waid s other title Incorruptible, but I think the latter, in comparison, finished in higher regard Irredeemable is still a fine work nonetheless, it s certainly not Waid s magnum opus, but maybe the series lasted twice as long as it should have

Holy fuck of hells, this was one of the worst endings ever.Well I can t even comment further without massive spoilers but this ending made me nearly with I never started this series Like a slap in the face Fuck this shit.

Review of the series in volume one.


oh man, really SPOILER ALERTIt would have been better to end it on the page where Qubit states and maybe, get it right That crazy moral fool kept wanting to give the maniac a second chance, so, ending it right there would have been way better than alluding to the idea that this madman got ripped into a zillion parts scattered throughout the zillions of multiverses to become the idea inside Siegel Shuster when they were creating the first comic superhero This ending is paying homage to the first [...]

Great series Sad it s over

I love the Superman aspect of this.

Fractured and completely unearned final panel.This series started with so much promised, then it lost it s point and momentum and really outstayed it s welcome so yes I like that it s over, thank goodness.World The art was fine, it s been dark and grim and fits the story The world building was also okay, it wrapped the story up and that s all I wanted The final panel was kind of cool in terms of world building but not earned with the nosedive this book took.Story The story was rushed but with th [...]

Endings are hard.Mark Waid s speculative tale of what if Superman went bad kicked off with a bang Shocking imagery Bold writing An attention grabbing concept.Then the story developed, and it developed nicely The backstory was fleshed out, and we understood why the Plutonian did what he did, at least in part The immense pressure of living with us, taking care of us it was too much for him Coupling that with tragedy and rejection the powderkeg had exploded and it took half of us with it.As we unde [...]

How can I express how amazing this book is Mark Waid is one of the best in the business and Irredeemable is probably his greatest work, at least that I ve read.It tells the story of the Plutonian, a Supeman esque hero that is just a bit too human The pressure of having an entire planet rely upon him, his isolation, his paranoia, all finally cause him to snap and let loose the darkness we all carry within us Except when we lash out we might break a few things Even if we totally lose our mind and [...]

Qubit s final gambit works out and Plutonian finds redemption Superman not what I saw coming Of course the story is obviously a play on what if Superman went bad, and the revelations about Tony s origin in volume nine make the ending plausible enough I suppose, but stillAh well It worked okay, and was played simply and subtly without a whole bunch of self congratulatory fanfare celebrating the creative team s cleverness Earth is saved sort of, and the book chooses to follow what happened to Tony [...]

I kinda gave the entire series a low rating It wasn t really that great and I m glad to see it over Why waste my time reading them, if I already disliked them Simple I ran out of other graphic novels to read at the library I understand the initial pull of the series I man who really resembles Superman in characteristics and powers flips out and starts killing people on a massive scale I know we ve all wondered what it would be like in the nerd comic world You see a guy who is pretty much worship [...]

I m not really sure how I expected this series to end The previous volume made it seem like the Plutonian could be redeemed, which would have negated the title And then this begins with an attempt to turn back time to undo Plutonian s mistakes, which would have been way too easy of a fix But at the end it turns out he cannot live redeemed but instead, as portals to different dimensions opened, has his essence transferred to a universe where it can be perfected And the very end shows the creators [...]

Overall, I really liked the series There were moments where you were just like, holy crap along the way I wrote about this on Geek Room recently In the end, for me, it fell prey to the weakness of a lot of comic book stories, where nothing is impossible and there are no limits the scale just got too huge to feel anything about it and all the weird made up science Waid was reaching for got to be pretty hard to follow I was like, What the eff did Qubit just do So, yeah hard to be that psyched abou [...]

In the end, I liked the series but felt dissatisfied with the ending Obviously, the series s strength was in showing complex, rich characters with motivations at war within themselves The ending didn t reflect that richness, but rather a cheesy, transcendent lite ending where we loop back around, so that this story is no longer a commentary on how the Supes legend has flaws, but why the Supes legend is EFFING PERFECT without any kind of complexity, richnesswithout a grain of what made Irredeemab [...]

A solid ending for this comic, full of the characters we ve enjoyed over the course of the series, lots of action, and a few twists Then we get a coda that s actually touching.When I finished Incorruptible, I said I thought that it was the better series of the two, and I stand by this However, I think that Irredeemable has a better ending, and also that it s overall story has depth Whereas Incorruptible was a good story about a single person s emotional growth and the few people around him, in [...]

An unsatisfying end to a inconsistent series At times the story of the Plutonian, the world s greatest hero who becomes the world s greatest villain, was wondrously complex and asked interesting questions about duty, service, and humanity Then it would veer off into random and unengaging generic superhero battles or half assed explanations for what was happening on the page Too many characters were introduced but never developed into anything other than ciphers for random exposition and the plot [...]

  • Irredeemable, Vol. 10 Best Download || [Mark Waid Diego Barreto Damian Couceiro]
    293 Mark Waid Diego Barreto Damian Couceiro
Irredeemable, Vol. 10