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The Whale's Song #(2022)

The Whale's Song

The Whale's Song

  • Title: The Whale's Song
  • Author: Dyan Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9781854305015
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
The Whale's Song By Dyan Sheldon,

ô The Whale's Song ☆ Dyan Sheldon - The Whale's Song, The Whale s Song Lilly dreamt about whales In her dreams she saw them as large as mountains and bluer than the sky In her dreams she heard them singing

Recent Comments "The Whale's Song"

I bought this book for my daughter when she was 5 because of the beautiful illustrations and because I felt it was a story to inspire hope, belief and appreciation of simple things It was well read and special.I rediscovered it upstairs recently and sat to read it with my 2 year old grandaughter, Lilli, approx 17 years after last reading it and saw the opening line Lilly s grandmother told her a story A real goose bumps moment

I loved this book when I was little because my name was and still is Lilly and I loved whales.

This is one of my favourite picture books ever I remember being mesmerised by the paintings as a child and they are just as mesmerising as an adult This story resonated with me from a young age The mystery, the poetry and the strong descriptions had me hooked from the first time I saw it and I never get bored of this book.

A beautifully illustrated and poetic children s book conveying the message that value of things should be seen beyond a pragmatic profit that whale should be cherished for their magical song not their bones and oil In a way, it tells us never to lose our innocent virtues of imagination and curiousity.

People really seem to like this story, but there s not much to it I wish it had been developed a little .The I think about it, the less I like the story maybe 2.5 stars.

This is a beautiful book and one I will use in teaching Gary Blythe s artwork is stunning and I love his work.

Amazing pictures, lackluster story

I used to own this book when i was younger So happy to read it again Beautiful illustrations and story that tells of whales, dreams and following your passions no matter what the nay sayers tell you Great for any age

Summary Lilly s grandmother tells her fantastic stories about whales, and how they have given her gifts in return for the gifts that she has given to them Lilly is enchanted by these stories, and wants to see the whales On the night after she drops a flower into the ocean as a gift to the whales, she hears something When she goes down to the shore, the whales are jumping and calling her name.Review I have a strong connection to this book because my mother read it to me when I was little, and I w [...]

The Whales Song is a beautifully illustrated book which sees Lilly sitting on her grandmother s lap, learning of how the oceans were once filled with whales who would dance and sometimes sing in exchange for gifts.Despite he uncle interjecting that whales were important for their meat and oil, Lilly goes to the nearby jetty and drops a flower in the water as a gift to the whales Lilly waits and waits and finally, after her uncle takes her home, she hears the whales singing her name.This book wou [...]

The man said something that the whales couldn t sing the uncle said that Lilly gave a flower to the sea and then heard the whales singing to her She woke up because the whales were singing to her The uncle was wrong about that Whales can sing The grandmother said that the whales would sing if they were given a special gift The grandmother gave a gift to the sea and heard the whales singing when she was little.I liked this story because it was fun My favourite part was when the whales got to sing [...]

Lily loves to listen to her grandmother s tales about the whales Her grandmother tells her about if you bring the whales something special they may sing for you The two are soon interrupted by Lily s great uncle Fredrick who insists that they are foolish Lily decides to ignore him and continue to believe her grandmother The next day Lily places a yellow flower into the ocean and later that night watches the whales dance and sing for her in the water I find this picture book appealing because I f [...]

The pictures in this story are absolutely magical They look like oil paintings and so realistic, which made me want to just sit there staring at each page The story itself is very beautiful Lily is a little girl and in the pictures, she has these gorgeous curls and dark eyes These features make this book one that many young girls could see themselves in her or relate in one way or another There is also a strong relationship between Lily and her grandmother, and this is evident by the way Lily si [...]

This is a beautiful book about dreams, nature, hope and believing.Lilly s grandmother tells her stories of listening to the whales and their songs, and that as a child when she gave something to the whales, later they would dance and sing in the water.Lilly s grumpy great Uncle Frederick demands that the tales stop and that the only use for a whale is their meat, blubber and bones.In her dreams, Lilly hears the whales One day she places a small yellow flower in the water That night, slipping out [...]

Lilly s grandmother tells her stories of whales that filled the ocean She would tell her that they sang to her and were magical Lilly s uncle however, felt Lilly should not listen to these stories and if her grandmother was going to tell her anything it should be useful information about how they used whales for their blubber and meat The book shows to contrasting views the grandmother and the uncle It shows however, which view stays with her and which touches her the most It is a pleasant story [...]

I ve had this book for years I purchased it early in my teaching career I absolutely love the illustrations in this book They are splendid The one of Lilly on the old dock is my favorite.I used the image of Lilly looking out the bedroom window as a picture prompt in the past Just what could she be looking for Grandmother presents the dreamer s life the uncle contrasts as the practical man Of course, dreaming wins out, as it should in picture books Whales sing to those who provide gifts they like [...]

Whilst at Waterstones the other day, my partner pointed this out to me and I practically shrieked with delight This is one of my ultimate childhood favourites, and I remember listening to it at primary school when a particular supply teacher came in I always looked forward to seeing her because I knew she would read this story to us nearly twenty years later and it s still as entrancing to me It s pure childhood nostalgia and it is just as magical as I remembered the beauty of the story, the vib [...]

I remember fondly this story as my mother would read this book to me Growing up my family would go to the beach almost every year, and in remembrance of those times my mother purchased this book and read it to me Recently I found a copy of my own, and I enjoyed it now as much, or , than I had when I was a young child The illustrations are beautiful and Lilly s imagination and love of whales mirrors my own wonderment of these beautiful creatures.

This is one of my favorite stories It never fails to make me yearn for the magic only sighting a whale can bring Lily is a little girl, totally in awe of whales.When her Grandmother tells her a story, about how the whales sang to her as a child, Lily is determined to have that event happen to her.The paintings are absolutely gorgeous I really wish this story could come true for me and all the little ones I watch over.

This is one of my favorite stories I can t believe that I haven t reviewed it yet.Lily is a little girl, totally in awe of whales.When her Grandmother tells her a story, about how the whales sang to her as a child, Lily is determined to have that event happen to her.The paintings are absolutely gorgeous I really wish this story could come true for me and all the little ones I watch over.

Not only are the illustrations beautiful but also the relationship between Lilly and her grandmother is a really special one despite the efforts of her grandfather to stop the grandmother telling stories to Lilly I think it shows how stories can be used to build and maintain relationships within families but also how a little imagination and or patience goes a long way.

A lovely story the words and art have a magical quality to them Grandma inspires her granddaughter Lilli with a story of the whales If you give them a present they will show up and sing Great Uncle Frederick thinks Grandma is filling Lilli s head with poppycock stating that whales were used for blubber and meat This is the story of what happened one moonlit night.

A keepsake from my youngest s childhood A simple story that the reader or elder can expand upon Gary Blythe illustrations, in his first picture book, are outstanding Lilly, the young girl in the story, feels present and the reader can experience the story through her.

I like the book because it shows the relationship of Lilly and her grandmother when they are talking about the sea, especially whales There is a lot of imagination and peaceful time while the little girl is waiting for the whales to come and pick up their gift.

Dir a que El canto de las ballenas no solo es un cuento de ni os, tanto la historia como las ilustraciones pueden ser apreciadas por adultos tambi n Las ilustraciones son impresionantes y el mensaje que lleva est te ido de realismo m gico y ecologismo Un libro fant stico para tener.

The story is lovely and enchanting The illustrations are remarkably beautiful breathtaking I happened upon this book many years ago in a quaint bookstore in Olga, Washington It s been a favorite ever since.

Incredibly beautiful and moving The illustrations in this book and inspiring to me even now.

This was my absolute favorite book as a child I made my Dad read it to me every single night before bed The illustrations are just gorgeous and the story is lovely Yay for sentimentality

I like this story because Lily gave a yellow flower to the whales After that, Lily heard a strange sound, it was the whales song.

The pictures are great It is about a little girl hearing a story about the whales from her grandmother Then she finally sees them, but was it just a dream

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The Whale's Song