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Outside The Earth #(2021)

Outside The Earth

Outside The Earth

  • Title: Outside The Earth
  • Author: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
  • ISBN: 9781414701646
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
Outside The Earth By Konstantin Tsiolkovsky,

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This is evidently a reissuing of a lot of articles, etc that I read in grainy reprints.It s past time for such a reintroduction to younger readers Tsiolkovsky is very far from being forgotten in Russia There s a monument to him near at least one cosmonaut training center, bearing the motto often translated into English as The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but nobody can live in the cradle forever.Tsiolkovsky s work is in large part the result of gendankenexperiments Legend says that he once j [...]

This wasn t a terribly well written book although that may be because I read a translation into English and I would ve given it fewer stars However, I give it three stars for sheer weirdness.I also like that there are actual scientific equations in a book of fiction.On the other hand, pretty amused by the who needs clothes in space we all shower together and live naked together in a space station That s clearly the most rational thing to do.

  • [PDF] Outside The Earth | by Ç Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
    154 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Outside The Earth