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What Never Happens #(2021)

What Never Happens

What Never Happens

  • Title: What Never Happens
  • Author: Anne Holt
  • ISBN: 9780446578035
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
What Never Happens By Anne Holt,

What Never Happens Best Download || [Anne Holt] - What Never Happens, What Never Happens Something terrifying is happening all over Oslo celebrities are turning up dead in macabre ways A talk show host has her tongue cut out a politician crucified with a copy of the Koran stuffed inside

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What Never Happens is the second book by Norwegian Anne Holt that I read I liked the first one, What Is Mine a lot and gave it four stars I wish I could like this book too, but I cannot Perhaps it is my fault I can t stand the irritating manner of writing where almost throughout the entire book Adam Stubo, the police detective, and Johanne Vik, his wife and a profiler , talk about the case in the middle of dealing with their children, their dog, their meals, and their domestic chores Maybe this [...]

3.5 starsFour years after their initial meeting and the tensions of combining on a high profile investigation brought psychological profiler, Johanne Vik and NCIS detective, Adam Stubo together, the pair have since married and had their first child Along with Johanne s daughter, ten year old Kristiane from her first marriage and a new baby, Ragnhild, the new family should be making the most of Adam s paternity leave, but when the mutilated body of a media star is found murdered the distinct lack [...]

Like so many of her fellow Scandinavian crime novelists, Anne Holt is supremely accomplished She is a lawyer and former minister of justice of Norway This book, however, shows little literary flair Holt is adept at plotting the story, at getting the police details and criminal matters straight, but the literary conceits are self conscious and forced There are so many characters that it s often hard to know who s the subject of a section We are introduced to the murderer too late in the story I w [...]

Started off strong and that s why it has two stars instead of one But became stale and boring In the end I didn t particularly care why or who murdered the three people.I really enjoyed punishment so I m finding it really interesting that I did not like this one.

Time taken to read 6 daysPages 375Publisher CorvusBlurb from Something terrifying is happening all over Oslo celebrities are turning up dead in macabre ways A talk show host has her tongue cut out, a politician crucified with a copy of the Koran stuffed inside of her, a literary critic stabbed in the eye with a pen The killer is sending a message but what Police Commissioner Adam Stubo and his wife, profiler Johanne Vik, are both exhausted by the arrival of their new baby At home, Johanne is hau [...]

What Never Happens is the second offering in Anne Holt s series featuring Johanne Vik, a former profiler trained by the FBI, and Adam Sturbo with Norway s NCIS Unit When the story opens, Johanne and Adam are now married with a brand new baby girl Adam is at home on a month s paternity leave, helping his wife care for their expanded family which also includes his stepdaughter, Kristiane, who suffers from an undiagnosed autistic like disorder However, when a television celebrity host is found dead [...]

A mentally disturbed killer with no motive , a secret that in the end remains a secret not that I care what it is clues that navigate the heroes but seems totally unnecessary for the reader and in the end a very disappointing read.

This was a truly well thought out crime by Anne Holt Adam Stubo and Sigmund Berli had their work cut out in the final chapters of the book to follow their know suspect Wencke Bencke in all of her movements Johanne Vik was known to be the best profiler by her professor in the FBI, yet she couldn t find any trace of Wencke either, she s Adam s wife Wencke was writing a book about the murders but with the proviso that it wouldn t be published until after her death This story was well worth reading [...]

T m oli pieni pettymys, dekkari ei vet nyt imuunsa ennen kuin ihan loppumetreill Hajanaisen ja vaikeaselkoisenkin oloinen kirja, joistain toisista Holteista olen pit nyt enemm n.

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I am really surprised at how much I ended up liking this book, because I really had low expectations and I don t even know why.The best thing about this book are the characters and the character driven plot I liked the slow convolutions that made Yngvar Stubo and Inger Johanne Vik arrive to the solution to the crimes and by the way, why did they change the name of the main characters in English , although I knew for once what would come next And I liked the changes in what characters felt or tho [...]

This was the first of her books I have read and I found the narratiion dull and too descriptive in so far as this happened then this i.e in 2 weeks they looked but found nothing It just felt dull the detective Adam stubo didn t seem to have any fire orenthuisasm to solve the caee blurb seem to suggest he was the main detective and partner helped We saw his partner when he was at home usually having a paranod moments re her new born child though he enlist her help and pushes her to help he ignore [...]

The Final Murder 2 StuboVik Anne Holt iBook 7 12 2016 4 5 Well, this was a good read We find Stubo and Vik married with a new baby girl while murders of famous people start occurring There are many sections with the killer but most of the book is the police and public trying to make sense of the VERY seemingly random murders and Johanna profiling possibilities And possible links or clues Very spooky ending

What I like about this book are the main characters Adam Stubo, the quirky, smart, cigar and food loving detective, and his wife, Joanna Vik, messy and brilliant crime profiler up to her elbows in diapers and odd children These characters may be worth following in other books The mystery is what I think of as Norwegian, dark and gruesome.


Buono lo scavo psicologico dei personaggi Il finale lascia un po perplessi, l idea in s che non scrivo non male, che lascia aperta la porta del dubbio quello di lasciare in sospeso per invogliare a comprare il libro seguente C da dire che dei tanti nordici giallisti esplosi negli ultimi tempi la Holt fa la sua bella figura.

Creepy and well done.

La fin m a laiss e sans voix, une fin intelligente qui blouit

3.5 5.

Judging by the reviews on , this is another of those marmite books Well, I like marmite and I also liked this book I find the two main characters and their domestic and professional lives interesting and I enjoy the way that Holt introduces and describes her other characters The plot was gripping enough to keep my attention as I read this pretty quickly As I have already read parts 3 and 4 of the series, a couple of years ago, I will now download and get on with the final part

Well done the second in the Vik Stubo series and a good addition The portrayal of the Vik Stubo family and home life is lively and well done The crimes mystery are interesting and never boring.I look forward to another book.

I picked up The Final Murder by Anne Holt due to the description on the back of the book The story revolves around the murder of Celebrities in different and gruesome manner The problem that Superintendent Adam Stubo faces is a case with no connection between the victims and no evidence The only thing that he has is a pattern that his wife Johanne Vik sees, and if this theory is correct this could mean Adam and Johanne life in danger.I found enjoyed the twist in the story and how it slowly piece [...]

A very good book Very real and relatable characters Just confusing enough before the murderer s identity is revealed.Horrible murders, though This is definitely not for the squeamish, or younger people.Btw Anne Holt MUST be a murderer.

I loved the one Holt I read featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen Now I will have to read about Vik Stubo This book is a case study in frustration and fear Well written and the characters are written large from victims to policemen and families Definitely a super thriller.

Make sure you have time to finish it when you start reading it, unable to put it down once I started A different plot than anything I ve read before, but right now I m just too angry with the ending to write much about the book except, the ending sucks


Holt tar fram nya karakt rer och dessa levererar minst lika bra som Hanne har gjort i hennes tidigare b cker L s och blir underh llen

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    403 Anne Holt
What Never Happens