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Britain Begins #(2021)

Britain Begins

Britain Begins

  • Title: Britain Begins
  • Author: Barry W. Cunliffe
  • ISBN: 9780199609338
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
Britain Begins By Barry W. Cunliffe,

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Britain Begins : by Barry W. Cunliffe - Britain Begins, Britain Begins The ancient Celts believed they were descended from Father Dis Dis Pater a god of the dead who resided in the west where the sun set Today ideas of our prehistoric origins are likely based on ocean

Recent Comments "Britain Begins"

An excellent treatment of the history of the British Isles up to the Norman invasion Profoundly informative and well grounded in evidence Many non specialist readers will find the level of archeological detail in the text overwhelming, but it all contributes to building a strong and grounded understanding of the different phases of British and regional history Brilliant insights emerge from all that evidence, so I found it well worth some sections that felt like a bit of a slog Highly recommende [...]

Chock full of archaeology, which makes for slow reading, and lots of place names are tossed out in a way that the author seems to assume his reader will know where they are or what their importance might be But it was super interesting to learn about the populations and cultures that have moved into and out of the British Isles since the last ice age, mixing and marrying along the way It reminds us that there is no such thing as a pure blood line The author also reviews the various theories and [...]

This title from the eminent and likable professor arrived surprisingly soon after Celtic From The West 2010 , and earlier works Cunliffe s latest synthesis of research offers his familiar accessible style in a user friendly format loaded with maps There is a tendency to use academic speak phrases, such as It is surely no coincidence when a definite statement, or a conclusion, is warranted No need to sound like one is defending a dissertation, nor being squeamish about verified data Certain topi [...]

Barry Cunliffe is the authority on the British Iron Age, and he has written many books on British pre history Compared to the others, this book is also very readable You don t need to be an archeologist to understand it His research and scholarship are impeccable He paints a broad panoply of Britain from the dawn of pre history through the Norman conquest.

Truly only a book for a person interested in British history But if you are then this book will serve as great overview from prehistory till after the Roman period.

Good introduction to British prehistory Beautiful illustrations.

Cunliffe has been a practicing archaeologist for many years in the British Isles Here, he draws upon his work among the artefacts and monuments to create an account of the people who have populated the islands for over a half million years He supplements his own discipline with a fine appreciation of the other fields of study that contribute to the story of man s place on the land over time geography, geology, genetics including the exciting new explorations through DNA analysis , linguistics, a [...]

I can t hide my disappointment Barry Cunliffe has been my archaeological hero all throughout my undergraduate degree and I loved his previous books, especially Facing the Ocean However, I was deeply disappointed by Britain Begins It gives an overly simplified picture that is at best misleading at worst erroneous Cunliffe attempts to draw Ireland into the picture that he is painting and his summary includes many mistakes and misrepresentations of the archaeology of the island Why not just focus o [...]

Brilliant A scholarly work that moves beyond the traditional but misguided interpretations of our beginnings

An extremely readable overview of the history of Britain for the general reader who wants a rigorous introduction, without getting bogged down in footnotes and citations It has relevant illustrations and useful maps setting out sites of particular interest mentioned in the text.To use Barry Cunliffe s words This book attempts to do two things first, to give an account of how past writers have tried to understand the peoples of these islands and where they have come from, and then to offer a narr [...]

The settling of the islands that would one day come to be known as Great Britain is one of the most fascinating times of history, as so much of what would become Western Europe was shaped and formed by these early periods and yet it is also one of the lesser known periods of history But thanks to numerous advancements and discoveries made in the fields of archaeology and genetics, Barry Cunliffe brings readers the new definitive text on the founding of a nation, people and culture.Cunliffe is a [...]

Cunliffe s book gives us a cutting edge view of the latest findings in the archeology of Britain and northwestern Europe Archeology is a field that is presently expanding its scope through creating a science out of what was once mere speculation Tracing the origins of the metal or stone used to create a tool shows that trade routes were in place between Europe and Britain continuously from Paleolithic times to the present Newest findings show that men began to settle into communities long before [...]

A very readable fascinating book especially the parts dealing with the period BC, I thought the period AD was written somewhat less motivated somehow hardly paying attention to the influence of Christianity for example Cunliffe is an excellent archaeologist but I am afraid he sometimes makes rather bold and oversimplified conclusions when it comes down to historical linguistics e.g he still sees the difference between P Q Celtic languages as a major divide His Tartassian theory set up with Koch [...]

Cunliffe never loses site of the limitation of the methodology or the evidence he is using Which cannot be said of all modern Archeologists He s particularly good on the strengths and weaknesses of the modern vogue for DNA Evidence I bought this because I wanted to read a sane and up to date summary of what s currently thought about the Germanic migrations into Britain, and he provides it But I found myself reading the whole book Beautifully illustrated, with many maps and diagrams, and surprisi [...]

A mass of archaeological data to process, but it makes a convincing argument to reassess what we know or think we know about the settlement of Britain, the origins of Celtic cultures, and post Roman Britain, and the Anglo Saxon migration The last chapter, on the coming of the Norsemen, is fascinating as well It is a must read for anyone deeply interested in the history of the British Isles.

Perhaps the best introduction to pre historic Britain around, written by undoubtedly the best qualified person to write it Despite the coffee table format, it s not a light read However, Cunliffe s handling of the technical side of archaeology and the academic analysis of what it tells us makes it highly accessible to the non specialist.

Excellent Barry Cunliffe really brings the pre history of Britain to life It s refreshing that he s not afraid to speculate within the realms of the archaeological and scientific evidence about how our ancestors lived and thought.Unfortunately the Kobo version isn t properly formatted and the illustrations are poor, at least on my basic Kobo device.

A very good introduction to, and summary of, archaeology in the Twenty First Century It s not all trowels and artifacts now DNA analysis plays as big a part as traditional investigation Cunliffe is a very engaging author and the photos and maps are beautiful as well as being an aid to understanding.

I really found Barry s book so very fascinating that I could hardly put it down There was so much information packed into the book I particularly found the piece about blood types in Europe to be surprising and very thought provoking I have always enjoyed reading Barry Cunliffe s books but this one I enjoyed the most.

A thorough study of the British isles, from roughly the end of the last ice age to 1100 AD Well written and beautifully illustrated, this is an excellent read for everybody interested in history and Great Britain.

This has everything in it and covers everything Everything Archaeological perspective of the history of Britain, with plenty of maps and photos This looks to be an invaluable resource, just for the maps alone Recommended.

Cunliff says the British are a mongrel race and presents 12,000 years of history of to support his contention An excellent synopsis of life in Great Britain from the last ice age to the Norman invasion that should give us all pause before we claim to be a pure anything.

Lots and lots of Maps which is good.d needed His style of writing needs getting used to But i like the way it unfolds giving a timeline approach to the history of this island in terms of people, flora and fauna, dwellings and artifacts found

A thorough and meticulous overview of the history and archaeology of the British Isles from prehistory to the Norman Conquest Great illustrations and a really extensive further reading list at the end organized by topic, which is even better.

Really enjoyable Easy to follow and updated with the almost latest knowlege

Excellent review of british prehistory and early history up to the Normans

Facinating book on the early history of Britain.

Excellent bibliographical chapters My first introduction to the theory that carriers of Celtic languages were the same who brought agriculture and megalithic monuments to Iberia and Britain.

Informative, yet repetitive Could have been half the length for the content.

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Britain Begins : by Barry W. Cunliffe
    106 Barry W. Cunliffe
Britain Begins