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Skin Shift #(2022)

Skin Shift

Skin Shift

  • Title: Skin Shift
  • Author: Matthew Hittinger
  • ISBN: 9781937420147
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
Skin Shift By Matthew Hittinger,

Unlimited Skin Shift - by Matthew Hittinger - Skin Shift, Skin Shift Poetry LGBT Studies Matthew Hittinger s SKIN SHIFT assembles a metamorphosis taxonomy in poems that spider spin that nimbus twirl into Wonder Woman and leap with the Aboriginal kangaroo woman that e

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Matthew Hittinger continues to dazzleThe New York poet Matthew Hittinger is no in the category of new poets to watch The publications of his poems increases every year and his works appear in important poetry collections of the highest order One reason for Hittinger s ever growing popularity is the fat that he experiments with new visual presentations of his words as well as exploring new avenues of thought fantasies admixed with reality, humanistic themes married to mythological tradition, re v [...]

Lambda Literary Review by Jerome Murphy.

Meh I saw this guy in Poets Writers magazine and really loved the sample they showcased of his work, so I took the risk on buying his book and justuldn t get into him Oh well.

  • Unlimited Skin Shift - by Matthew Hittinger
    218 Matthew Hittinger
Skin Shift