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LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy #(2021)

LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy

LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy

  • Title: LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy
  • Author: Robert Silverberg Stephen King Terry Pratchett Terry Goodkind Orson Scott Card Ursula K. Le Guin Tad Williams George R.R. Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 244
  • Format: None
LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy By Robert Silverberg Stephen King Terry Pratchett Terry Goodkind Orson Scott Card Ursula K. Le Guin Tad Williams George R.R. Martin,

[PDF] Read ↠ LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy : by Robert Silverberg Stephen King Terry Pratchett Terry Goodkind Orson Scott Card Ursula K. Le Guin Tad Williams George R.R. Martin - LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy, LEGENDS Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy Acclaimed writer and editor Robert Silverberg gathered eleven of the finest writers in Fantasy to contribute to this collection of short novels Each of the writers was asked to write a new story based

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The stories I read from this collection are The Hedge Night by George R.R MartinWhat a phenomenal story I m glad I was introduced to Dunk and Egg in the Warriors anthology, even if it meant reading these characters stories out of order Grinning Man by Orson Scott CardAn interesting story set in a unique alternative America I was particularly fond of the knack magic system This story makes me want to read other Alvin Maker tales, despite my reservations that the character is based on The Book of [...]

I really enjoyed reading this compilation of short stories in the fantasy genre I ve read a few of the big name fantasy series, but still not a ton, and this was a good way to get introduced to some other fictional worlds I d only read work by three of the 11 authors in the book, two of which I ve read the series the short story is meant to be companion to Hands down my favorite was Terry Pratchett s short story about Granny Weatherwax I d never read any of his work before, but own ebook copies [...]

The Dark Tower The Little Sisters of Eluria 3 5Decent, but I gave up on this series after the fourth book So no real connection or investment in the short story for the series.Discworld The Sea and Little Fishes 4 5I always enjoy a visit to Pratchett s Discworld and Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are big favorites.The Sword of Truth Debt of Bones 1 5A short story from a series I really do not like I can t stand the way Goodkind writes women or antagonists, or protagonists, or humans and I disli [...]

Excellent short story collection I really loved almost all off them.The Dark Tower The Little Sisters of Eluria 5 5Discworld The Sea and Little Fishes 5 5The Sword of Truth Debt of Bones 4 5Tales of Alvin Maker Grinning Man 1 5Majipoor The Seventh Shrine 4 5Earthsea Dragonfly 4 5Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn The Burning Man 5 5A Song of Ice and Fire The Hedge Knight 4 5Pern Runner of Pern 3 5The Riftwar Saga The Wood Boy 3 5The Wheel of Time New Spring 3,5 5

The Little Sisters of Eluria Roland 1998 novella by Stephen KingThe Sea and Little Fishes Discworld 1998 novelette by Terry PratchettDebt of Bones Sword of Truth Universe 1998 novella by Terry GoodkindGrinning Man The Alvin Maker Saga 1998 novelette by Orson Scott CardThe Seventh Shrine Majipoor 1998 novella by Robert SilverbergDragonfly Earthsea Cycle 1998 novella by Ursula K Le GuinThe Burning Man Memory, Sorrow Thorn 1998 novelette by Tad WilliamsThe Hedge Knight Dunk and Egg 1 1998 novella b [...]

Since this is an anthology of short stories from a number of fantasy series writers I ll give a quick run down of my feelings about them individually Stephen King s The Dark Tower The Little Sisters of Eluria I love the Dark Tower series, and I remember searching this anthology out just to read Little Sisters when I was reading The Dark Tower books It remaninds one of my favorite King short stories, but that may just be because I love Roland so much Terry Prachett Discworld The Sea and Little Fi [...]

My main reason for buying this book initially was the new Robert Jordan story New Spring, which sheds light on certain events in the Wheel of Time series That it also had stories by some of my other favorite authors, Tad Williams and Anne McCaffrey was a bonus I didn t read all the stories included I wasn t interested in the King or Silverberg ones at all , but I found most of them quite enjoyable Marketing genius here I started reading the Alvin Maker Card , Discworld Pratchett , Riftwar Feist [...]

I requested this book in order to read the first of the Dunk and Egg tales by George R R Martin Typically I m not very enthusiastic about anthologies, because they tend to be huge meaning they take forever to read and uneven meaning I have to slog through boring stories in order to get to the ones I enjoy Although this clocks in at 715 pages and therefore fills the first downfall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the stories contained herein Most of them are actually pretty darn good [...]

I m not going to spend a lot of time grading every story, but will say the book overall was a good read I really enjoyed Jordan s contribution and thought Martin s tale was the best of the book I really did not care for Card s story an oddity since I have liked his other works But no other clunkers to be found, and that makes this a solid compilation A 3.5 out of 5 stars, rounding up for high caliber authors inside.

I picked this collection up primarily because it is the only place I could find online that had the first of George R R Martin s Dunk and Egg stories set in the Song of Ice and Fire series and wasn t priced preposterously high As a whole, the collection was well worth it for the rest of the stories it contained Some were bound to be better than others, of course, but there were a few gems Since this is an anthology, I ve tried to keep up with my opinions of each of the stories it contained and I [...]

The eleven stories with in this first Legends anthology are by some of the best writers of fantasy and science fiction, both in prose and sales Edited by Robert Silverberg, who also contributed as well, the stories range within their established fictional worlds from stand alone either connect with the main series or in between main series books or prequels with mixed results.The best stories whether, stand alone or prequel, had the same things in common First the reader did not need to know any [...]

This is really a brilliant idea for a collection, and the execution is fantastic If you follow long form fantasy at all, you ll probably at least recognize all of these authors, and each story is a pretty good capsule of the author s style and world I ve found that my reaction to the story maps pretty closely to my reaction to the series as a whole, and so this was a great way to encounter authors I hadn t yet read Terry Pratchett, most notably the Granny Weatherwax story is perfect and a perfec [...]

ok sevdi im yazarlar n, yine ok sevdi im serilerinden hikayeler i eren antolojinin ilki, Lan ve Moirane in tan mas n anlatan New Spring in ilk yay nland antolojiAyn ekilde Hedge Knight da ilk burada yay nlanm t

The concept behind this weighty 1998 tome was the publication of new short novels and stories by legendary creators of popular fantasy worlds original adventures of their heroes, sequels, or prequels foreshadowing the events chronicled in their classic series I ve never been a big fan of fantasy fiction my usually broad interests encompass hard sci fi among other forms of popular and classic literature.George R R Martin s Song of Ice and Fire has been a major deviation for me I ve become an arde [...]

Disclaimer I only read the GRRM Dunk Egg novella, and that is what my review is for I had no interest in reading the rest of the short stories, as they all seemed to belong to existing series rather than being stand alone tales, and I always find myself mostly lost when reading those sorts of stories I picked up this story with some trepidation, because I have mixed feelings about GRRM s writing I loved the first three ASOIAF novels, but reading the last two brought back feelings of being in hig [...]

This is a very well written collection of short stories by sci fi fantasy authors, each related to one the authors series My favorite was probably the Earthsea story by Ursula K LeGuin, but all of them were quite good This is the first Legends collection by editor Robert Silverberg, and includes all the stories It was also published in a 3 volume set as Legends Vol 1 etc For my own convenience I m listing the stories, the authors and their series here The Little Sisters of Eluria by Stephen King [...]

Picking a star rating for an anthology is difficult since I had a range of reactions to the stories in this book The Terry Goodkind and Robert Silverberg stories were my least favorite The writing in both was immature and overly moral, particularly the Goodkind The Silverberg stretched too long and just was not interesting Ursula K LeGuin and Anne McCaffrey s stories were middling quality I didn t dislike them like I did Debt of Bones and The Seventh Shrine , but they didn t strike me the way th [...]

Not read all of these stories, only The Hedge Knight by George R R Martin and New Spring by Robert Jordan What a fortuitous collection of short stories this was Both are add on stories to my favourite fantasy worlds I look forward to exploring the rest of these when I m done reading the other series I am invested in Fans of Martin may be tempted to pick this up to get of the world in his gigantic The Song of Ice and Fire series For best results and the most payoff in connecting the two, I recom [...]

I bought this book for George R R Martin s first Hedge Knight story, which is excellent It also has stories set in Anne McCaffrey s Pern and Robert Silverberg s Majipoor, as well as a number of other popular fantasy worlds If I remember correctly, the theme is encompassed by the title, and all of the stories take place in those worlds early histories.

I haven t read all the stories yet, but have enjoyed most of them so far Picked it up for George RR Martin s ASOIAF prequel The Hedge Knight , which was awesome as expected, 5 stars easy Also honorable to mention to Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind from The Sword of Truth series which grabbed my attention Some other entertaining stories mixed in there as well and I may have found a few new series to get in to like The Tales of Alvin Maker and The Wheel of Time I d recommend the whole collection j [...]

I read this book several years ago I don t remember when or where or what it looked like Back then I probably picked it up because of Anne McCaffrey But the only reason I remember the book at all and why I found it again is The Hedge Knight My memory of the story is sketchy at best, but it made me get the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire And the rest, as they say, is history.I am now listening to the audiobook of A Dance with Dragons If you are a fan of classic fantasy and are not scared by [...]

Read only this novella in the anthology.I figured out rather quickly where the story was going, but it was still fun to read a story in which Granny Weatherwax spooks people by being nice People caused all the bad vibes and fear themselves, although it still proved she s the most powerful witch around because people are so mindful of her The witch trying to organise things was such a perfect example of that personality type, people who pretend to be sweet but really aren t.

I made a point of grabbing this specifically because it had the first Dunk and Egg short story from George R.R Martin, but top to bottom its filled with outstanding stories from so many authors Highly recommend

D ky sborn ku jsem narazila na pov dku od n jak ho pana Goodkinda prioriten jsem si knihu puj ovala dysi kv li Kingovi, ale pak jsem si koupila kv li Dlu n kosti D

Foreword gives distinction between fantasy and science fiction as well as how fantasy was revived by interest in Tolkien s Lord of the Rings series Introduces some of the authors and mentions their contributions to the anthology A synopsis summary of the series is given in the front of each story Author s notes may be included saying This may be enjoyed as a stand alone story Stephen King s The Dark Tower The Little Sisters of Eluthra review show Terry Pratchett s Discworld The Sea and Little Fi [...]

When I started reading it, I didn t know all the stories in this book were connected to other series Unfortunately, other than Discworld and A Song of Ice and Fire, I am not familiar with any of them Still, those stories were all supposed to be somewhat independent from the main works, so my reading of them would not be too hampered because of it The introduction to each story, that comments on the series and sums up some of the books in them I found exceedingly boring for the series I had read [...]

I m picking this anthology up again after many years, mainly because when I first read it I had little to no idea what the Song of Ice and Fire series was, and didn t want to read a story set in it Man was I a fucking idiot I bought this book when it originally came out in HC I think I may have even bought it at regular price in a time I like to call BBSE Before Book Store Employment mainly because I ve always been a big fan of Raymond E Feist and was still a big fan of Goodkind before his fall [...]

I learned about this book because I got The Very Best of Tad Williams from the library, and in the frontmatter where it lists all his works, it mentioned an Osten Ard story that I d never read never even heard of Given that the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn trilogy is my favorite series ever, I was pretty surprised that I hadn t known about it and pretty excited to read it It s been twenty years since I ve read anything new about Osten Ard I ve re read the series many times since then, but finished [...]

Kitap Stephen King yk s yle ba l yor ve di er yk leri eziyor maalesef bu yk Aradaki yk ler vasat olmu Kad n yazarlar desteklememe ra men Ursula L Guin ve yeni tan t m Anne McCaffrey bekleneni vermedi Son yk de stat George R.R Martin e ait, bir King olmasa da okutuyor kendini Bu t r n merakl lar okuyabilir.

Just not a fan of fantasy type stories Too much of he went there and she did that with nothing interesting or unique in these stories Abandoned after about 500 pages, but I was skipping to the end of the stories way before that.

  • [PDF] Read ↠ LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy : by Robert Silverberg Stephen King Terry Pratchett Terry Goodkind Orson Scott Card Ursula K. Le Guin Tad Williams George R.R. Martin
    244 Robert Silverberg Stephen King Terry Pratchett Terry Goodkind Orson Scott Card Ursula K. Le Guin Tad Williams George R.R. Martin
LEGENDS - Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy